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  • By machinery007 24 Sep 2016 22:14
  • BDSM

having spent the last few nights together we had got to know each other quite well. I had been a naked butler for the evening to set the mood. Having cooked, served washed up wearing nothing but a tiny aperon. By evening we were both ready for some fun. She pulled a dining chair infront of the sofa and instructed me to sit on it, binding my hands to the back of the seat and my ankles to the bottom of the chair legs. I was totally immobile and she… Read more...

  • By DeeDee 24 Sep 2016 17:46
  • Groups

Although I’ve been an avid reader on here for years, I’ve never had the courage to write and tell you about the things that I’ve done. Not until I recently read some posts about life abroad in the army.

I was an army wife and the stories are right. I was left for long periods of time, on my own, with only other wives as company. Like the men, we had our own little social groups. Officers wives didn’t mix with the Senior NCO’s wiv… Read more...

  • By richasit 24 Sep 2016 16:36
  • Fact

This is an account of what is taking place at the moment between me and the woman in my life some of which you may find interesting, stimulating or just plain voyeuristic and a little tame. Some background information is that X is a very sexy, slightly reserved (a bit submissive) woman in her early 50`s and while I am older we have always been able to enjoy lots of high quality sex combined with a willingness to experiment in new and different wa… Read more...

  • By Bob 24 Sep 2016 16:23
  • Fact

Bobs Story
So, there I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for Jean to get home from work. She was about an hour late when she finally arrived. In she walked and stood in front of me, the usual short black work skirt and white blouse, her legs just looked great as usual! However, she appeared a bit nervous, strangely, and certainly a little dishevelled! I asked if she was ok and she simply said “well I have a confession “. She continued to … Read more...

  • By Jean 24 Sep 2016 16:22
  • Fact

Telling Bob
I drove home in quite a stir after my office fling with my boss. Bob and I had always done things together and what I just done felt really naughty but not in a bad way. Concentration was difficult as my pussy was throbbing and I was so wet thinking about telling Bob but also slightly worried as to how he would react, even though he had encouraged me. Well here I was back home, I got out of the car and didn’t even check my look … Read more...

  • By scrum5 24 Sep 2016 10:06
  • Fact

This is true about what happened with an old flame last Saturday night. Denise has been seeing someone, and they are going through a bad patch. Whist out, I bumped into Denise and she told me she was fed up, and she was going to her sisters on Sat evening for a drink and chat. I said my wife was away for the weekend and if she wanted a lift back from her sisters, to give me a call.
She phoned about 10 and asked for a lift back to her house. I pi… Read more...

  • By Jance 24 Sep 2016 06:19
  • Fact

We are in the US and live in Oregon. My wife likes to party with other guys and I love it.
She has had numerous lovers and one off fucks.
The youngest guy that she fucked was at Sesso, a local Sex Club. He was a traveller from Spain, and very attractive. We were dancing, he was standing off to the side watching her dance. You could see he liked what he saw. I signalled him over. He started dancing with my wife and they got very friendly … Read more...

  • By Barry 23 Sep 2016 22:36
  • Fact

The day after the BBQ Samantha came round early as her husband had gone to his regular Sunday morning five-a-side game, I have given them a copy of the front door and back door keys in case there is a problem with the house if I'm away or I lock myself out, so Samantha decided to use them that morning. The first I knew was being woken by a pair of hands sliding around my waist and slowly starting to massage my cock, I fully awoke to find Samantha… Read more...

  • By Barry 23 Sep 2016 17:11
  • Fact

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you what happened between me and my neighbour, the lovely young Samantha. Well, here's part 2.

With all the hot weather that we have had over the last few months, Samantha has spent many days out in the garden sunbathing nude while her husband has been home, I often watch her out the window and remember the days we spent together, her beautiful body laying there needing to have lotion rubbed in. Her husband … Read more...

  • By Bobby 23 Sep 2016 17:02
  • Gay

This story IS true ,(as close as I can recall).It was a time of massive change for me,looking back I lacked direction in my life,I didn't know what I was looking for,my values had changed,I think I needed what was happening,I felt in contact with others and being total strangers was easier to handle,no commitment.
Back to that most lasting memory.I was having sex in a public toilet for my very first time,I can almost recall every detail of the o… Read more...


Follow up from Pt 3 , Well Lisa lift your frock up and show us both your knickers said my Master Jack nice he said sissy pink looks good on you give us a twirl see how your husband obeys my every command Karen a true sissy you have being with him so long and he said he has never touched you sexually for three years is that true Karen yes she said in a whispered tone and you want me to give you what your husband has not do you asked Jack … Read more...

  • By Mrbodget 23 Sep 2016 10:54
  • Fact

When I was younger I used to read story's of men who said their wives didnt understand them or they hardly had any sex at home. I thought there was no way I would allow that to happen I would do my best as a husband to help my wife and always try to please her. I should have spotted the signs early on in our marriage quickly she made it clear that sex once a week was enough for her although she did like to try things in bed rather then missionar… Read more...

  • By Bill 23 Sep 2016 09:27
  • Fact

We both found this site recently, we found the tales we liked public, cinema , up skirt and voyeur. So when you put them all together we like outside being watched and men looking up my wife's dress.
We were at home one weekend watching an old film and a clip was at a dance hall, where the couples were jiving, the girls skirts spun out to reveal petticoat s, stockings and a glimpse of knickers, this was on the tv not a adult channel, my wife sa… Read more...

  • By Teapot 23 Sep 2016 02:59
  • Fact

I took a co-worker on the beer one afternoon, she was divorced,and was open about her ex, who was a crap husband, but she did miss the sex he provided. She made it obvious she wanted cock, and I suggested we the beach when it gets darker. She agreed in a very matter of fact manner, so I was thinkin, job done, no need to use any charm, its already sorted.
I continued to talk about the beach, and told her about some of my previous visits,… Read more...

  • By kingdavid1000 22 Sep 2016 19:32
  • BDSM

This is the continuation of my story, no my dream about being taught how to be a subby! The first part was on the 20th Sept.

So I'm here at the lay by, with my collar and bracelets attached!

But before I tell you what happened let me describe the lay by for those that don't know it. It's quite long - four or five hundred metres from end to end. It's set back from the road behind a wooded area about 50 metres wide at the middle. There … Read more...

  • By dave-kaz 22 Sep 2016 17:01
  • Fact

june 2014..
id been driving up to this local dogging spot for a while now (west bretton after the roundabout,a little lane connecting tow main roads) stopped for a few minutes then bottled it and drove off.
this one morning 6am i parked behind a car ,i saw a man inside and my belly got butterflies.
i waited.... then i got out and went up to him... he opened his window ...his hands on his cock inside his joggers.
i bottled i…

  • By Tina 22 Sep 2016 09:22
  • Fact

Never ever considered this a reality for us. It was only naughty make believe that my husband and I talked and acted out very privately.
Then after a party and my husband’s best friend Tony, came home with us. We were no sooner home and I had sex with both men. A threesome with my husband and his best friend.
In the morning I thought we’d all shake our heads at how crazy we’d acted and put it behind us, but that’s not what happened.… Read more...

  • By Sara 22 Sep 2016 07:46
  • Fact

I am a happily married woman of 43, size ten firm toned body 36d2435, leggy and smooth. I have shirt ish blond with highlights, blue eyes and extremely highly sexed. I am in an open marriage, my husband is ten years older than me, good looking a good body a large cock, around ten inches. He is a Dom and encourages me to have sex with other men. I also have a master and my husband and the master share ownership if me. This is the account of how we… Read more...

As you know from the other storys Jack and made me his bitch his cum dump, He had fucked me regular and made me take his cum load home to my wife karen in a pair of her panties that Jack had told me to wear in the end because of Jack forcing the issue i had to tell Karen my wife about the spunk in her panties she was at first shocked at the thought of another man sending his spunk to her in her panties but then became more curiouse … Read more...

Hi, Gill again. Jack and I have just returned from yet another trip to the South of France. We went to a new site, to us, and a new beach arriving late in the afternoon after two long days of driving and towing. After settling in we went for an explore, to the beach.

It was perfect! Only a couple of hundred yards from the site. Soft sand and much warmer sea than earlier in the year. We quickly got to the section where we could disrobe and I pe… Read more...

  • By Just married 21 Sep 2016 19:15
  • Fact

I was quite sexually inexperienced and had just got married . I was 24 and we moved on to new housing development of 11 properties . Opposite a couple moved in and the wife was a doctor around 50 quite attractive always wore skirts and dresses heels and had short hair medium boobs. We got on really well overtime then one day I was in my garage and she. And across to chat about my lawn mowers then walked in to the back garden I was a bit shy. She … Read more...

  • By Steve and vicky 21 Sep 2016 12:56
  • Fact

I just want to recall something that eventually happened at the weekend. I am Steve, 25, and my girlfriend is Vicky (name changed). She is 19, size 10, 36B tits, redhead. We have been going out for about 14 months and our sex lifes have been great. Vicky is willing to try most things in bed and we often watch porn or read the stories on this site together to add to our enjoyment. During our times watching porn and reading the stories our conver… Read more...

  • By A 21 Sep 2016 09:05
  • Fact

Just a point to clarify the first part. This was the first time I shared my wife with anyone not just my mate. Plus I posted the first part without logging on. Not sure if that makes any difference to anything …… Anyway….

Well Steve struggled to make eye contact with me when I asked him if he wanted to fuck my wife. He did mumble something so laughing I said “I’ll take it that’s a yes then”. He laughed and said, “be rude not to… Read more...

So here we are led on the bed with Ulrich licking Karen and Joe licking me, Henrik is above us both squeezing our boobs as we teased his cock and balls with our fingertips. Joe inserts a finger into me as he licks, I am so wet now as I hear Karen moaning next to me. Joe shifts and positions himself in front of me " Fuck me" I whisper as Henrik lowers down and I take his cock between my lips and give it a soft sensual suck. Joe rubs his cock ove… Read more...

  • By Pete125 20 Sep 2016 19:00
  • Gay

Went out Monday evening to the club I belong to. Left home early so as to be able to go to the car park/woods I always go to.
Got there 6-45. Man there that I'd had sex with a few times and we had a chat. Another man turned up that he knew. This man asked if I wanted to go in the woods him. We went to a very popular spot. Used condoms, tissues etc. We both pulled our trousers down and started to fondle each other. He wasn't wearing much. He went… Read more...

  • By kingdavid1000 20 Sep 2016 18:35
  • BDSM

Now is this just a dream or did it really happen?

For some time now I've wondered what it would be like to be totally dominated - to be a subordinate to a Master or Mistress. Well maybe today is when I find out. Will it be a wonderful experience or perhaps a real disaster? Well if you never try something, you never find out if you like it!

Let me introduce myself first. A more mature guy, but still very fit and active. Since I retir… Read more...

  • By Bobby 20 Sep 2016 15:43
  • Gay

This for me was a first,I had not previously had to take the initiative,I suppose because of my timid and shy nature I enjoyed the submissive role,and believe me size does matter,in all my encounters to that point my befriender was endowed with what I accepted as manly size,and though so far not commented on,I was very aware of my own immature genitalia.
I touched his swollen cock with my fingers and watched it instantly jerk upwards,he was exud… Read more...

  • By Margie 20 Sep 2016 14:35
  • Fact

I have been a NHS nurse for the last 30 years 25 in a Hospital the last 5 in a nursing home. I am a single lady very happy about that and a have had a lot of male friends in my life never ever felt the need to marry and have children. I am 5`4" probably a 14/16 a little extra weight but tits are still firm, and well to say I have had a lot of titty wanks??? as many of my male friends seem to enjoy maybe the spunk has kept them firm lol. I hav… Read more...

  • By Billy Budd 20 Sep 2016 14:31
  • Fact

My last year at work gave me this memorable afternoon of fun. I've had lots of others, before and since, but this was the best. A true story and I hope you enjoy. It's a re-post from some years ago.

I was in my office in Harrogate when my mobile beeped discreetly. " Free next Wednesday, usual Leeds hotel meet with Lorraine ?" Lorraine is a smart, sassy women just turned 50. Slim, good looking with a turn on sort of body and someone who has fe… Read more...

  • By A 20 Sep 2016 13:00
  • Fact

I have posted previously, many years ago. I can’t remember the title of a post I recently read, however it did spark a thought that I hadn’t really pay too much attention too. The husband got off on seeing his wife getting fuck, but this was enhanced by the fact that her lover had covered her in love bites.

This reminded me about the first time my wife (J) and I ended up in bed with my mate. You may want to read my previous post to get a l… Read more...