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  • By Peter57 28 Aug 2016 17:12
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Having had 21 years of a previous marriage where her selfish ex only gave her two proper orgasms my lovely wife, who at 47 when I met her had the body of a teenager, was not too difficult to impress in the bedroom and soon became a real enthusiast !

I cannot recall exactly when she started showing off in hotel windows but this is probably a good place to apologise to the two guys who crashed into each other at the traffic lights by the Posthou… Read more...

  • By Peterthepainter 28 Aug 2016 14:00
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As a single guy on this site i was not really surprised about the lack of females.

I contacted one couple recently who sounded ok but the pictures I had back showed only a guy. He admitted that he was now meeting men alone because his wife now only liked women. Although I am straight I have had a couple of guys suck or wank my cock as part of an MFM session, to be honest if I had my eyes closed I couldn't tell the difference.

Anyway he seem…

How another cock saved our marriage

I met my husband Tony at the age of 22 and married at 25. Now i'm 38 and only recently started to explore my desires. Of course when you first meet your partner the sex is mindblowing and you can not get enough of each other. I would suck him anywhere and everywhere i could, and loved it! Anal was a regular thing and we would always experiment with new fantasies. This all changed as life passed us by, we sti… Read more...

  • By sue 27 Aug 2016 21:51
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what happened last week would not have normally happened . my name is sue, I have shoulder length blonde hair ,33 yrs old ,5 ft 6 and bragging would say a fit body ,big firm enhanced tits and shaved smooth pussy,
this night me and the hubby had gone out ,it was hot and he dared me to wear a very skimpy pvc dress , it is red, very short and low the lower part is pleated, also 5" heels ,so I called his bluff and did . we went to a different part … Read more...

  • By Jazz 27 Aug 2016 09:23
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This was a while back myself and the wife where watching tv and their was a programme on dogging, my wife said god that must be so horny doing it while others watch I almost fell on the floor. You are joking me right, no she said I always loved it outside. On the odd occasion we had played when out walking but well out the way of anyone else.
The next week we was at friends about ten mile away from our house they wanted us to stay the night bu… Read more...

  • By The Pensioners 26 Aug 2016 17:17
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After our first encounter with Mark he has been back every day, as usual Ann walks round the house with her tits out but once she spots Mark up at his window she strips right off and does a little dance for him that makes her tits bounce. When he comes round they usually go upstairs together while l stay downstairs, she says he is still quite uncertain of himself and fucks her better when he’s not being watched.

We were both really pleased …

My wife is younger than me,her name is DIANA,she worships my cock,i fuck her twice a day,she loves anal sex,her asshole is so sweet and tasty,i had a huge cock,thick and always ready.

One evening,while i was fucking my wife in her ass,i was having three fingers in her pussy,i asked her "do you like to have two cocks in your two holes?"she looked at me with a smile and said"i love to but i like to have sex with another couple,i never tried i… Read more...

  • By Harriet 26 Aug 2016 15:41
  • TV

I arrived at Sauna/sauna reception at opening time, with my bag of girly clothes and got a towel, some lube, condoms and a key for a T-girl locker upstairs.
First call was the loo to douche, lube and put my 6" long butt plug in, which opens me up for cock and makes me juicy like a real girl's fanny.
In the t-girl changing I stripped and put on full make-up with cherry lips and red eye liner.
Then I put on black fishnet crotch-less tights, 4… Read more...

  • By Mikael 26 Aug 2016 15:22
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I posted part 19 of Maria last year. In that episode I finally deflowered Maria, the door was now well and truly open
then I became very ill. Now after recovering and a long period of convalescence, I can continue ....
The next episode will be about when I took Maria, now over 18, To the local dungeon ....
so if you dirty fuckers want me to continue Maria's saga - it gets very dirty over the next years, then let me know if you want to hear mor… Read more...

  • By Tony 26 Aug 2016 08:14
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So, I figure it is time to introduce ourselves. My name is Tony and my wife’s name is Lucy. We are now a hotwife couple. We are both on our second marriages and we both knew we wanted something more than the normal type marriage. I think she started to get the hint when I started asking a million questions about her previous lovers. Hearing the details of her past excited me and she knew it.

Finally I brought up the fantasy I had of he… Read more...

  • By KinkStarter 26 Aug 2016 00:53
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Working in a bar allows you to meet many people.
Well tonight an elderly couple (mid 50's) came into the bar and I instantly noticed through their body language something 'wasn't right'
After a few rounds of Famous Grouse (him) and J20's (her) I notice the man go ridged and just like that he turns to his wife and starts to give her a lot of grief. She doesn't say anything back. Suddenly he exclaims 'FUCK IT ILL GO STAY AT GEORGES THEN'' (I st… Read more...

  • By cd dreamer 25 Aug 2016 21:32
  • Fiction

Thanks for all your positive feedback,I really appreciate it,as you know I am a 70 yr old crossdresser,buy lots of clothes in local charity shops,love really high heels.After reading your comments encouraging me to get more involved with dressing in public and going with men I have pushed onwards,have gone out dressed and driven around hoping I can be seen.Two days ago I was waiting for a parcel delivery,i do buy things on ebay,i had ordered a lo… Read more...

  • By Johnny 25 Aug 2016 20:50
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This is a follow up to my sexual exploits with Rhi.

We had explored pretty much everything we could on our own and started to discuss our fantasies. Rhi confessed that she had once had a brief relationship with another girl and said she would like to repeat it. As we discussed how we could do it, and it's not that easy to find a girl who's up for it, it became clear, that her real fantasy was to be fucked by more than one guy. This is less dif… Read more...

This is a resubmission of this story. Firstly I'd like to thank 'IamRay23' who has been a massive help to me and my writing. Although the style may still not suit everyone's taste, he has helped me make this story much better flowing than the original version. Fingers crossed part 2 of this story should be coming soon.

I truly felt like a fish out of water when it came to travelling. Maybe it wasn't so much to being in a different place, it w… Read more...

  • By Alan 25 Aug 2016 15:55
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Mrs Smith (name changed), one of the school secretaries when I was in the 6th form was an apparently respectable married lady in her mid 40s, but she had quite a fan club amongst the 6th form boys.

She was strikingly pretty with a trim little body, which she had obviously looked after. Although, she always dressed very smartly, there was usually some cleavage and a fair bit of leg above the knee visible.

She was also very friendly whenever…

  • By soulmate2 25 Aug 2016 13:03
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You may like to read. More than we bargained for.
Having a 19yr old fingers wrapped round my 45 yr old cock might seem like heaven to most men, it felt wonderful and thankfully my cock responded by soon becoming hard as Karen wanked me slowly. My thoughts turned to Jacqueline who i dearly wanted to have a relationship with, true we had shared a few kisses and cuddles when we managed to get away from prying eyes, Jacqueline's controlling husband… Read more...

  • By True 25 Aug 2016 12:48
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I had gone off to bed earlier but could not sleep without my wife next to me. I looked at the clock at the side of the bed, 2.00am. That is late I thought and I can not here the TV, she must have fallen asleep..
I got up out of bed as quietly as I could and went to the lounge door. It was partially open, so I looked in and saw my wife rubbing her knickers, quite slowly. Obviously my cock went as hard as a rock and I started playing with it, this… Read more...

  • By Husband 25 Aug 2016 08:38
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I’m a man married to an absolute attention whore that will do and show about anything to be the centre of attention. I love it that she shows off.
She won’t let anyone else fuck her but my wife likes to show off. She has a good body and she is waxed for a full brazilin. As well she has pierced nipples and a piercing through the hood just above her clit. She wears a ring with two beads which can rub on her clit. She loves it.

She lo…

I cannot believe what happened the other night, we just went out for a drink had a pleasant night and went home early for an ‘early night’. On the way home Mary couldn’t keep her hands to herself and she was resting her hand on my already hardening cock, and just being playful. Well there is only so much I can take and before long I had a hard on as we were now driving through the country lane part of our journey.
“If you keep that up I…

  • By Jenny 24 Aug 2016 20:17
  • Fact

Back in the 1960,s I was an usherette if you remember those days you were shown to your seats by someone like me with a torch. Seems ridiculous nowadays but that's how it was.
I wore a ridiculous uniform but as it was always dark I didn't fell to silly, I was on the late shift and finished about 10/30, most of our customers where couples looking for a grope, depending on the film. It wasn't a bad job you got to see the latest films, but they wor… Read more...

  • By Johnny 24 Aug 2016 20:09
  • Fact

I can't remember when I first met Rhi, but I do recall disappointment that the beautiful 5 foot 8 redhead with eminently kissable lips, a cracking figure and, as I would later find out, 34 D breasts, was not at our departmental meeting. She was 33, I was 48, and both married, but that didn't stop us from slowly moving down the path towards an affair. We finally kissed about a year later and having thrown ourselves off the cliff things moved quick… Read more...

  • By manicmechanic31 24 Aug 2016 13:17
  • Fact

Firstly a bit of history so bear with me.

We first met on a rally in Belgium (Ypres rally) We were invited to help out as officials on the event by the UK Motorsport Association, we met at Dover and then drove to a little village outside of Ypres where we were to stay, the accommodation was very basic, one dormitory above a pub full of bunk beds and a shared shower and toilet block behind the pub, we would work on the rally near the village t… Read more...

  • By The Pensioner 24 Aug 2016 12:43
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What a difference that dogging encounter has made to our lives. From being unable to maintain any proper erection, l now seem to have an almost permanent hard on, from seeing Ann as a sexless old woman l now see her as an incredibly sexy slut.

Ever since that evening l have insisted on her having her tits out as much as possible, even when just doing housework. The sight of those big dugs swinging and flopping are a real turn on. She also wa… Read more...


Now I know why I don’t like night clubs much its hot, crowded, loud and bad music! Still Maddy did want to come here and it has been a while. I suppose that is what happens when you have a much younger girl friend. We have only known each other fro a few months and I am still not sure how we have ended up together and what she sees in me. But I’m not complaining, we have had some real fun together and amazing sex. I am convinced we come here … Read more...

  • By Proud husband 23 Aug 2016 17:46
  • Swinging

My wife is an extremely attractive 28yr old blonde with a body to die for. I'm older than her and our dynamic has led us to having the most incredible sex life. She gets asked out on a weekly basis and is the object of many men's desires, some more forthcoming in their fantasises over her than others.
We love fucking outdoors, taking risks, exploring each other's fantasies and desires. Recently we have been watched publicly in the car, my wife … Read more...

  • By D Woolley 23 Aug 2016 17:37
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Carry on Flashing
Ever since our last trip to Cardiff, when Leanne flashed her tits and pussy to as many lorry drivers as she possibly could, she has been totally addicted to flashing her body as often as she can. Whenever we drive onto a motorway I know that her skirt will be up and her knickers will be off. She exposes her boobs when she can, it does of course depend on how she is dressed.
We had an email from the new friends we had made in C… Read more...

  • By Salima 23 Aug 2016 15:42
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The story is, I'm a mid forties Asian lady with 2 teenagers and a husband. Mo my husband is away a lot on work trips while I stay home and look after the house and the kids. Anyway I found out my husband had been cheating on me for years with his secretary, I was absolutely devastated when I found out, when I was screaming at him about it he just said things happen so live with it.i was so upset and angry I shouted I'm going to make you pay, God … Read more...

  • By Barry 23 Aug 2016 14:31
  • Fact

Hi all. I'm Barry, I'm 32 and single. My best mate is married to Tina who's 27 and so fucking hot its not fair. She's only 5'2" ish, has long ginger hair and a body like a super model. Her tits are a nice DD which she love to flaunt. She knows I fancy her so when I'm round the butting get undone on her blouse so I get a good view or she wears a tight T shirt.
My mate thinks its funny bcos he knows I wouldn't try it on becouse we're mates.

  • By songlasses 23 Aug 2016 11:11
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I am a young fit guy who loves sport and the summer. this year I went alone to have a week in Sardinia. At twenty three and single, I had hopes but no nailed on plans for getting my leg over while away. I have found that you normally get let down when expectations are high, much better to be yourself than a sex hungry monster more likely to put off than attract the opposite sex. I booked a five star hotel and felt that the island had enough o… Read more...


Meeting up with Marie and Mike soon, want to get there a bit early. I was soon in my local pub and sitting at the bar waiting for them to come in. Half a pint later there they were, Marie looking gorgeous as ever and Mike looking very casual.

After greetings we had a quick drink and Mike was keen to get away so within 15 mins we left and after a short walk were in my place. Marie had a really tight short skirt on and I was constantly getting a… Read more...