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  • By Petros 26 Mar 2017 02:01
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We’ve been together for 9 years and married for almost 2. We’ve both had plenty of sex partners and been engaged before. Our sex life now is excellent and there is nothing we don’t do for and to each other. We have sex several times a week and always make time to satisfy each other. We’ve been open about our past and have shared our fantasies. Mine were to have sex with two women at the same time, which I’ve done quit… Read more...

  • By Rockstar 26 Mar 2017 00:43
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Ashley and myself had been texting for a ling time and tonight had been no different.
She had been out with hubby and had had a good laugh and came home to him being horny.
Her sucking his soft cock (as per usual) gave way to him blaming her for his downfall i.e a soft piss ridden cock and calling her a useless cunt and passing out .
Well she's heartbroken and text me telling me as much.
I was as usual very angry cos I know how he gets when p… Read more...

  • By Alan 25 Mar 2017 19:42
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We have been married 45 years & until a few years ago always had a very active sex life, but unfortunately because of my age sex has been almost at a standstill. Joan is 62 & I am 17 years older than her so while she is still very sexual I am very much on the wane.

Joan has always kept herself very fit & has kept herself almost at the same physical shape & weight as the day I married her, so she still, to me looked as lovely & beautiful as eve… Read more...

  • By Erica's man 25 Mar 2017 11:16
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What can I say !
Erica's evening turned out to be the best sexual experience i have ever experienced .
As your aware , my wife to be Erica has agreed to act out a secret fantasy of mine, everything fell into place beautifully.
Last night around 1.45pm my phone pinged to indicate a message received , I was obviously awake in bed with every sexual scenario going through my head at what Erica was doing , when I opened the message it was a pi… Read more...

  • By Erica's man 25 Mar 2017 10:41
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What can I say !
Erica's evening turned out to be the best sexual experience i have ever experienced .
As your aware , my wife to be Erica has agreed to act out a secret fantasy of mine, everything fell into place beautifully.
Last night around 1.45pm my phone pinged to indicate a message received , I was obviously awake in bed with every sexual scenario going through my head at what Erica was doing , when I opened the message it was a pi… Read more...

  • By Contented 25 Mar 2017 08:00
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We are a happy mid thirties couple that like to lead a more than exciting sex life by normal standards. We have lots of sex ourselves and as a bonus my wife shares herself with other men. She is not that keen on permanent partners as she only likes the physical side and not the emotional. That suits me and we love the variety.

Before anyone wonders, I don’t have a small dick. It actually measures 7 and a half inches. Sometimes she fuck… Read more...

  • By Erica's man 24 Mar 2017 19:59
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Friday 24th March ; 6.45 pm
Erica took the day off work today , although she never told me until this afternoon when I phoned her at dinner time today.
She asked if I'm still up for it ? Of course I am ! I told her , I can't wait!
She informed me that she's been into town , had her nails done , had her eye lashes done etc etc .
Going to alot of trouble , but when she sent me a picture of her in her new basque , stockings and tiny silk … Read more...

  • By Rockstar 24 Mar 2017 17:12
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Been a while but commitments now permit my third confession.

Ashley wanted me to meet her at a park near to where she works.
I took half a day off work and text her I was on my way, she replied saying I have got a drink and snacks shall we have a quick picnic.
Lovely thought I said and we met about 45 minutes later on a bright sunny day.
The park was beautiful and not to many dog walkers and no children luckily.
I pulled up along side her …

  • By Happy Hubby 24 Mar 2017 14:00
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Some years back whilst chatting with a buddy, I told him I had always wanted my wife to play....but knew she wouldn't. On night out with these friends I hatched a plan. Whilst at the bar I told my mate Chris I wanted to put it to the test... I knew he would be up for it as he had regularly played away.....he told me that he had always fancied very willing. The plan was forming.... I suggested that at the end of the evening as we said ou… Read more...

  • By Andrea 24 Mar 2017 13:06
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Firstly thanks to those who commented and liked my story so far.

If you read the first part you will know where we we're at, sat on the sofa, me wearing one of Jamie's shirts, him in his dressing gown.

He'd made some coffee, switched on the TV asked if there was anything I wanted to watch. “Surprise me” I said. “Do you like porn?” he enquired. I confessed that I'd never seen any but would like too. I didn't even know until then tha… Read more...

  • By Sweeto 24 Mar 2017 12:57
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So it was Saturday night kids in bed and I'm sat at home bored with my husband. We didn't really have a great relationship and I often cheated on him.
Was sat going through Facebook when I saw one of his mates were out so I messaged him and arranged to go and meet him with help from a lift from my sister.
There had always been chemistry between me and ian but nothing had ever happened. As soon as I got in the pub he complimented me on what I wa… Read more...

  • By Databoy 24 Mar 2017 12:27
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my wife Deb and I have a reasonable sex life but lately Deb has been a little more adventurous in herself where sex is concerned and one night in bed totally surprised me as she suggested watching some porn on the laptop. Now she is normally a little straight laced where stuff like this is concerned but i loaded some scenes from a site and we watched it pan out. The scene we were watching was where some guys fucked a single lady and then each in … Read more...

  • By Lipspreader8 23 Mar 2017 16:00
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Well where to start, I was invited to a bloke’s house he said he was just having some friend over. So I turned up a little after the time he said, not wanting to be the first.
When I went in there were about 10 blokes and a couple of women. A couple of drinks later I was talking to a bloke and was talking about what we like to do with other people.
He said he enjoyed being naked and enjoyed the freedom of letting his cock hang loose.
I sai…

  • By Sweeto 23 Mar 2017 15:34
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So I had picked my fuck buddy up for the afternoon and as soon as he got in the car his hands were all over my body.
We normally went to his house but people were at home so we drove round and round thinking where to go.
In the end I got so turned on I drive to the closet woods I knew.
As soon as we entered the woods he had his hands down my trousers touching my already wet pussy.
Next thing I knew I was pressed up against a tree and Geoff wa… Read more...

  • By pussycocklover 23 Mar 2017 14:29
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We are are very happily married couple , K is 46 , blonde size 12 with a body that could belong to someone 10 years younger. I am 52 with an average size cock 6" and no beer belly. We enjoy sex and both enjoy being joined by another man , I am not a cuckold but do enjoy eating Ks pussy out when it is full of cum and have on occasion sucked cock ( which K loves to watch and I must admit makes me hard ) that said I am not bi other than the occasion… Read more...

  • By Stressed hubby 23 Mar 2017 12:09
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I want to tell you a story about something that’s causing me stress and confusion but is also a little exciting. Let me set the scene.
I’m 55, my wife N is 54. She looks after herself and so is in great shape and I’m very proud of her. She is an attractive red head with very pale skin which adds to her allure. She has a very kind nature and is always there when you need her.
We went through a bad patch a little while ago, partly down … Read more...

  • By Karenxx 22 Mar 2017 22:39
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We were on holiday in fuertaventurer were we always go naked , but I always wear see through clothes either on the beach or out and and about, one day we were north of Corralejo naked on the beach near some surfers, after a few glases Of fizz we decided to end pack up and go for a walk, hubby took all of the stuff to the car, I wondered around the beach in front of the surfers, when my hubby cought up I was talking to some guys about the I… Read more...

  • By Jen 22 Mar 2017 22:14
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This will to many sound far fetched, however it is all quite real. My fascination for watching started at uni, in fact the very first week of my first year. Before I get too involved I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Jenny and am now 24. Apparently I am "blessed" as I look young for my age due to being petite and almost the same in looks as I was 10 years ago. In fact I have only gained 2 dress sizes since then and am now still only … Read more...

  • By Andrea 22 Mar 2017 13:00
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I suppose telling you a little about myself is as good a place as any to start the story. My name is Andrea and I'm 50 years old in a few weeks. I married when I was twenty, too young with hindsight. The marriage lasted almost twenty five years. Though I didn't realise at the time, not knowing any better, it was sexually boring and unfulfilling. After we split I went out with a few guys, most wanted sex on the first date and I didn't see them aga… Read more...

  • By steve0764_1 22 Mar 2017 12:40
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Since my fun last week with the cleaner, this week has dragged by. I wonder if she had been thinking about what happened or whether she will pretend it never happened. It didn't take me long to find out.

She let herself into the house with her own key and straight away asked me if I had been practising licking pussy. I replied I had but my wife was curious why I offered to go down on her so often over the past seven days.

I could see that s…

  • By Mrs 22 Mar 2017 08:07
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A few years ago I went out with my husband and a large group of friends, including my lover for a few drinks. I was wearing a top, short skirt, stockings and suspenders and heels. We were stood in a group with my husband to my right and my lover to my left next to his wife. After a while I started to feel my lovers hand stroking the outside of my thigh. As he started to work his way up my leg I could see the excitement on his face as he felt the … Read more...

  • By Joanne 22 Mar 2017 01:18
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A few years back I had an amazing sexual experience which I have kept to myself until tonight. I'm Jo, a 40yo curvy 5ft 2 and size 12 brunette wife. However I was 24 at the time. I had married my hubby shortly after turning 22 and we had been trying for a baby for almost a year. We had a mature 28yo university student lodging with us and I'm sure he must have heard me and hubby having sex - even though we restricted our moaning, our bed was a b… Read more...

  • By Chloe 21 Mar 2017 22:17
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We had met Matt and Celia the previous evening and agreed to meet them again. I was a bit nervous about what was going to happen but Steve was, as ever, sounding very confident. We went to the pub again, Steve only had 1 pint as he was driving, but he said I should have a few to relax me.

When we got to the picnic site, Matt and Celia were already there, so Steve parked alongside them and we got into the back of their car. We chatted about wha… Read more...

  • By Chloe 21 Mar 2017 20:16
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My name is Chloe, I am 28 years of age, 5’7” tall with 36DD boobs and a fairly average body shape. I work on the production line at an electronics factory, the job is described as semi-skilled but I always think anybody could do it with a bit of training. I live with my boyfriend Steve who is 30 years of age, 6’ 1” tall, a really sporty type who goes to the gym regularly. Steve works as a van driver for the same company. I love Steve beca… Read more...

  • By Erica's man 21 Mar 2017 17:15
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A quick update ;
Monday 20th March , both my self and Erica attended The Boat House pub last night , I walked in 10 mins after her to witness her first meeting , obviously he wasn't aware of my presence.
He was around 45years old medium build , smartly dressed a bit of charmer to be honest , they both seemed very relaxed in each others company.
It felt extremely odd witnessing Erica's flirtatious behaviour with this guy , whilst keeping m… Read more...

Blindfolded led into the room the three of us eyeing her short revealing skirt and nice legs, her tight top showing her pert tits her husband had asked that not a word be spoken so she had no idea who or how many she was expected to service. She sat on the edge of the bed legs slightly parted so only the briefest of pussy could be seen. Her long dark hair complimented her light skin She looked sexy and a little timid but I had seen a couple of ph… Read more...

The three of us were a mess, cum everywhere .
S 's cunt swollen and oozing cum from the fucking M had given her.
M kissed S and told her she was now his slut. With that he said I am going to mark you now to remind you of tonight. He kissed her neck and gave her massive love bites on her tits and high on her neck.
S normally won't allow me to do this but groaned with pleasure whilst M was biting and sucking on her.
I need you phone number n…

  • By Maturelover24 20 Mar 2017 16:42
  • Fiction

I'm in my bedroom in my parents house watching my 50 yr old next door neighbour hanging out her washing in the shared back yard below. She is sexy curvy big titted mature who makes my cock hard. She is hanging out her sexy knickers and bras as usual, wearing a tight black skirt and a very low cut top showing a lot of tit. I get my cock out and start wanking watching as she bends over her skirt clinging to her massive arse, she has been my wanking… Read more...

  • By The PA 20 Mar 2017 16:16
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Hi. I have enjoyed reading some of your stories but I doubt you have read a story as strange as mine.
I’m 23 and I’m a PA for a very rich American guy. He’s 61 and runs a few big companies across the world and I get to organise his life and travel arrangements. His wife is in her late 50’s, not very attractive but in good shape.
As you will guess from my lack of grammar I’m not exactly the secretary type but I do have very good or… Read more...

We got into the car and we started kissing and I was stroking and sliding my fingers into S,s soaking wet cunt.
She was breathing really heavy now as she was getting more and more turned on.

It was then that M came up to the window on the passenger side and undid his zip and took out his prick . It was about 6 inches in length but a lot thicker then my prick , and slowly started to wank. S was waiting for a reaction from me but I said to… Read more...