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  • By Jackie 29 May 2016 15:37
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I am an attractive (I'm told) woman in my late forties who has ever since I had my first real sex at the age of 18 had a full and satisfying sex life even if the last couple of years has seen me having to look further afield than home as my husbands interest has been waining and he has fell victim to the lure of the golf weekends with friends and has being paying little attention to me or my sexual needs.

As I said my first real experience cam…

  • By Diane 29 May 2016 15:35
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My husband and I are both in our early 50s and recently while we were getting dressed to go one Saturday night Steve my husband was watching me putting my undies on and said jokingly that we could sell tickets and there would be a line of men around the street to get a look at me and he went further and said we should have some photos done professionally of me in my underwear. I laughed it off but thought okay as it was his birthday in a couple o… Read more...

About 9 years ago
I pestered my wife to fuck another guy on her birthday

Not just any guy a black guy
To my excitement she agreed now my Mrs is no body beautiful
Slightly over weight big tits 40ff.
She said no one would go for her
So we trawled a site
I found 2 guys quote local
She discounted one as being to big in cock department
Much to my annoyance

Fast forward not wanting to meet him at our house I booked nice hotel th… Read more...

  • By Petros 29 May 2016 09:33
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Nikki’s Birthday weekend was a fantastic affair. The kids went away for the whole weekend with N’s parents, so we had the gang bang party on the Friday night and N would get her fuck just from Tony on the Saturday night. On Sunday we arranged to have a foursome with Carl & Alice. They had a family celebration on the Friday night, so couldn’t join us for the gang-bang party.
I dropped the kids off at their Grand-paren…

  • By Tina 28 May 2016 21:23
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I have been with my partner for three years.But just recently he has been going on about swinging,T was not something I had any interest in getting into.But he was relentless and in the end it was getting me down.So I agreed to go to a club, My honest thought were if you love me why would you want to let another man fuck me, And last night we went to a club,
I actually thought if that's what you want I am going to let another man fuck me.It w… Read more...

  • By Guilty Guy 28 May 2016 15:59
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my name is bill i am 58 and have been married for 36 years. my best friend and his Dave & his wife Kath, i`ve known for even longer, we have always went around together for many years. two years ago Dave had a heart attack and since then we`ve hardly been out just the occasional meal etc anyway they moved into a smaller house about two miles away from us, as time goes by you kind of loose touch until the other day, Dave rang to ask if i cou… Read more...

  • By Bugleboy 28 May 2016 15:16
  • Gay

So there I was laid on my back with my now very hard cock in my hand and getting harder as I watched Taf rubbing his very big cock we carried on rubbing ourselves for a little while, both watching each other

In the same very quiet gentle voice he asked me if I wanted a hand rubbing my cock!............ I wasn't quite sure what I wanted at that moment but was pretty sure that if I said yes I would really enjoy it. After a few more seconds of m… Read more...

  • By Bugleboy 27 May 2016 21:01
  • Gay

Hi, this happened one night when I was a fireman in the RAF. Ona night shift on the Domestic Fire crew we were allowed to sleep and there was just two of us. We had done all our chores and stuff and it was time for us to get our heads down for some sleep ( I thought!!). We had two single beds in the same dormitory which were about 2 foot apart from each other. Taf had turned out the light and we got into our own beds

. I was feeling horny and…

  • By Gary and Sheila 27 May 2016 15:47
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My name is Gary and i married my wife Sheila 12 months ago but we had been together for 15 years I am 52 and Sheila is 38 and we are both into BDSM and are also both bisexual I used to work with an older gent 64 Brian and he had come to my stag do and was one of the few who took a caning. Well about 5 weeks ago one of my work colleagues was emigrating and her and her husband invited us to a leaving do when we arrived Brian was there with his wife… Read more...

I got a call from my mate in the Midlands yesterday asking if we were doing anything for the long weekend.He said he knows a guy who lives on a small farm out of town,who sometimes has 'parties' there.He says he has been once and it's great because the nearest neighbour is about 2 miles away,so music noise,or any other noise is not an issue.Any way,we are heading down later,this time on the train rather than drive.We have made sure the cuffs and … Read more...

  • By Nathan 27 May 2016 09:29
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Picture a very arrogant indian lady walking around as if she's something special, looking down her nose at everybody. Beside that she's ok looking nothing special with an ok figure a husband and two kids. So it was the annual awards at my tennis club I play at in Wimbledon , and I was on a table with Anshu. As usual she was showing off about living on parkside the richest road in England and how wonderful her family is, boring boring boring!! She… Read more...

  • By The Rocket 27 May 2016 00:33
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My wife wishes me to be more involved. She does have a fuckbuddy and she has him a lot. She gets very pissed off though if I call him a bull. For her that term implies that the bull is in charge of the relationship and fucks the woman when or how he likes. That’s not my wife. It’s her way or no way.

It was her idea to visit the adult sex shop last Friday. She knows the owner quite well and posed for some hot pics for him in the past… Read more...

  • By Housemaster 27 May 2016 00:02
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So my wife is 40 and still hot as fuck. She was raised Pentecostal since her mother was in that religion. Anyway, she has long hair, very pretty face, large breasts and is very submissive to men. She was raised that way by her mother.
Ever since we met, I realised how my wife really gets off on me bullying her around in the bedroom and I also noticed how her mother gives me the same attention when I was ever at her home. She has treated me like… Read more...

  • By Yorkie. 26 May 2016 23:27
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Five years ago after we had been married for eleven years my wife and I decided to get divorced. It was all very amicable, for months I had suspected that she was having an affair when she suddenly started working late at the office far more often than usual, also sex between us had practically disappeared. One evening when she came home far later than usual, I asked her straight out if she was in fact having an affair. She confessed everythin… Read more...

Now for part 3, remember these are stories made up by me but some based on my own experiences. You can make your own mind up which are real or fantasy!

That evening at home with Chris they got talking about her frustrations and how best to solve them. Chris had been reading about swinging and suggested they give it a try. Jenni was more than excited she was ready. So the following weekend they got ready, Jenni wore a simple button through dres… Read more...

  • By O commings 26 May 2016 09:51
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My girlfriend and i were invited to a mates house party a while ago,and although i was in the doghouse for weeks after,it was so worth it! let me explain all. I am 32 and my… Read more...

  • By Rossland67 26 May 2016 08:51
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Sue was sore for a few days after her performance on the Scottish trip, Stu came round a couple of times but she could only give him a blow job as her pussy and bumhole were both swollen. We did all three watch a bit of porn together as Sue wanted some ideas for the future.
We had read few posts on SH concerning cuckholds and Bulls, l noticed Sue was actively seeking stories along those lines, l asked her if she wanted to try it she asked how … Read more...

  • By WombatCutie 26 May 2016 08:29
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This is not very erotic but did happen. I've never told anyone about it -- not even my present hubby -- but writing it out has been a kind of purge .

This is my confession.

Fifteen years ago when I was a student studying at Manchester, I did something that even immediately after I had let it happen I couldn't believe I'd allowed it.

I used to dress a bit crazy back then: very left-field, real hipster chick. It was April I was wearin… Read more...

My name is Gail I’m 35 recently divorced, 5 ft. 7, short dark hair and 34B and told quite attractive and have a decent job and my own house and car. I thought I would try Internet dating but was very apprehensive. I set my profile up tried not to give too much information away and at the time did not realise I had selected to meet males and females. I met a few guys some totally weird and some not too bad, a vast majority secretly married or in… Read more...

  • By Happy guy 25 May 2016 18:09
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This is a true story that happened recently on holiday in Wales, we rented a cottage in a small village in North Wales on arrival we were told the layout of the land and told the local forest was a great place during the day for walking and cycling but to avoid it at night because it was a local dogging area, we both laughed and never thought any more of it. We are both 45 and been together since we were 18 my wife Mandy is a true red head 34ff s… Read more...

  • By Bigboobs Carol 25 May 2016 14:24
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I was in India on holiday with my husband,14 year old son and brother. I only wore sexy clothes to the nearby beach or in your apartment. As in that part of India it's frowned upon to wear revealing clothes. On the beach I wore g string bikinis that hardly held my 38EE in or hid by tight shaven pussy. I even saw my brother admiring my tits and ass and I am sure it was me that gave him a hard on. Also the local men would dit close to me so I gave … Read more...

  • By Wigwar 24 May 2016 23:36
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This follows on from my posts of a few months ago.
My daughter was away on a course for a few days, so her partner James and I arranged for him to come over for a couple of days to help in the garden. James arrived mid morning on probably the hottest day of the year so far. My wife, Helen, was out at her part time job so James and I started straight away to clear the garden. After a few hours hard work we were both stripped to the waist and v… Read more...

We have been naturists for many years and have had many holidays in Cap D'Agde. However she is not greatly interested in sex but love showing off her natural and 38ff boobs. In the evenings at the Cap she will dress up in see through clothes.
One evening last year we were sitting in the alcove of Johnny Wokkers bar when we got into conversation with a single man in his late fifties or early sixties. During the conversation he told us his wife h… Read more...

  • By steve84uk 24 May 2016 19:14
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In my younger days I worked in the local convenience store just to earn a little bit of extra cash whilst I was at college.

I always remember during one staff meeting, my boss saying that we had a new starter, Angie, joining us. She was gorgeous - mid 30s, brunette hair in a bob with the most amazing curvy figure you've ever seen in your life.

As Angie was rostered to work the evening shifts with me, as we got to know each other better and … Read more...

  • By Cum monkey 24 May 2016 18:42
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I was driving home into Tewksbury and really needed a piss so I pulled in a long lay-by and pulled in seeing a car was parked up I just went next to my car and started pissing and noticed this oldish guy got out and wondered over and stood next to me unzipped and had my self a sly look and he had a pretty impressive boner not pissing just tugging anyway he just said I'll sort you if you sort me so I knew what that meant as it wasn't my first time… Read more...

  • By Steve 24 May 2016 10:13
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My ten year marriage to Angie has been perfect in every way apart from my inability to make her orgasm. She loves our sex life and gets very wet and excited and always looks lovingly into my eyes when I finally spurt my cum into my beautiful Jamaican queen but in all our lovemaking there's been no climax for her. She has always told me its not an issue for her although I know, because I've asked her, that her previous lovers (all black) had made … Read more...

  • By Fromwigan 24 May 2016 07:17
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We are a happily married couple. We have been married for 25 yrs. We are in out early 50s . We keep ourselves in good shape. My wife is 5ft4 "with a lovely figure and perfect perky Tits. We have a great sex life , she is very spontaneous often gets my cock out whilst I'm driving and is amazing when it comes to oral it's literally like an art form when she sucks cock . We are currently on holiday in majorca 😰 . We where around the pool when… Read more...

  • By Tintin 24 May 2016 06:25
  • Gay

It happened twice,the first time I arrived at a random house he was working on
I knocked on the front door he answered looking his usual scruffy self.

' back bedroom' he said nodding upstairs
I went upstairs into the back bedroom and stripped off and knelt down,a few minutes later he walked in grinning
'So you want cock do you?' He asked
'Please yes' I said

With that he stood in front of me and calmly unzipped his trousers
I reac…

Well a quiet weekend by our recent standards anyway.We contacted George last week and arranged to go over to his place on Saturday.On the night,he had managed to arrange another three guys,one of whom was in the group when he first fucked Anne but the other two were new.Incidentally,we have talked about some suggestions we got last time,especially the idea of her getting black cock.She did have one black guy,a few years back and it was fun but no… Read more...

  • By Matt 23 May 2016 12:44
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Continuing secret diary entries made by Erica of which I had absolutely no knowledge of.
......... can't wait until Friday, me and Nina away for the weekend in Blackpool .
I remember Erica and Nina going away to Blackpool because I fed and watered Nina's dog ......if only I knew what she was upto .
.......... left Peterborough station are 11.25am were on our way..
Arrived in Blackpool and got a taxi to the hotel,just off the … Read more...