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1965 model, in good condition.

Generally runs well, very reliable, with breakdowns rare and minor. Can occasionally manage to move into the fast lane, although acceleration perhaps not as satisfying as it used to be, and, more recently, sometimes accompanied by 'groaning' type noises that are of slight concern, but don't appear to be associated with any specific problems.

Despite the age of this particular vehicle, all original parts are still present, and in good working order. Something I am very pleased about, as I understand that certain spares can be difficult to source, and may require specialist assistance to fit.

There may be slight signs of wear and tear, but generally both bodywork and upholstery are in good condition, and suitable whether you are looking for a short, fast, drive, or a longer ride in a bit more comfort.

Due to the style of vehicle an MOT is not mandatory, but it is fully taxed and insured.

As a manual vehicle I would expect any users to have some knowledge of handling a gear stick.

Overall, I would say the vehicle is in excellent condition, having had one careful lady owner who has rarely used it (although it has been loaned out on the odd occasion when it was driven much harder), but as you would expect with a vehicle of this age, it is not in showroom condition, and there are signs of rustiness. It would definitely benefit from having a good servicing.

Photos of the old banger and test drives are available to interested parties.

This vehicle is now being transported to the Glasgow Airport area (alas, not under it's own steam) quite regularly. Please, please get in touch if you have any experience of touching up the bodywork of such a conveyance.