virgin swinger lookin for guidance

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Hi im a 47 yr old guy who has been seperated now for past 2 years. Although a little overweight i am fit and strong . I have now reached the point in my life where i wanna live a little and experiment with the joys of kinky sex. I have a strong boots fetish and love pvc and latex wear. I would love to meet a woman who would help me indulge in my boots fantasys as it were. I am slightly bi-curious and would luv to experience sex with a transexual. I also love to wear satin and latex knix as i love the feel of the material as it encases my arse. Wow i cant believe what i have stated here but its how i feel and its a case of now or never. Best be honest as to my needs and desires so that i aint wastin anyones time. Hope this appeals to you as much as it turns me on. If it does then maybe we will hook up and turn my fantasy into reality.