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My partner Kandice and I are in our early fifties and we decided it was time to put together a sexual bucket list. We each chose three things, and wrote them down on separate pieces of paper. We decided to draw two and decided whatever it was on the piece of paper we would do it within the next year. Additionally we agreed that as both of us wanted a threesome with a transsexual we would have that as an additional item and we would do this first … Read more...

i have been asked to tell another story . so I thought I would give you the story behind one of our pics on our gallery
( BBC) blow job pic )

we have attended a few clubs in the past ( Kent ) and on this particular hot sat night decided to go to the party night
the usual crowd were in found some friends we knew and joined them at there table

drinks were flowing music playing and the women were on the floor cutting a rug lol
when Mrs …

This is just a short story to see if there is any interest from anyone .my Mrs is in her late sixties and she fucks like she is half that age she is on the small sid but as a beaut pair of tits and a nice neat pussy, what we do is she will go and get her very sexy gear on while im waiting to take her out in the car just looking for random guys to play with her.anyway while she is getting ready im fucking hard and when she come,s down the stairs i… Read more...

  • By Home husband 23 Sep 2017 00:45
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I woke to find my wife wriggling beside me. It took a few seconds to work out what she was doing. She was naked except she was wearing a pair of panties and she was pushing them down and kicking them off.
As soon as they were removed she threw back the top sheet and blanket then lifted herself on top of me and positioned herself over my rigid cock. As usual it was standing at full attention as it normally does at this time of the morning. She … Read more...

Part 4

Please read previous parts first

As the salesman pulled his cock out he shouted to the other guy to come get some and they switched places and the other guy sipping into her messy pussy and proceeded to fuck the life out of her while screaming at me how much better they were than me and my small dick this got a good laugh from the guy as he continued to pound her making me feel like such a wimp.
He then unloaded into her and sh…

  • By HornyCpl 22 Sep 2017 16:19
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A few years into our adoption of the 'life style', my wife expressed an interest in being taken by a BBC, so I hired one, experienced but a few years younger to fuck her one evening at ours. He had been recommended to her by one of the other wives in the swinging group we belonged to, so we had dispensed with all the 'meet and greet' and other preliminary stuff.

On the appointed evening, he arrived and after a drink during a short bit of chatt… Read more...


So after my stories with horny girl he is another. On answer to questions sadly we are no longer together we drifted and she wanted to settle down but I didn't we still played now and again but she now lives with a guy.
She was 10 years younger than me and had an MMF when she was 16 at a house party. I used that as an excuse to
Arrange an MFF. I chatted to a woman online who was divorcing we met Friday lunch as she worked close to me in ce… Read more...

  • By New Linda 22 Sep 2017 11:28
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My friend and I have known each other for years. We are both married with kids and get along fantastically. She knows I fancy her husband but would never act on it and in fact it’s been an ‘in joke’ for years. We have never had feeling for each other except as friends. One year we went on holiday together when the kids were away with cubs for the weekend and husbands were on a golfing weekend and we shared a bed because of a hotel mix… Read more...

I have many beautiful clothes and some very expensive skirt suits. My favourite is by Yves St Laurent, full lined, tailored and Royal Blue. I am wearing it in my latest media posting on this site. This story relates to a man I met on line in 2007. He lived in an apartment in Aylesbury. Back then my blonde hair was permed. I knew from his messages that he was turned on by pictures of me in that skirt suit, showing me stripping to pale blue satin a… Read more...

L is Pettit but an amazing body. Both in our early 30's. My GF and I have been very adventurous as time has gone on. Favoured thing was she loved to just wear a loss dress and boots.

This was just like a normal night texting all day and flirting with pics and me send short stories of getting caught but loveing it. L had never really given a clue to me of what she might do. I offer up a bottle of wine for dinner and bare one glass she had the… Read more...

Lucky me: She was 27 I was 53.
I still cannot believe what happened between me and my 27 year old niece’s friend, Lianne. I was 53 at the time. Lianne is a friend of my brother in law’s daughter Sarah. Sarah and Lianne are both part time model’s and are fitness fanatics; well they keep themselves very fit. Lianne is a natural blonde, long legged and beautiful. Lianne and Sarah met at their job as make up and beauty consultants for a big s… Read more...

My wife Emma is 42 and we have a wonderful relationship that really allows us to explore our sexual desires without any jealousy. What makes Emma turned on makes me turned on. And vice versa. Like most men it is such a turn on seeing their partner having sex. We have played with a few couples and it has been great fun, Emma is bi and enjoys female play as a part of the swing experience.

We talked for a while about a threesome and Emma wanted… Read more...

  • By Gareth 21 Sep 2017 09:48
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This is the latest in an ongoing saga with me my girlfriend and her daughter.
It is quite long but please bare with it.
For anyone who’s not familiar with it here’s a quick synopsis.
l'm Gareth and 27 I’m quite well endowed. I've been going out with a beautiful woman Charlotte, for about six months she’s divorced, aged 36, and has long bonde hair she's slim and a nice pair of tits. She has a daughter Chloe aged 19 she is absolutely dro… Read more...

  • By Peter 21 Sep 2017 03:47
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Those of you reading these stories regularly will have probably read previous stories I have written about my wife being fucked whilst I had been working away. She was cock and it was agreed that she could have sex when the opportunity arose when I was away. This was on condition that she told me everything when I returned.
I have written on several occasions about her experiences and here is another.
I was away for a couple of months this time… Read more...

  • By james 21 Sep 2017 01:31
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I don't know where to start really I am 56 I do sort of have some health issues although my wife who is 53 says it doesn't bother her ,we were on holiday in Morocco. For many years my wife has been reserved even prudish and it all came to a point when I couldn't perform I couldn't get hard, basically my wife had no interest at all. For along time I had thought of my wife getting fucked also to be fair I wanted my wife to get a good fucking seei… Read more...

  • By AlKaz 20 Sep 2017 22:59
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The next morning we were on our own as Mike and Sue had to visit her mother so we went out driving around ending at Great Yarmouth. We talked a lot about the weekend deciding it was certainly the way forward and that Kaz admitting she now defiantly counting herself as bi. We people watched discussing what we could both do with the females “ but I still want cock she grinned I want to try one at least as long as Mike’s and thick as yours . I … Read more...

  • By Shy_Ted 20 Sep 2017 22:46
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I finished work at 19.00 and wandered back down the Southbank to my hotel. I performed my usual routine, quick shower and changed into a pair of sexy pink and white silky panties, covered up with man-clothes and made my way down to the hotel bar. It is always quite a turn-on with my girly panties hidden beneath my jeans holding in my throbbing cock and nobody any the wiser.
A plumpish, sexy lady approached the bar and asked for a glass of red, s… Read more...

  • By Anon B 20 Sep 2017 17:39
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I’m not going to give my name just in case someone I know looks at these stories, if my wife found out I had shared this it would be the end of my marriage. The reason I’m writing this blog is because although this is all mutual I need to write it down to make sense of it and maybe your comments would help.
I’m going to call her Helen. Helen is 53 and a housewife and I am 58 and have recently retired. we had a very brief spell on the … Read more...

Sorry it’s a bit long I thought it important to paint the picture for you in recounting what happened to us this summer.

We are both in our late fifties and keep ourselves in reasonable shape. Sue is about 5ft 8ins and has the most gorgeous breasts a man could wish for; it was those beauties that first drew me to her some 38 years ago when we first met. She is a size 12 and 36D, always wanting to lose a few pounds, but certainly not unpleas… Read more...


The Sex Toy.

We had chatted of course, I forget if it had been five or six times over a couple of weeks. each time I became more convinced Ian was serious and worth the trip to Luton, no small distance.

I had from the start told him how I liked to please guys, as I always do, some get it straight away, others think there is a catch, Ian was in the latter camp, but he wanted it to be real. I knew what I wanted and during the conversations … Read more...

  • By Hunk 20 Sep 2017 03:10
  • Gay

So I've always been the giver, over time i started fascinating about big cock.

I finally got a chance to meet an guy at a hotel, I am 6ft muscular and this gentleman was a mature guy.

We got into the hotel room after stepping out the elevator at which he was playing with my cock. When we got into the room my heart was pounding, I was really going to get fucked! We're undressed and on the bed, he starts playing with my cock, sucking it. I … Read more...

Part 3

Please read parts 1&2 first

So the next morning I woke to find my wife in the shower so I decided to go jump in with her and try and get some of that slutty pussy that she so cruelly denied last night. As I put my hands on her sexy wet body she giggled and stopped me saying how much she loved humiliating me and she knew how much I loved it as well I could only agree as my tiny dick was rock hard
She told me I was not gonna ge…

Part 1

Recently met up with two couples who were in my cab on the way home from a pub. We got chatting in the car and it soon became evident that they were looking for fun with a vwe male. One of the gents in his 50's asked whether i ever fucked a white woman before... i was taken aback a bit but replied yes of course... not realising what they were after..

When we reached their home they asked whether I wanted to come in for "coffee". I re… Read more...


First time I ever enjoyed a slight older woman was in 2016. I was 22 at the time and was at university. As I was a year above this person let's call her meg (not real name). She was aged 38, proper Essex type girl and needed mentoring. Naturally I was attracted to this woman but kept professional. After a few mentoring sessions followed a few social harmless after meets. It went from a group of us to less of us until finally it was just the two o… Read more...

  • By Bren 19 Sep 2017 22:02
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Well what a fun weekend it was in the caravan, I have to be honest and say that i was away with the wife and some extra curricular fun was the furthest from my mind, i was looking forward to a relaxing weekend away from everything, how wrong could i be.
My wife does not know I am on here she is very staid and old fashioned when it comes to sex and anything outside the bedroom is taboo as far as she is concerned despite many attempts by myself ov… Read more...

I have been good friends with Archie for many years, we have kind of been through the trenches together. I have known his girlfriends, ex-wife, new acquaintances, et cetera. His latest companion is Katie, an early 40's girl, beaming smile and olive skin. Really fun, and just great company all round. She also happens to be insatiable, dark haired, beautiful and demure, in no particular order. Well, you get the picture.

Last Christmas I was inv…

We used to read stories etc and fantasies then that progressed to wife chatting on net sexy while I caressed her then fucked her while we sent pictures to the men and then cam stuff but nothingmore until we went on holiday to gran canaries we had our son who was 5 yrs then wife was about 36 and most nights we ended up in pub disco bar one night Jan (wife) was on cocktails and hitting them heavy dancing on floor she was wearing little jean mini sk… Read more...

  • By SHG 19 Sep 2017 14:52
  • Gay

This happened around six years ago, I chatted to a guy on here, I was in the chat room in panties and holds up and he commented on my ass and body shape.

He asked me if I dressed fully and I replied that I would like to but getting hold of wigs, clothes and especially shoes was impossible.

He then said why not come over to mine, I have everthing, you could try different wigs, stockings and shoes etc.

I arranged to drive to his one luncht…

  • By Mathew Harrison 19 Sep 2017 12:30
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My wife Barbara is just 5ft 2 tall slim with 36dd breasts and the tightest pussy. One day one of her friends invited us both to a party. When we arrived it clearly wasn't the usual king of party, all the guests were partially undressed and engaged in cuddles and sex. Barbara is a bit of a prude ,however we both got into party mood undressed and started dancing together .It was great to feel Barbara's 36dd s rubbing against me as we danced and sh… Read more...

  • By AlKaz 19 Sep 2017 07:16
  • Fact

Thank you for the comments and yes the pills did help once we got into the second evening.
Kaz and I woke and went down to find some breakfast. Both of us hungry after the previous nights activity and in Kaz case afternoon as well. We didn’t bother with clothes and food being the main thing on both our minds. After about 10 minutes Mike appeared explaining Sue was still well out for the count. We combined for breakfast and at this point I shou… Read more...