• By Samantha 21 Nov 2017 22:47
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Saturday afternoon was confession time for the three of us.
Ruth told us about med school and all the drinking, whenever possible 5 or 6 of the med students would go into London and basically just get pissed, several times things had got out of hand and they had all ended up on the floor or in bed in one or others digs, so she had experienced both men and women.
Dave had just had a couple of girlfriends, nothing too serious.
I bit the bullet a…


I’m 49 now and was remembering some of my first experiences with men. They started mild but first time was when I was 18 at local swimming pool and the incident happened in the changing room area. I was drying myself and a much older man was also in there.

He stripped naked and just walked around the area, I could feel myself blushing, feeling nervous but I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. He was quite hairy and had a very thick cock. H… Read more...

  • By Samanta 21 Nov 2017 15:30
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My two best friends, were Dave, the lad who first showed me a photo of a man sucking a cock, while I was lying in agony with a broken leg. He lived about 3 doors down from me. Three doors the other way was Ruth, the girl whose brother had caught us playing dress up in her room when I was about 5. People in the street called us the three amigos because we were never apart.
By the time I was about 21 the aids crisis had hit Britain, I had been ca… Read more...

  • By Nick 21 Nov 2017 15:02
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My wife and I have had a few threesomes and it was during one she asked me to suck a cock.
I had often wanted to try this but didn’t know how to put it to her that I wanted to suck a cock.

I asked the guy we were with to get on his back. As I started to suck on his cock my wife started to join in with me. We took turns in sucking his cock and I must admit I loved doing it.

A few days later my wife asked me if I really wanted to suck … Read more...

  • By Jo 21 Nov 2017 13:46
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I was out with the girls , i got chatting to a new girl Susan , we all were having a great laugh and the drink was flowing . The rest of the evening was full on fun , i did notice that susan was a bit touchy feely , especially with me, but with the drink it was all harmless flirty fun , near the end of the evening , i was chatting with susan away from the girls when she said she was attracted to me and she wanted to kiss me but not now , did i fa… Read more...

  • By cuckinhell69 21 Nov 2017 12:07
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Now this story is about my young Wife Alex who has a good job with a International company , not only is Alex very attractive , with her shoulder length blonde hair and a body to die for , my mates keep telling me, she is also intelligent and easy to get on with and is very good at her job in the company she works for. I do think sometimes they put on her a lot of responsibility which she seems happy to cope with , but I sometimes wonder if the… Read more...

I had long wondered what it would be like to have the experience of touching another cock, and had been curious for a long time as to whether and how I might respond in such a situation. After many months of chat room discussions, I had finally made the decision to take the plunge, and so it was that a day off work afforded me the opportunity to meet Dave. I had been clear that if this was going to work out, it had to be with someone older than… Read more...

  • By Samantha 20 Nov 2017 23:23
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I left school with 2 average ‘A’ levels, not enough to go to university, just as my older brother left uni with a first in engineering so he joined dads company while I went off to polytechnic. I started an HNC in engineering but found I had a real talent for computer programming so I after 3 years I had HNC’s in both engineering and programming. Every weekend was spent at dad’s company ‘learning the trade’ so rather than being paid I… Read more...

  • By AlKaz 20 Nov 2017 23:16
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Slightly shorter but I felt I needed to finish off from our dogging experience and set the scene for what became our next adventure a few weeks later Enjoy !!
Mark pulled up at our house and Kaz and Anne decided that after tonight we needed to recover and have a “proper” meet up when their fannies had recovered from the gangbang style pounding they had received that evening. Anne licked her middle and index fingers soaked with the spunky mi… Read more...


I decided I would go out somewhere in public so headed to Torquay, I put on matching sexy underwear, a loose fitting cold shoulder top, bum hugging tight shiny leggings and my stiletto ankle boots, along with my butt plug, hair and make up done, anyway I parked the car and headed into town, as I was walking through a man came up and offered me into a club, I wasn't planning to but went in, there was lots of people, gay, lesbian, tv/cd's, I went t… Read more...

  • By Samantha 20 Nov 2017 18:55
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I do not know how many cocks I sucked or how many loads I had swallowed in my 18 months of visiting the layby, but it must have been well over a hundred, but I still had not been fucked. I think this was because although I loved sucking cock I just did not fancy any of the truckers who in the main were smelly, unwashed and fat.
Fortunately, one of the drivers (one of the few who spoke to me) asked me if I ever used the local park sports fields?… Read more...

I started to dress up for my sexy man to take photos of me for this site, after me pleasuring him with my mouth, He grabbed me and turned me over and took me from behind thrusting his manhood into me , as I was pushing hard down on him , the sweat trickling down our backs, mm i want more...… Read more...

I previously had written about H who has Mental Health issues and that is how we met. We'd had fun on many occasions and been away for some dirty weekends and I mean cum splashed everywhere, she was a huge squirter.
One time she wanted to do some photos in the woods, and when we got got walking through the woods she wanted a kiss and a feel, then dropped to her knees and unzipped me and pulled my cock out and sucked it...... after a minute H sai… Read more...

  • By Carols hubby 20 Nov 2017 11:36
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Last month my wife Carol and I started our swinging life and it was amazing.
We are both in our later 40’s and have been married for 4 years but been together for 10. We had talked about spicing up our sex lives for a while even though we make love three or four times a week we felt there was something missing. As Carol put it, making live is nice but now and again a good fuck is what’s needed.
I know I’m biased but Carol is very pre… Read more...

  • By maturepussy 20 Nov 2017 09:17
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I'm laying on my bed, just had an amazing weekend of non-stop sex with my best friend's son . I'm 48 , divorced , slim body , 34DD breasts and until recently so starved of sex. It all started on Friday , when my best friend's son helped me to move into a new flat. He's 32 , rugby player and totally muscular, 6ft 2.
I had fantisied about him many times on my vibrator. imaging him licking my pussy , fucking me from behind and riding him deep . He… Read more...

  • By Shaun 20 Nov 2017 08:45
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Me and my girlfriend are 20 , weve been together 2 years , my mum & dad have house rules if hannah stays over i have to sleep on the couch , but at hannahs house her parents have sat us down and given us “ the talk “ , weve still had oral fun and the occasional hand over mouth slow fuck . My story - Hannah had to go to work , i was having a lie in, hannahs mum went to work but Denis was working from home . I was in bed checking my phone , whe… Read more...

As Lucy brings her lips back down on to Simon's dick I move behind her and slide my cock between her legs, rubbing my helmet along her wet pussy lips, back and forth couple of times before pushing all the way in to the hilt with one smooth movement. Her moan encourages me to push harder into her with each thrust and each time I do I push her mouth further onto Simon's dick. The guys now all have their dicks in their hands and Lucy's sarong has be… Read more...

A & K Meet C For The First Time (Part1)
The table moved ever so slightly, but still noticeably enough that A looked at his wife with a questioning glance. K raised her eyebrows in recognition of the fact and gave him an embarrassed look as she bit her bottom lip.

The meeting had been arranged weeks in advance to coincide with the 3 of them being in the same country at the same time.
They had messaged each other and swapped photos, thoughts a… Read more...

Part 1
I am a woman in my mid 40’s. I am reasonably happy in my marriage to Phil who is nearly 10 years older than me.
I have three children from a previous marriage, all of which are now young adults and have left the nest.
Phil had always wanted to see me with another guy. Every time we had sex and we were talking dirty the conversation would always lead to talk of another man being with us in our marital bed.
I have to say that I often…

  • By Jason 19 Nov 2017 07:33
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Part 1 of my story (How I lost my virginity) was written a couple of weeks ago, on a lonely evening while I was staying at my parent’s house. It is now 20 years since the lovely MILF next door broke my duck and a lot has happened since then, 2 failed marriages (I still haven’t worked out what makes a happy marriage, but perhaps I just haven’t met the right woman) and I now work for a different DIY chain as manager of one of their flagship s… Read more...

  • By LoveSharing 19 Nov 2017 06:19
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We're in our late 40s and had a fab sex life for 27 yrs. Still doing it 2 or 3 times a wk with wife starting it at least half the time. I love making her come on my thick 6 inches and when I can't about a third of the time she brings herself off with her fingers. I wait for it and when she tells me she's starting we come together.

She's a big girl, tall with wide shoulders and just maybe only one stone too much weight, but still a great body, … Read more...

  • By Eve 19 Nov 2017 03:58
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Those of you that read my first story will know how I got into this situation,I am also aware that some will judge and say,She is fucking a black guy and blames her ex husband.I can't change what you think of me but the truth is far from that.
Our marriage lasted just a couple of days after my last post,I just could not stand the thought of him using prostitutes,if I was one of those one position Sunday morning wives maybe.but as you will see I… Read more...

  • By Alan 19 Nov 2017 02:26
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Compared to what others say they do here my story is nothing but here goes.
I am the husband in a mid fifties couple. We have always had a great sex life. I have strayed once, that’s cheated and fucked a woman I met through a work contract. We met 4 times and when the work was over and I never saw her again. I don’t think my wife has cheated on me but she has been hit on and propositioned many times. She has told me about these and we ha… Read more...

  • By Chelseaboy4 19 Nov 2017 00:38
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This happened about five years ago. I use to go to see my mum every month, her neighbour was a single mum and about 42. My mum use to ask me if I could help her with a few things while I was there, cutting the lawn ordiy bits and bobs. I didn't mind as she was a nice person to have a chat with and helped my mum with shopping . Any way this day I was in my mums garden cutting the lawn , it was a. Hot day and Tracy was in her garden and leant ove… Read more...

I thought I would never have another experience like that on Thursday, but how wrong could I be.

Angela phoned Friday afternoon and said her and 2 friends were going out for a bit of fun that night, were booking into a hotel and would I like to join them. I phoned hubby told him I was going out to stay with a friend and he said fine.

I bathed, shaved and put on my sexiest dress, hold ups and no underwear. Met Angela outside the hotel and … Read more...


I was lucky enough to get out for the night to dress and have fun, I had ordered a pair of stiletto ankle boots and they had arrived the day before, anyway as usual I arrived up at coliford lake about 8 to 8.30, found somewhere quiet to transform myself, I first slipped my butt plug in and then put on sexy matching underwear then my tight denim leggings and my new stiletto ankle boots and a sexy black cold shoulder top, on went the hair and earni… Read more...

Christine and I had been really looking forward to our holiday in a Jamaica. Our business had not been doing well but a recent busy spell provided some extra money for a well earned break. I found a deal in Jamaica for 7 days which just fit the bill.
Chris bought some sexy new clothes which looked great on her 45 year old body and I was sure she would get some looks from the locals.
We have often fantasised about her having sex with a young R… Read more...

  • By Gazzzz 18 Nov 2017 17:58
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Hi everyone, I've been with the other half T for a good few years. We both enjoy the thought of her being with someone else, I know she had a fling with a woman a few years ago but we rarely talk about it. Well to get to the main point, the other night we were talking and touching eachother and she told me she was going to a works function, not a Christmas one, in the next week and that she was going to bring a guy from her office home and fuck h… Read more...

  • By Genies_hubby 18 Nov 2017 16:54
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About 17 years ago my girlfriend and 4 male friends went on holiday to Ibiza. 2 of the guys we know well and the other two were friends of theirs. We had gone there for the nightlife mainly but to balance out the crazy partying we had hired a villa in the hills outside of San Antonio so that we could get some down time. Lucy was 6ft tall with the longest legs, firm 34b breasts and her fire red pubes were shaved into a narrow landing strip that en… Read more...

So the wife called to say her course had run over and wouldn't be back that night. It was 8 and wasn't sure what to do so went upstairs and had a shower.

As I was washing and shaving I decided I'd go to the local sauna. Made sure I'd shaved all over, not just my cock and balls but everywhere. Took a few Viagra and got in the car.

Paid my money and got a handful of lube packets, and went to the changing room. I like to walk around nude so le… Read more...