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  • By lucklust 29 Apr 2017 17:16
  • Fact

It was a few days after the incident which led to a new gentleman showing interest in my wife that she picked out the phone number from her handbag and in her own words, decided that she would like to meet him for a chat in more relaxed circumstances. Hesitating before she called then number but frustrated that it went onto voicemail she just asked him to call her back. Within two minutes she heard his voice and he asked 'is that Liz?' She sai… Read more...

  • By fat1_4u 29 Apr 2017 12:07
  • Fact

Next door neighbors have all gone away for the weekend but her older sister Karen was dog sitting and staying at theirs for the weekend. Karen is a short only about 5ft 5 she is a bbw blonde hair though obviously dyed . She had a knee replacement earlier this year so does find walking to be a pain at times.he is also single and does have a daughter who now lives away.
I'd just come home from the gym but realised I had gone out before my wif… Read more...

My husband Harry has asked me to write this first-hand account of my recent ‘socialising’ with our new friend Helen. We had met Helen during a visit to our local Waitrose, struck up a conversation with her and become friends. To some extent, I suppose we felt sorry for her in that her husband had died in sad circumstances 3 years ago, she had decided she did not want another man in her life and I think with the passage of time was having seco… Read more...

My wife and I are a fairly ordinary late-60’s couple, both retired with an ordinary hum-drum life. I like to play golf and Sue does ‘womanly’ things such as shopping for clothes and keep fit. Sue is 5’ 1”, a little overweight but I would describe her as nicely rounded.

We rediscovered our love life a couple of years ago, since when we have discovered the swinging lifestyle during a holiday on the south coast in our touring caravan. W… Read more...

  • By PingaChoco 29 Apr 2017 04:50
  • Fact

One weekend after The London Marathon I visited the club in Croydon and went to the bar where the server was very young and pretty and got into conversation with her and flirting and all. Fortunately this helped me later on when I asked her who she thought would be easy for me to take home from the numerous ladies on the dance floor, she asked if I could buy more drinks and I replied that, that was the easiest part. She took 2 drinks to two ladie… Read more...

  • By Playerz 28 Apr 2017 22:20
  • Fact

One of my favourite adventures took place some years ago around Mildenhall in Suffolk. Jenny and I had been staying at the Center Parcs holiday village in Thetford forest and had arranged to meet a guy we had been chatting to for some time in an AOL chatroom.

Rob was a single guy who was involved with a couple of young ladies who he partied with on a regular basis with other couples and at sex parties.

On this occasion we had agreed to me…

  • By Smartlydressedlady 28 Apr 2017 20:39
  • Fact

As I entered the work office our eyes met , as always , just from his look my Pussy would throb , I knew he was undressing me with his eyes .. I knew he wanted to fuck me ..... we had work to do ... interviews .... as we prepared the room his eyes met mine .... we both knew we wanted each other .... out first candidate was outside the interview room ... he grabbed me ... my Pussy was throbbing for his hard cock inside of me ... our mouths met , o… Read more...

  • By Dave 28 Apr 2017 12:21
  • BDSM

First I'd like to say sorry, I'm not very intelligent but I am great with wood so spelling an that I'm pretty rubbish, dyslexic in been told. . Anyway I'm save been married to Jan for 12 years, I love her to death but sex is a bit automatic, she's not adventurous, . We moved into a new house last year's. A pretty semi outside of Maidstone the couple next door are Debbie an mark we get along great with them an become good friends, Mark is sam… Read more...

A while back, when my at the time fiancee and I bought our first home, we lived next door to a married couple, a year or two older than us. They were Mark and Jane, we pretty quickly became great friends, always in and out of each others houses, spending time out as couples and generally having a whale of a time.

Anna, my fiancee was a terrible flirt and she had a killer body, this wasn't lost on Mark and to be fair, his wife Jane was a bit o… Read more...

  • By lucklust 27 Apr 2017 20:49
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I was just home, having finished my day's work when I got a text, settled with my freshly brewed cup of tea. Opened iphone from wife 'I hope you realise you're lucky to have me, a customer says so' I sent back that I always known that and that he was right. I sat and contemplated what this might mean then I got a follow up 'Fuck, he's just come back in with his phone number... calm down now!X' I was well excited then got a query 'You haven't … Read more...

  • By Dave w 27 Apr 2017 17:33
  • Fact

This is a true story I've been wanting to tell all about for years, we live in a town near york and about 10yrs ago me and the now ex wife were in the middle of our separation all quite amicable we'd just grown apart. anyway as we had a young child we agreed to live in the same house but sleep in seperate bedrooms. Rachael had started to go out in the town on a Saturday night with her friends most of them single as she was as we had split, Rachae… Read more...


I received a phone call from a friend in America, she had an acquaintance who was in the business of arranging honeymoon holidays and wanted a contact in England. I gave advice that the south east of England had a lot of American personal living both through the second world war and up until today. I suggested the south east could be the nostalgic birth place of many brides and grooms in the USA and a good place to honymoon. After a few days an… Read more...

  • By Reactors 27 Apr 2017 16:19
  • Gay

We sat around chatting for a while and after a few more drinks one of the guys asked if I had a girlfriend, I had and told him the story. I asked them about girlfriends and they all said they'd like one but the work they do and the hours being long stopped them from having a relationship.

At this Sean, who was quite pissed at this point, announced that he had had the best blow job ever the other day. The other guys started to rib him about it … Read more...

I was shocked when my husband told me he had published on SH details of our sex life, as I had thought that this would always remain private (see Am I a cuckold posted 31 March). Then, when I realised that he had not mentioned where we live, and it was unlikely anybody could identify us from the names given, I felt a bit more relaxed about it. Having thought about it a bit, I decided to post my side of the tale, as the woman’s perspective is of… Read more...

  • By Trainer 26 Apr 2017 19:55
  • Fact

I have worked in and out of London and over the south east and west for all my working life and I’ve moved house a couple of times, when I thought that the job I was doing was going to see me through. So I now find myself in the position of commuting 70 odd miles twice a day to this new post. As my wife has home help for her disability she suggested that I try to get lodgings near the job and only commute up and back weekly, whilst I wasn’t t… Read more...

  • By Shocky horror 26 Apr 2017 15:20
  • Fact

This happened to me yesterday afternoon.

I returned early from work, not something I do regularly. My wife was dressed in a very short dress, stockings and suspenders, and no Panties and the neckline on the dress was very low cut, no bra underneath. What the F... I was about to say, when she stopped me. Are you the boiler repair man I've been waiting for. The penny dropped, She was acting out a scenario she had spoken to me about some months… Read more...

  • By Hotnfresh 26 Apr 2017 14:42
  • Fact

I've been working for a takeaway in the evenings for a few years now delivering food to customers one recent account around 11pm Ish on a Friday night I took pizza to a customer which was the last house on the street you have to go around to the back door as I've been a few times as I did 2 houses down with the kitchen light on there stood a mature lady kissing a guy and when I looked closer he had he's cock out she was slowly wanking him I just … Read more...

  • By Dennis Woolley 26 Apr 2017 11:24
  • Fact

Cock hungry slapper she may be but Leanne has really gotten into her new hobby of flashing her body off to whoever is around to see. So far it has nearly always been to truck drivers on the motorways, apart from a display she did for a minibus load of young guys at a service area.
Lately she has been showing off in pubs and a few other places, just a flash of her legs and if they were lucky, they may have just caught a glimpse of her knickers. W… Read more...

  • By peter_perv 26 Apr 2017 11:20
  • Fiction

Some of this is based on fact and some on fiction.
My wife passed away last year and following that I got into a cycle club to raise money for a local charity. The ride was a 100k tour of the area so it involved a lot of training to get up to the required fitness.
Following the ride just before Easter this year I kept up with the cycling partly to get myself out of the house and I also enjoyed it.
Normally we have a group of 5 or more for … Read more...

  • By TA 26 Apr 2017 09:58
  • Fact

As before, read my last blosg to understand whats going on. Last one was 21st April.
My ‘girlfriend’ loves my blogs. She doesn’t think I do it justice but its my way of sharing a huge secret. She’s very daring and wants me to tell you to tell you that her name is Andrea, so there we are.
Andrea and I had a huge fight last night. We text each other and usually end uptalking dirty by text which ends up in me getting turned on and want… Read more...

  • By Mike 26 Apr 2017 06:55
  • Fact

My wife and I have a very open marriage; she is extremely highly sexed, and I love her getting fucked by other guys and sometimes another woman. Her particular likes are younger, muscular or athletic, very well hung, black guys; she also likes the arrogant thug type. Sara is 45, looks about ten years younger, she has a very fit, toned body. She works out, swims and runs most days. Her body is amazing size 10, 36d2435, long legs, firm tits and a v… Read more...

  • By Reactors 25 Apr 2017 23:09
  • Gay

It was the mid-1980's, I was 24 and after 5 years of living in the north-east, I knew I had to return to London, if I were ever going to find a job. I contacted my aunt and uncle who lived just outside central London. They offered to put me up for a few weeks.

My girlfriend and me had broken up 6 months earlier and work in Thatcher's north-east of England was increasingly hard to find.

Towards the end of these weeks, my uncle suggested to m… Read more...

  • By Tanya 25 Apr 2017 21:44
  • Fact

Since returning from holiday I have come to an agreement with my husband, well I told him really, I am prepared to unlock him in the week and I will let him fuck me once or twice but in return he must agree to be locked up at weekends and I am going out on the pull to get some different cock
What happened on holiday opened a door for me, I never knew what I was missing and I am determined to carry on with my new lifestyle
Last weekend I bought …

  • By heavybreather 25 Apr 2017 19:48
  • Other

I walk into your room and see you naked and blindfolded on your bed.Two handcuffs either side of you. I walk in and without saying a word. I force your legs apart, breathing warm air across your lips.Then suddenly stop, flip you over, and handcuff you to the bed posts. Your now on your knees, and vulnerable. I see a empty wine bottle in the corner of my eye. A clear, long necked and smooth glass. I slide the bottle between your legs and tell you … Read more...

It had been several weeks since my wild night out with the girls (and the boys). The night must have awoken an inner lust as all I could think about was sex. I jumped on my husband a few times and he pumped his little cock into me and then came within seconds, the say the least - I wasn't satisfied, I hadn't had an orgasm since Dan and his mates had fucked me sore and my pussy was starting to yearn again! My old man was at work as usual and it wa… Read more...

  • By Jim 25 Apr 2017 15:46
  • Fact

In the previous part I covered how we met and our first real misadventure with another girl. What I didn’t do was give you too much detail about my wife and myself…As I stated in the previous story, though now in our 40’s, we both get told that we look young for our age, my wife in particular. A slim size 8 with a tight little butt and amazing legs and pert small boobs. She has always waxed her pussy and never shaved resulting in the smooth… Read more...

  • By JohnBoyd97 25 Apr 2017 10:27
  • Fact

Natalie worked as a lounge singer in a clubs in town. She was married 32 years old with a baby. Beautiful blonde hair and a gorgeous figure. I was 18 years old and had known her since I was a child, she used to baby sit me sometimes.
She would drive to work every weekend to perform in pubs and clubs, until one week her car broke down. Chris her husband is unbelievabley lazy and never bothered with driving and so I offered to drive her to work f… Read more...

  • By Karenxx 24 Apr 2017 20:39
  • Fact

Had a late,night out last night so was unusually late out of bed, we always sleep with the curtains open I think hubby went out for a cycle which was the norm, as it was warm the covers were off, I was laying face down, (you seen some pics) I heard a slight noise at the window and turned my head, the window cleaner was staring at me, i could not resist so spread me legs and lifted my bottom, you will have seen the pic, I heard him gently call fo… Read more...

  • By Greedyboy 24 Apr 2017 15:55
  • Other

And leaves empties

Well I know now that I should have bottled my spare breast milk and sold it to the body builder. But what would I have missed out on? This fit, kind young man came round twice a day to take the pressure off my heavy tits. A new mother can get very lonely, especially if her husband is working away. This way Stevie, who I thought of as my milkman, and I were both very happy.

After his face popping up when I dreamt about my… Read more...

  • By Jen 23 Apr 2017 19:23
  • Fact

Mandy froze, her finger still touching my clit through my panties, very slowly I stood upright and let my dress fall back over my very excited body. The feel of the material on my nipples almost made me orgasm, looking at Mandy she had the most wicked grin as she pushed her finger into my pussy, forcing my panties into me. I could not help it as I shuddered and came on her hand. Biting my lip to try and keep the person next door from hearing me… Read more...