Noisy neighbours Fact

sexy neighbour seduces wife…

This is an event that happened in August this year. I am in an open marriage, my husband encourages me to fuck around, he is away a lot for business, so I have lots of opportunity. I am 42 years old, 36d2435, long legs smooth, toned body. We live in a quiet part of South London, in a large detached house, in August the neighbour's house was rented out to a group of six young lads, they were students. They all looked fit a mixed race guy, three bl… Read more

Sucked off and sucked my mates grandad Fact

I was happy to take his load…

I was helping out my mates dad , clearing out his work lock up , Kenny had another job to do , Kenny said his dad would pop in later .
The work was hard for me alone , i found a bag full of wank mags , some hardcore , i love a cheeky wank so cock in hand i was taking my time , changing hands and technique i never heard the side door being opened and then i saw Arthur with mobile in hand , he was videoing me wanking .
He said he was going to sha… Read more

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Dogging after the reality the weekend away Part 1 Fact

Controlling slutty milfs with strangers…

I hope you liked the account of my first Dogging session and how I thoroughly enjoyed myself and so did my BF. I have been on a high ever since and to be honest I have been having vivid flashbacks. I keep looking at the photograph my BF has on his phone of the 4 young men naked with me bent over the bonnet of the car with my pussy wide open and sperm running down my legs.
Jeff and Julie came over a few days after my Dogging initiation and the … Read more

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I asked if I could suck him too. Fact

Bi encounter…

So the wife and I have fantasied about threesome and moresomes but apart from some heavy petting and a little nipple sucking with a few friends its gone no further until the other night.
We hadn't seen some of our oldest friends for a while so we organised a curry night. The wine was flowing and all were having a good time and catching up on life's changes.
Towards the end of the evening the girls started to dance together and the usual boob … Read more

The New Shop The Last Fact

Tony and Freind…

I have now posted the 4 events that have happened since June . I would ask you all to read these as I will be going over some events from the past and if you have not read them you might not know what I am talking about . All of this is 100% TRUE . Here i was sitting in my car withTony who had just dropped a bombshell by asking me if his freind Jeff could come and meet Marg as well . I ask him how am i going to explain a young black g… Read more

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Spank you very much Fact

I am a bisexual female in a spanking relationship…

This is my story its a no holds barred account of what makes me tick sexually so please dont judge me , i know what i like it may not be everyone’s thrill but for me it gives me desire and erotic passion anyway here we go i am 34 years old , bi at present in a relationship with a woman but i have been with both men and women .
Over the years i wanted to enhance my sexual experiences the throb of passion, with mind blowing orgasms, i watched lo… Read more

Meeting 20 - Sally tells us about Toby Meetings

If I am going to get a chance to find a guy I like I am going to pick a good looking one, right?…

Saturday 13th October

Written by Sally.

My name is Sally and I live with my husband Mark in Birmingham, UK. Mark has asked me to retell the evening Mark and I enjoyed with Toby last weekend.

I met Toby in a chat room on a dating site at the end of August which is not the most orthodox way of meeting people when you are married, but let’s face it the relationship I have with Mark is not what I call normal.

I liked Toby from the begin… Read more

Bar Pick-Up plan with Wife Meetings

Threesome with HotWife & Hubby…

I have a HotWife and we normally meet her men at our Hotel, but now we have agreed to go out to a bar for her to pick up a man of her selection and liking. We have never done this before, but thought it was worth a try, so she better knows the person before he fuck her.

My wife is still a little shy and conservative even being a HotWife, so is not fully relaxed with her letting herself to be picked up, especially when I am present. We though a… Read more

Wife Used Again Fact

Jane and Mr. Kahn's nephew & mate…

To answer walter2000uk’s question first, if I remember correctly, about two and a half grand.

But she sure had to earn it because a lot of guys enjoyed their time on her. Eighteen condoms in the bin! Some were young and used her energetically but most were older and took their time up her. Most were usual size but one or two were gifted in the trouser department and if one of those found it’s way up her bum, it really stretched her. But t… Read more

The Naughty Neighbour Fact

Adulterous sex in the pub car park…

Last Saturday night my wife and I went out for a meal at pub just outside Norwich with some friends.

About halfway through our meal a neighbour, who my wife used to work with at a local school, and her husband, came in. They stopped and made polite conversation and then went and sat at their table.

She's in her 50s but looks a lot younger and I've always thought looked very sweet. On the night she had obviously dressed up looked seriously… Read more

Best Man and Wife Fact

Best man doing his duty…

I’m currently serving in the Army and I get to go away a lot due to work commitments. Long story short I went on a 4 week exercise and my wife was holding the fort whilst I’m away.

My best man John is also serving in the Army but in a different unit. He is a gifted athlete and gets along really well with my wife.

At the end of the 4 weeks exercise we finished earlier then intially planned and travelled back home 2 days earlier. As I p… Read more

In the bushes Gay

Mmmmmmm he said…

So I stood there, sun beating down, naked and being approached by this stranger, the tension building.
He spoke first in English, I replied and said ‘afternoon’, he said he thought that I was foreign and was pleasantly surprised to find I was from England too.
He said he had been watching me on the beach and thought I was leaving. I told him I was (I lied) as there wasn’t much action today.
His eyes lit up and he asked what I was lookin… Read more

am i gay Gay

beach sex…

I have just read beachfunboys post and it just brought to mind my experience I had on my holiday a few months ago in crete. I also go naked on the beach wherever on holiday, much more liberating . My wife usually comes with me but is a bit prudish so wont take her pants off.
We go off to the beach one day and we lay down in the dunes just behind the beach my wife lays under a tree as she is not wanting to get burnt. I am about 20 yards away in … Read more

Greek beaches Gay


A great passion of mine is travelling around the Greek islands, knowing that on every island there is a beach where I can get naked and offer my body to be used by anyone who cares to abuse me. I don’t need or expect to reciprocate, I just know that men like to wank or suck my cock, squeeze my balls, finger my bumhole and rub their filthy hands all over me, and I love it!
I travel alone or with friends, but always manage to find some ‘me’ … Read more

Left out in the rain Fact

Voyeur gets a nice surprise…

Late Summer 2015

Left out in the rain.

As several readers seem to have liked my first beach story, I thought I would tell about the second one. This was a year after the first experience.

We like naturist beaches and went to Studland for the day. Quite a run for us, being about 3 hours with summer traffic. Can never tell quite what the weather will be like, so once there, you just have to make the most of it. Having been caught out befor… Read more

Being watched Gay

Please be careful…

I have a friend who I meet fairly regularly and we have a place that has, until recently, always been pretty safe. I would often dress up in panties and stockings etc which I enjoy wearing and he enjoys removing from me sometimes while we play together. Our activities have always taken place within the confines of his car, which also benefits from tinted windows, so the possibilities of being seen are extremely limited anyway. We are always caref… Read more

Older Rich Woman Was A Slut Erotic

Her husband sucked my balls…

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with a guy on SH and he said his wife liked my cam and pics.......a lot of guys do that and often there is no 'wife'. So I always say it'd be great if the 'wife' joined in the chat or even better the cam. His profile showed as a 'Couple' and there were pictures ........ both in their late 60's, early 70's but both very sexy, tanned with no white marks, she was fuller figure in sexy, kinky underwear even wearin… Read more

My First Time Fact

First time with a couple…

I have enjoyed reading some of the stories on here, albeit I do find some of them a little more fiction than fact :)

My first adventure in swinging was some 25yrs ago, one of the top shelf magazines I used to buy had a contact section in the middle of it every month. always loved reading the adds and seeing the pictures of real wives. So plucked up the courage and used a Polaroid camera to take some self pics, sent off some replies and waited.… Read more

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Wife performs for Hubby Ch7 BDSM

more of the same…

Over the years Jane had many assignations - not all of them flowed in a chronological or literary way - I offer a selection of random encounters that highlight our lifestyle (in a sanitised and inoffensive way) - some were erotic, others bizarre and one or two a little unnerving.

Jane quite enjoys being tied down and flogged (some men's dream, I guess - but it has never done it for me), - one of her early admirers enjoyed pinning her down an… Read more

Be careful what you wish for Fact

A small cock story…

Im sure there are some readers can relate to my story , how ever i sugar coat this the plain truth is i have a small cock , i think the terminology is micro penis .
I have had girl friends and because i am a heavy cummer some stayed with me longer than i expected.
Luckly my oral licking skills make up for my lack of penis shaft length , but my story is when i watched porn i would ogle the sizes of the screen cocks and i would imagine what it wo… Read more

Car Wash Suck Erotic

Naked In His Car…

Sat at the cruising spot I use last week on a sunny day ..... I'd slipped my baggy sports shorts to my ankles and was wearing one of my white nylon thongs, underneath a solid steel cock ring, and stroked my cock and balls as I watched the other cars come and go. A few guys had been there for a while, sitting in their cars wanking I guessed and one or two I recognised ...... had some cock action with them in the past. One guy in his 4x4 I'd chatte… Read more

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Teased.... Gay

One down several more to follow…

I took a couple of swings of beer and lay back on the towel waiting, a few minutes went by so I risked another look to make sure he was coming in my direction. I couldn’t see him, maybe he was out of sight behind a dune. My cock was aching and the excitement was palpable. I sat back again and decided to finish my look with the fishnet stockings. I slid the first one on and attached it to the suspender belt front and rear fastenings which were a… Read more

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Curious then ordered to suck 2 cocks Fact

Driving to my local dogging area…

I have always been a bit curious and have fantasised about sucking a mans cock but always bottled out .
A few months ago i drove to a well known local dogging site , there is a public toilet and a wooded area behind , i could see men moving outside , my curiosity got the better of me , i followed the path into the woods , a bit futher i could see a man on his knees sucking off another guy , he was going to town on his cock , i was transfixed wat… Read more

The Horniest Moment Ever.... Fact

The horniest single moment I've ever experienced during a meet!…

Emma was a fairly local wife who got in touch via another site to invite me to visit and fuck her one afternoon - she and her husband Alan were both taking a day off work together specially for the occasion! Apparently they normally met bi couples and men, but Emma liked what she'd seen and was having me for herself!

I reached the road they lived on shortly before the arranged time of 2.00pm, parked a little way up the street, and walked back … Read more

Still naughty Gay

Suck it.....…

And so the sun was shining down, my heart was beating fast and the excitement was building,
I headed straight for the part of the beach that I knew I would attract some attention, you kind of know with experience when single men are there alone, they are only there for one thing, and it’s not to get an all over tan!
Now don’t get me wrong, this was not a nudist beach, there were sand dunes available to anyone who cared to visit, but I knew … Read more

Naughty boy Gay

Beach fun…

I’ve been a bad boy for quite a few years now, I suppose I’m an exhibitionist in the main, but I also like to misbehave too!
I present as a straight guy, mid thirties, good looking, slim with a toned body. I’ve been married and had many really beautiful girlfriends along the way, but I also like to tease men, and let them play with me!
My favourite past time happens when the sun shines and the temperature hits 20 degrees!
Not so good at … Read more

My new wife Fact

just got remarried to my ex prostitute friend…

It was just over 6 years ago that my wife died and I was distraught for the first few months

We had been together many years and deeply in love
We had been faithful to each other.

About 15 months after she died I was really stressed and a friend suggested I go get a massage
Not really my scene but I had to go to Northampton and walking through the town one night I was this place offering Thai massage

I though we… Read more

Part 2: A night out with a couple Meetings

Part 2 of my enthralling encounter with a couple.…

The wife buckled and her face lit up the I slowly moved my right hand right up the front of her crotch then proceeded to probe at her in front of the husband.

She stayed planted between the wall and me. Eyes fixed on the husband as we continued to watch their reaction and squirmed around for what seemed an age. She finally broke away and headed to the ladies! The husband went off with her.

The ladies had the usual line of gals backed up … Read more

Part 1: A night out with a couple Meetings

The encounter was with a couple I met a club and started to develop quite quickly...…

The wife danced with no inhibitions. I could see she loved to show off. The night went on and the husband watched her flirt. She spent plenty of time with me, and the husband. The husband was so relaxed and chilled about her with another guy; I kept encouraging them both.

At one point we were hitting the floor, some R&B tunes playing. She grinding down her skirt rode up; we could see all her lovely pussy folds where her thong had ridden up bet… Read more

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Mrs C’s girly weekend Fact

Mrs C’s girly weekend away.…

Mrs C was out in a girly weekend In Manchester just gone. As we always do and being as we have an open relationship. She asked if she have some slutty fun. What happened tho. Was unexpected.
Having pack several outfits to chose from most being quite revealing... she had chose a really sexy maxi one. She had sent me a pic to see my thoughts. As always she was smoking hot. I did ask if she had knickers no. The good came back with a straight forw… Read more