Staying power 4 Fiction

It was a couple of weeks since chelle was shagged by we will call him John , our sex life had been great no problems in erection department, we were still getting a high on chelles experience, then one night while we were shagging I said could you get used to having different guys cocks , we always spoke about our fantasies while shagging, it added a bit of spice to our sex life , mind you we never carried any of them out until the John episode ,… Read more

Outdoor fun Fact

This is a true story that happened to me some 15 years ago now -

I had found the dogging scene while stopping innocently at picnic areas during my working day and was fortunate enough to have had some really naughty times but this isn’t a story about that, it’s about meeting a couple in my local pub.

I have always found the more mature lady very attractive and for a while I used to live in a very small village up in the woods in Buckin… Read more

Kelly plus 4 Fact

The girls said they had been talking and decided how they wanted fucking. They wanted a mini gangbang. They wanted to see cocks lining up just to fuck them, one at a time, and to fuck them until we had all filled their cunts with our cum. They just wanted to be used. Once we had cum, the other girl would use her mouth to clean us. And later, all our cocks were to fuck each girl in turn.
While they were talking, both me and Kelly's husband were … Read more

Pam the beginning. Fact

After the birthday celebrations, Pam and I decided to slow down on our extramarital games.
No male visitors, only Joyce became a regular visitor to the flat, enjoying ffm fun.
I must confess Joyce and I grew closer, and enjoyed some fun without Pam being involved.
She was quite a contrast to Pam, slender with small breasts with nice pink nipples, shaved pussy and a really nice arse.
Her husband was still oblivious to her playing away days, as… Read more

Kelly plus 3 Fact

We went downstairs and the girl's poured soft drinks for us all. In the living room it was obvious Kelly's husband hadn't finished with Michelle yet. He had her sit next to him, kissing her and using his hands all over and inside her while she played and sucked his cock back to hardness. Mine was also hard as Kelly was treating my cock to her mouth.
My head was back, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of her soft lips on my now hard cock. I lo… Read more

Julie’s car park dogging Fact

Some of you have been following my Car Dare adventures you might need to catch up on them before or even after you read this account.It’s been a little while since our last adventure in the car. It was a strange feeling being humiliated in front of those strange women and having full on lesbian sex with Julie. The thought of those younger women getting turned on by our naked bodies was such a turn on. Jeff and Julie have taken a new direction w… Read more

Mike and Sue visit 31/9/17 the morning session continued Fact

Apologies for the late posting and the last date was 31/9/17 not 30th .....we can’t get it all right. Anyway on with the weekend.
I entered the bedroom Kaz was lying under the duvet on her stomach one leg straight the other bent, legs apart. I assumed still asleep as I approached until a groan. I realised she was masturbating. I lifted the cover and drew it back my right hand joining hers our fingers combining working her wet slit. “Morning… Read more

BearPit 2 Gay

So continuing my adventure into the sauna world of bears.
There I was in the bar washed clean towel and being thirsty I asked for a sparkling water when the guy I was stood next to at the bar says " ill get this" and pats the stool next to him for me to sit, I smiled and perched next to him " thanks I said " we chatted about when I came how often , he'd not seen me before nice ass etc , and what he likes to do.
Next thing another large ha… Read more


Dogging the ex Fact

I was contacted by an ex girlfriend recently and she didn’t mess around she just came out with it.
She’s married now and has turned her husband into a cuckhold. I wasn’t surprised as she was always a dirty girl who loved a bit of extra cock. We used to go dogging together and we’d go to wisley and she’d suck guys off through the window and let them play with her tits and pussy. She never let anyone fuck her though, only me, but she lov… Read more

Wife totally humiliates me Fact

My wife Claire is lovely, gorgeous and has an amazing perfect figure. We are now eary 40’s and she is an petite size 8, 5’3”, long blonde hair, small to average tits with big nipples and a great ass and legs. She dresses sexily and always gets checked out by guys.

Our life looks from the outside as perfect and we are seen as a perfect couple, and I guess we are except for our sex life.

We both have a very high sex drive but I don’t … Read more

Used again in Cumbria Gay

I’ve just got back from another amazing meet organised by a friend at his house in Gosforth near Sellafield.

We have played before together and with other guys, and arranged a group meet at his place with 2 other top guys.

I arrived an hour before them and stripped off so my friend could get me ready by using his toys on me to open me up.

He loves doing this, and then likes to watch as guys use me.

They both arrived together and on … Read more

More Groomsman Humiliation Fact

You may have read my other stories about my wife Allison who has admitted to a string of affairs over our 28year marriage. This included regularly fucking our Groomsman both before and after getting married.

The other night we were looking through wedding photos and I mentioned how hot her undies were that she wore under her wedding dress -Allison said 'yes Robert(our Groomsman) liked them too. I asked her what she meant. Allison then went on… Read more

Kell plus 2 Fact

Last weekend I had seen Kelly as I had never seen her before. And more of her. It was Friday and every time I've looked at her throughout this week, I always saw her with both mine and her husbands cocks inside her. At home, I've wanked until I've cum every night reliving the weekend.
During our break, Kelly asked if I wanted to spend the weekend at hers again. No one was around so I placed her hand on my hard cock, explaining to her it had bee… Read more


A night out Fact

Last Saturday night me and Mary went to a country dance about forty miles from were we live. Mary was dressed to kill wearing a very low cut button down red dress black hold up stockings and matching black bra and knickers. The dance took place in a hotel we both like which has a very large hall and bar with live bands. Mary was enjoying herself and after a few drinks she was up for anything. Well it was not to long before she was asked up on the… Read more

Horny Wife Fact

So I have written a few times about my wife and I and this is the latest update of how things have been going. She now enjoys it when I mention someone else joining in whilst we are having sex as to start with she was a bit quite about it. I could tell she liked it as she would get really wet and cum a lot faster than normal but I think she tried to hold back at first. Now she might even say something first while we are having foreplay so when s… Read more

Meeting our first couple Fact

Tracy and I met a few women on their own, in the past. We’d spoken about meeting another couple on this site, but never really seen any that really did it for us. One day we seen a profile, not far away and we thought we might be interested, so contacted the couple. Lisa and Bill were similar age and they seemed to like the same things sexually.

Eventually, the girls began to chat on the phone, and I started to chat to Lisa, for flirty cal… Read more

Dinner with Gudren Fact

The day of our dinner date, Gudren sent a text to say her husband had installed a new microphone system and two new cameras. As such, he was keen to hear us talking dirty to each other and apparently my arse was going to be famous. I sent back saying I had better brush up on my diction and she could brush up on my dick. I sent and received a few flirty texts, both of us enjoying the fun of innocent conversation with sexy undertones, typical of… Read more


First Time In Vegas Fact

We had a week, but she wanted action that first afternoon, so she went to one slot machine and I went to one nearby where I could watch. She had sat next to a guy about 10 years older than her 38 years. She flirted with him and he took the bait. Seems his wife was out touring as this was also their first time in Vegas. It took about 20 minutes, but I could tell she was going to score. Sure enough, she soon got up and came by my chair with him in … Read more


So much going on in a shed! Fact

It began as often these things do - with a yearning for an erotic adventure .
After a short time of mild flirting online , a guy began telling me how much he loved the idea of playing with a thick juicy cock, other than his own!
I began to feel my tool twitching ...As we chatted back and forth I imagined his throbbing cock oozing precum. It wasn't long before he suggested I visit his allotment where, he said he would meet me by his shed.
New … Read more

The new kitchen Fact

Promised the Mrs a new kitchen for a fair few years now. Done the usual Christmas sale thing via the usual high street retailers and placed an order for 10 weeks later, 0% interest

Over the months leading towards the installation the I undertook lots of prep work - ordering a skip and removing the kitchen a week or so before the install date - having plastered the whole kitchen, after altering the wiring / new plumbing into new locations… Read more

A shared fantasy 2 Fact

Several weeks after we shared our most intimate fantasies Angie and I finally arranged a night out together. We had already identified a swingers club a few miles from our home. I was determined to make it a night to remember and had refrained from cumming for two weeks in preparation. On the faithful night Angie payed considerable attention to her appearance. I watched as she decided which knickers and bra to wear, whilst asking me what other me… Read more


Kelly plus 1 Fact

I woke to the feeling of soft wet lips moving up and down my hard cock. As I opened my eyes, I looked down to see Kelly looking up at me, her hand around the bottom of my shaft, her mouth gently sucking its head, making my cock throb. I moaned and Kelly, still holding my cock, smiled at me and raised her finger to her lips, indicating for me to be quite. Her husband was asleep next to us.
I raised myself onto my elbows to watch Kelly sucking my … Read more


Staying power 3 Fiction

After they left I drove home and once inside poured myself a stiff whiskey. And waited for a text from chelle , I was excited as well as concerned, about an hour and a half I received a text from my girl she said I'm in a taxi and on my way home to you , well I said how did it go , she said can't you wait until I get home .. I said I'm sitting here playing with my cock thinking of you being shagged by someone else and not me , she said don't you … Read more

Gudren A surprise Fact

A few weeks after doing my good deed, boy scout style work for my new neighbour (a few doors down). I got a letter through the postbox. Inside was a note from Gudren asking me to meet her at a cafe in the countryside. It was a lovely day so I turned up in casual clothing and waited for her arrival. She looked ultra lovely in a very smart dress looking ravishing. She apologised for being late and I smiled and said time was not my enemy this d… Read more

Staying power 2 Fiction

As I awoke first I went downstairs to make a us a cup of tea , chelle was on her side with one lovely leg outside the duvet , after making the tea and taking it back to our bedroom chelle was laying on top of the duvet , looking at her gorgeous body I thought what a lucky fucker I was to love and be loved by such a lovely woman , I gently nudged her saying darling a cup of tea , she opened her eyes and said hello sexy , we kissed then she took he… Read more

Pams debt Fact

As the weeks passed, Pam and I settled back into the pre Sanjay period. Meeting men for mmf fun and the odd full swap couple.
My birthday was approaching and Pam asked what I wanted for my present. I told her to surprise me.
Ok she said I will. She refused to tell me what it was, so I sulked and hoped it was something sexy.
The day arrived and Pam bathed and shaved me, dried me then started to suck my aching cock.
Your present will be here ju… Read more

Flirty wife Fact

Been married 32 years wife is really good only fault is when she’s had a few drinks really bad flirts terrible . She’s hasnt improved either as she gotten older , 57 now five ft five tall 36 dd medium length blonde hair size 16 always well groomed . 3 Friday’s ok she’s out with freinds always a bit of a worry as I know what she’s like in drink . On this night she arrives home at around 2am I’m already in bed she making lots noise gigg… Read more

Too close to home Fact

My wife Heather and I are 36 and 41 respectively and although we had toyed with the idea of spicing our sex life up we had gone no further than wearing venetian masks & posting pics of Heather topless and few of her riding me on a certain website & on one occasion in a dark corner of night club I talked her into getting her small soft breasts out for me to suck when a pissed guy came along and had a quick suck himself, which actually caused Hea… Read more

Erotic Hypnosis 1 Fact

I’m often asked in the chat rooms what is possible with hypnosis. To save repeating myself I thought I would write about some experiences and direct the curious here.

Back in the 1980s I was helping a mature lady who I will call Wendy with her weight management. After about her third session we were having a coffee and the conversation turned to stage hypnosis and whether the people on stage believed they were Elvis etc. I offered Wendy a de… Read more

EGO Sex shop. Erotic

I was preparing to write an account of a very sexy afternoon that I spent at a sex cinema in Germany in August when I discovered that a story with very similar elements in it had already been published on this site about a week ago written by East End Roy. Even though there are some common parts I thought readers would be interested.
I was driving along the A3 Autobahn from Cologne to Russelsheim, late in the afternoon, I had skipped lunch … Read more