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  • By Funinthesun1111 24 Jul 2016 21:08
  • Fiction

My husband and I always look forward to the film nights we have with Jay. We both enjoy it if I dress a bit sexily to try to tempt his eyes to look at my cleavage in a plunging top or my peachy round bum in a tight pencil skirt but he is very honorable and manages, against the odds, to maintain eye contact the whole time we talk. He has been a good friend of my husband's since school and I have known him since we were 17 years old. He is a kind, … Read more...

After being on this site for sometime I had given up hope.That was until 3 weeks ago when I received a message out of the blue from a husband fairly local to me,he explained briefly that he and his wife C were looking for the ideal candidate for their first threesome and asked whether I had any experience,and if I had any ideas on how,where and when etc.
I answered his initial message saying honestly no I hadn't any experience,but would assure t… Read more...


So next Paul's lifted Julie's leather mini up and starts rubbing her soaking pussy,I'm in heaven watching my naughty girl having the time of her life, he turns her round and starts fucking her from behind,she's screaming harder while I start sucking on her nipples and kissing her , it's not long before Paul comes not before Julie instructs him she wants in her mouth so there's my lovely wife with his spunk dribbling done her chin ,saying ur tur… Read more...

  • By Plain Jane Veronica 24 Jul 2016 14:20
  • Fact

At last a chance to write a decent story for you guys, it's a bit long and slow to start with but bear with me it is worth it well I think it is, but i do hope that you enjoy it. At the time this happened I was 22 ish about 30 years ago Christ really. This happened before dogging was known as dogging.Christ knows what it would have been called back then. So to set the scene it was the early 1980's the west coast of Scotland. About a year before i… Read more...

  • By soulmate2 24 Jul 2016 12:27
  • Fact

Lowering myself down between Karen's opened thighs, paused for a moment with the head of my hard cock pressing gentle to open her warm moist pussy, no thoughts now of guilt, from the night before, taking advantage of her when she was drunk, thoughts only of pleasure, little did i know of what the future would bring with this young attractive sexy, willing 19yr old.
Looking down at this lovely young women, her long black hair spread across th… Read more...

  • By NeUk 24 Jul 2016 06:59
  • Fact

I'd chatted to Katy on line for few months now ,I was 34 single own place she 36 married looking for a friend we arranged a meet her husband would drop her at mine for whole night pick her up in morning .
the night came a silver bmw stopped at my gate I got my first look at her as she walked down the path ,best described as younger carol kirkwood the weather presenter for hair figure in thigh high black dress knee high boots as I opened the do… Read more...

  • By sexy sue 24 Jul 2016 06:00
  • Other

Eddie my BF had arranged for us to visit old friends last weekend - there's Billy now nearly sixty and Brenda about 56-
I have known them for years - Brenda was my first real girlfriend, an absolute joy with sex, we played in many places some times just for the scare factor of being caught, in the cold weather we used Brenda's transit van, with mattress and blankets it was a fun place to fuck _I use to let Billy have an occasional fuck - it wa… Read more...

  • By Cum up her 24 Jul 2016 03:39
  • Fact

I have just watched my wife get fucked and have her pussy filled with cum.
Wearestaying at a friends house for a party and my wife is lying on the bed with her pussy, which was filled with come and I licked clean after me watching her get fucked by a guy called Mick.
Mick is a builder and he has a decent sized cock which he has just used to spurt large dollops of his spunk up my wife's pussy. She is now lying on the bed with her pussy licked cl… Read more...

  • By Creampie Surprise 24 Jul 2016 01:25
  • Fact

We have just got back home after having a wonderful party afternoon and evening and Chellle is now upstairs fast asleep with her pusssy filled with four guys come with some more of mine to follow.
She was a proper slut bucket tonight and enjoyed four cocks up her pussy and one in her mouth at the party that I know of. I know she enjoyed fucking a guy called Dave earlier on as I was otherwise engaged with his wife Angela for some time in the ba… Read more...

  • By Steve 24 Jul 2016 00:03
  • Fact

I met Ruby at work. I am 46 and she is 32. When we met we were both married, to other people. Her husband pretty much ignored her and my marriage had effectively been over for years. I think for Ruby it was the attention that she liked. I loved her well before she knew about it. She liked me but I think she liked the thought of being at the centre of someone's world even more. And that is how it was for me.

Ruby is a beautiful woman. S…

  • By andysig 23 Jul 2016 13:48
  • Fact

Our first visit to this wonderful place never stayed at a swingers only hotel before but oh will we be back. The first morning watching naked people wondering round the pool Julie and I had never expected the wide range of age and body types around. We enjoy the club scene and Julie being sub and bi helps a lot. Any how we got chatting to a few couples and were treated to a few shows as couples paired up in the various play areas provided nothing… Read more...

Rachael and I have different interests and different groups of friends. She has always enjoyed walking in the country and is a member of a group who share her passion. Just how much passion she shares, I have just discovered.

One of the group’s regular walks takes them through the local woods. A couple of weeks ago there was a rare warm and sunny day and I decided to join them for the first time. I arrived a little late at the meet. There… Read more...

  • By EroticPen 23 Jul 2016 08:47
  • Other

Freshly showered and towel-dried, Phillipa sits naked on a soft-top stool in front of the dresser-mirror applying rich scented oil to her sleekly stretching legs, one and then the other. I don’t know why tonight I hang-out in the bedroom observing her preparations like this. Usually I’m impatient when she is getting ready for an occasion, clicking my heels in the hall and calling her to hurry. But there is something about the way she moves a… Read more...


Hello everybody.
First I would like to thank those of you who placed the lovely comments and 'likes' at the end of Nudist Beach which was published on 20th June 2016. They were much appreciated.

This part has taken a while to put together for a number of reasons, holidays of course but also I wasn't quite sure how to handle the 'what happened next' bit. You'll remember that I had gone from a shy, retiring kind of pensioner to one who got nak… Read more...

beautiful sunshine means nude sun bathing down sand banks dunes - now the trouble here is on my own its hard to reach all over for cream protection
I'm a 50 yr old guy - normal sexual desires and not bi - however laying there on the towel looking about the beach seeing the ladies and hoping to see shaven havens rather than all hairy , the old cock pokes its head up too.
turning over on my front leaves the sun burning a lobster on my back
N…

  • By cuckoo5604 22 Jul 2016 19:15
  • Fact

As I wrote over a year ago now, my wife is still attractive at 54, size 14 with great breasts & the sort of bottom that men like. Yes, she has played around a little but not so often as to be blasé or particularly sluttish.... well that's my take!
We recently went on holiday to the seaside & stayed in a hotel & with my rather reluctant & drink inspired blessing she allowed herself to be chatted up & wined by a younger man of around 40 who we ha… Read more...

Tonight was the night ,our first visit to a swingers club,Julie was certainly dressing to impress , leather mini skirt , stockings suspenders ,high heels finished off with a tight fitted red satin blouse ,I wanted here there and then but she said plenty of time for that !such a tease , we arrived at the club and soon got chatting to people ,the night was exciting and Julie took a shine to paul a 25 yr old hunk ,my cock was ready to explode as i … Read more...

  • By FrustratedMan 22 Jul 2016 17:00
  • Other

Hi, I have written a couple of times on this site a few times, I also read a good number of the stories, true or false I suppose we must decide.

I'm like a lot of men I'm in a sexless marriage, I'm sure like my wife a lot of ladies go of sex, we have had a good run and me being 66 and still needing a good sex session, but the wife at 65 does not, the only sex I get is a hand job, and that's normally by my own hand.
We live in lovely Cornwall …

  • By databoy 22 Jul 2016 14:28
  • Fact

this is an episode of what happened to me with my sister-in-law. We were having a new bathroom suite complete overhaul with tiling etc and therefore the bathroom was in a bit of a mess with the fitters leaving us with a working WC but nothing else. We were visiting friends and relatives to take a shower etc and the one evening my sister in law was at our house having a meal as her hubby was away working and i suggested that i follow her to her h… Read more...

  • By Lipspreader8 22 Jul 2016 14:11
  • Groups

Well inspired by the story of the bloke who fell asleep and dreamt. I also have a dream when I go to the nudist beach at Leysdown Sheppey, Where I lay out my towel and strip naked then take some time oiling myself up taking care to massage plenty in to my cock and arse. Hoping someone is getting horny thinking of all that oil in and on my arse. Then I lay down and with my legs wide open hoping someone will come over and lay beside me and while … Read more...

Sun strangers dream?

It was slightly overcast as I set out on my mid week stroll through the dense woodland which after a 15 minute walk opens out onto a wide expanse of rolling sand dunes and an almost deserted beach of golden sand.

The beach has a few dog walkers and the odd family along with a family of basking seals.
A twenty minute walk south ward takes me to the unofficial gay and nudist part of the beach.

Gay, Bi and heterosexual…

  • By Nowtabout 21 Jul 2016 15:50
  • Fact

The entry to my flat is up 2 flights of stairs which i share with 4 other flats, but all of our doors are hidden from view of the others, I can see people coming up the stairs from my living room and as my door is the last in the row, i have plenty of time to shut curtains etc if i don't want to answer the knock.

In the last couple of months i have got quite a kick out of flashing, or at least 'accidently' flashing some people that knock, it … Read more...

  • By Rubberdraws 21 Jul 2016 13:36
  • Fact

I had just showered and was just finishing getting dressed and ready for a friend who was coming around for adult fun,i was dressed in a very short rubber mini dress , fishnet stockings,and see through plastic panties, there was a knock on the door,i shouted out doors open ,thinking this was the person I was expecting I was in the living room bending over straightening my stockings with my knickers on show,it was not who I was expecting but the … Read more...

  • By Jockweiler 21 Jul 2016 12:16
  • Fact

I was sitting next to a fine mature woman in a floaty summer dress on a bus en route fron my local town here in Portugal to Lisbon the other day. Her perfume was in the air and she was showing just enough to be alluring. My mind wandered back to a bus journey many years ago when I was returning with a group of colleagues and friends from a fun night out on Thames barge. We had all imbibed a bit of alcohol and were all sitting randomly and not ne… Read more...

  • By Mark 21 Jul 2016 10:39
  • Other

A Wife’s Revenge Day 13 in Jamaica (Part 2)…
We spent the afternoon swimming in the sea together, Sally placed her arms round my neck moving closer to me, she kissed my cheek whispering in my ear, ‘Mark, have a little feel, see if I’m still leaking their cum loads from this morning’, I slipped my hand inside her bikini bottoms pulling her closer, slipping my finger inside her swollen pussy I nodded ‘you sure are’, Sally giggled ‘… Read more...

  • By Millie 21 Jul 2016 09:40
  • Fact

Thanks for kind comments,I would like to think my experience can be of value to like bodied girl/boy,I know I am not unique but it can be a very lonely place.

Along time after my first disastrous encounter I was lucky enough to meet somebody who had DIFFERENT views sex there were no hard and fast rules,so long as it was consensual what you did with your (preferably naked body)was up to you.

He wasn't somebody I knew,I needed some small job… Read more...

  • By leatherboots76 20 Jul 2016 12:46
  • Fact

I,ve been with my wife for a good length of time and she was quite reserved at the begining,we're both in our fifties,and she still has a decent body.We go to a local country park that is sometimes frequented by doggers and at first she was a bit disturbed by the thought of being watched.Recently she's let on that she fanciedwading in mud in her boots,we went to the park and found a nice muddy path,she was in a world of her own as she paddled in … Read more...

  • By Millie 20 Jul 2016 10:05
  • Fact

I still live in my village in Wales but often go to one of the cities. I am one of the unfortunate few who bear the secret of physically not knowing what sex I really am..I have a vagina but also where girls have a clitirous I have a penis,when I become aroused and an erection occurs it will usually be about 2 inches in length, so as you can see it protrudes far out of my vagina.

Im thankfull my first sexual encounter with a boy was a lad in … Read more...

  • By happy with it 20 Jul 2016 09:14
  • Fact

My wife Liz had been planning a trip to the capital to see a show with a friend, got the tickets arranged the travel times and was on the station when she got a text that her friend had been held up in an accident and that she was ok but would not be going as she felt very shaky and upset. She rang me to let me know and she was coming home. I said that maybe she would like to go alone as the tickets were for a show she particularly wanted to se… Read more...

I've been working for the same company for about 10 yrs so time to move on. We decided to have my leaving drinks at the company bar just so we could really let our hair down. I'm a 48 yr old married lady with 4 kids all grown up, a husband who is a real pain in the arse. He love me sucking on his cock which I don't mind at all but he's never gone down on me which I absolutely love, it's just not fair.
I do like a drink and get ver…