Personal photographic images/art

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Hi all -

Ever find it difficult to get the picture of yourself/selves that you want? Perhaps you want a personal, intimate gift/reminder for a partner? Or just something that makes you sizzle...

I’m looking for people, all shapes & sizes, who are looking for something different.

My preferences are for erotic, voyeuristic and intimate images, this does not equate to full nudity (necessarily) - less is often more - nor does it mean sexual favours to the cameraman.

(Although I’m not averse to being a prop...e.g. in the background as a voyeur, a close-up of an extra hand placed suggestively, or something else...)

I’m no [insert-name-of-favourite-artist-here], but I think I have a decent eye for indecency and capturing a hint of character in my pics.

If anyone is interested in getting their own artwork done (for free) then give me a shout. I’ll describe my process and provide examples. I’m also happy to just chat with people with shared interest.

Don’t be shy (unless of course that is the look you want to portray) :)