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My friend achieves his goal

"A night of discovery as my friend turns the tables on me"

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Author's Notes

"The second part of the true story , a repost to get all my stories in one place again"

After that incredible night with my friend, I tried to process it all in my head. I wasn't gay? I had a girlfriend and enjoyed sex with her but also enjoyed what I did that night with my friend. For a  couple of days I avoided my friend, mainly out of embarrassment but that didn't last long as he had sensed this and suggested we meet to clear the air so to speak down the local coffee shop. Invitation accepted I made my way to the shop to see him already there waiting at a table for me. I was nervous at what he would say but I shouldn't have as he was very reassuring. He asked me outright if I enjoyed what we did that night, well yes I stammered, not believing my ears at what I'd just said, and what about your girlfriend, do you also like sex with her?

This question seemed more invasive than the last but answered, well yes I said blushing. Well it's fairly obvious you enjoy sex with both men and women so I'd say with some confidence your bisexual, nothing wrong with that and more fun too, he smiled at me when he said that.

 With that I felt a sense of relief that someone else now knew my secret I'd kept to myself for so long.

Do you have a female name he asked, well I'd never given that much thought, No I replied, Oh well leave that with me, how about you come over tonight and I can try you in some of my outfits and see what suits you. I'll see you at eight.

This was happening too quickly but my hormones were telling me a different story, ok I replied, suprised at my quick acceptance. This would be the start of a life long lifestyle for me though not knowing it at the time.

The time flew by and at eight I was stood outside his flat, I knocked but no reply, a sense of relief flowed over me but then the door opened to reveal this beautiful lady with long  blonde hair  in a short summer dress that just about covered her stocking tops red lipstick and immaculate makeup  in  high heels, 

I panicked, I thought he had a lady friend round and he'd forgotten to tell me, I made my apologies and was about to turn round when a familiar voice said, you don't recognise me do you? The voice was very familiar, IT WAS MY FRIEND! It took me a few moments to process all this then he held my hand and invited me in.

Looks like you could do with a strong drink he laughed and poured me a glass of scotch, I drank it down only to be refilled.

Once I'd regained my composure we chatted a while then when he was confident I was ready, or at least more relaxed after the scotch had kicked in, he asked me to follow him to his  bedroom to look for something suitable for me to try on. his wardrobe had quite an extensive collection of nice looking clothes, some quite slutty, some smart casual dresses, party wear, quite a diverse selection I thought to myself, some of these are what my friend bought for me he said, now these are just me I secretly thought to myself with my cock starting to take notice. Then he pulled out a pink sissy maids outfit, here try this for me. He didn't have to ask twice, whilst I stripped off and put it on,the material was shiny like silk, the hem of it just above the knee, he found me out some sheer panties which I struggled to put on as my cock was now rock hard and poking above the waist band so I tucked it in in sideways, it created a very tantalising outline.  I stroked my hand over the outline of my sheer panties stroking my hard cock, My friend saw this and told me to not to get too excited, there's plenty of time for that later. I then put on then a suspender belt which I struggled with, seeing that he helped me with the final piece of clothing, the black sheer stockings. Sit down he said and I'll help you with these, don't want you to ladder them he laughed. One leg then the other he gently rolled them up my leg, until his hands tantalisingly brushed against my now hardening cock. He pretended not to notice and carried on with my transformation. Next I was told to sit at his dressing table whilst he applied a bit of lippy.

Thick and red and very slutty I thought, then some blue eye shadow and a bit of blusher and he was done. Finally he got me a wig, a black short haired one which finished the look he was after. I took a long look in the mirror. I looked the part, feminine and I guess  very slutty! My transformation was complete, I just need to take a few pictures  for you , he took a few of me stood up  and a few on his sofa looking like the slut I'd always wanted to be. My friend had read me like a book, I was enjoying every second.

Once he'd finished taking some photos of me, we sat on the sofa together with a drink just talking about how I felt now I was dressed, well I only had one thing on my mind, going all the way with him and finishing off what I'd started all those weeks ago and fuck him  him properly, however, he had something else on his mind I wasn't aware of at that time but the tables were about to be turned, the maids outfit should have been a massive clue but I didn't see it untill it was too late.

Now the talk git a bit raunchier with Him telling me about his friend and what  he liked about him, mainly being fucked so it looked like I was going to do the same, my cock now leaking pre cum at the prospect of fully inseminating him.

He put his hand on my knee and started to slowly move it tantalisingly up towards my cock to gauge my reaction, once satisfied I was ready he began to seduce me. His hand brushed over my cock, desperately seeking to seed him, he teased it some more, running his finger around the outline of it through the sheer material which was becoming more transparent with my pre cum soaking into them. He went in for a kiss but I pulled back, I'd not kissed a man before so a bit apprehensive, not being put off by this he got up then got on his knees Infront of me and with his tounge started to lick the now bulging outline of my cock. The sensation felt amazing and I got close to cumming just then but he saw this and backed off, only to remove my panties and kiss the end of my cock then using his tounge again licking my shaft, he was no novice at this as soon as he knew I was about to cum he stopped, I ended up begging him to finish me off but he just replied, all in good time you sissy 

He moved back and stood up, holding my hand, Let's go to the bedroom you sissy slut he said, this new language was new but somehow It didn't phase me at all, if anything I was enjoying it.

Now lying on the bed together we continued to caress each other, I saw my chance and took it, I wasn't going to let his cock get away a second time!

Slowly my hand found its way up his leg and onto the top of his stockings, I tesased him, putting my finger inside and slightly stretched the material, then I went higher until I reached my intended target and I was in for a suprise for when I got there I ran my hand under the hem of his dress I ran my exploring fingers  over his balls then further up to the base of his cock, he murmured something as I then tried to gauge the size of it, and I wasn't disappointed, more shocked as it's thickness was a good 2 inches plus and the length, again dwarfing my sissy 5 ½ incher at an impressive 7 at a guess, maybe slightly larger, I'd get to find out soon enough but in the meantime I was fully focused on releasing that cock and devouring it.

I slowly pulled his panties down to release this monster, a loud slapping noise as his rigid cock flew up over the waist band and hit his stomach, he had his eyes closed as I explored his cock, my finger and thumb running the full length of his shaft then finding a pool of pre cum ozing out the tip. I circled the ozing slit spreading it over the head of his now very swollen glands.  I took my chance and went down on him, I instinctly put just the tip in my mouth and slowly sucked, as he produced more pre cum I started to taste him, sweet but slightly salty, I sucked him in deeper untill I was amazed to the point of totally shocked that I'd got all of him in my mouth and throat  he sensed this and just said, I knew it you are a good sissy cock sucker,

With that he opened his eyes and rolled over to me, arm round my waist and kissed me, this time I reciprocated, our tounges dancing in and out each others mouths. This started a chain of events that would cement my being more a submissive slut than I'd realised.

His hand went down my top to, firstly, stroke and play with my nipples then he got more aggressive with them and stated to pinch and twist them. It hurt initially but soon I was under his spell and his advances was now turning into pleasure as he rubbed over my nipples after twisting and pulling them, then it happened, he got off and went to the end of the bed, grabbed my ankles and pulled me down to him and his waiting cock. It happened so quickly, a quick cold squirt of lube I guess  on my bottom and some to his cock,then he pulled me up to his waist and waiting hard cock,  he pulled my legs over his shoulders and lined himself  up to his waiting cock. His rampant cock now tried to find its way onto me, he made several attempts but his cock just slid up or down then it found its target, I kept still as he tried to push into me, my body refused his attempts to deflower me. Maybe I should have told him I was a virgin but I think he soon guessed as he told me to relax whilst adding some more lube to his hard cock. Once satisfied I was ready he tried again only this time being more gentle approach, rubbing up and down my bottom, the tip of his cock found my sphincter, he waited then ever so slowly applied a little pressure, still my body refused him, A little more pressure applied then suddenly the tip just pushed into me, some pain as it did so, he was now watching my facial expressions with a grin on his face as he slowly applied pressure again, a little more of his cock entered me, again some pain then none. I hadn't noticed but he'd now got half his cock in me, you ok slut? he asked I nodded, ok just relax he said whilst adding a bit more lube to his cock.

 He applied pressure, some pain then pushed into me until he declared he was all the way in and what a sissy slut I was. He waited a minute then as soon as he was satisfied I was ready my deflowering began. He was very attentive during this stage and as soon as he saw I was ok he snarled at me, now I'm going to breed you , you sissy slut and with that started to slowly pump his cock in and out, short strokes at first until he was confident I was ok, then longer strokes, I was starting to enjoy this and he could tell, he started to speed up with deeper strokes but I guess I was a little tight for him and within  a few minutes started to really push into me, watching my facial expressions as he thrust Into me making him more determined to breed me gritting my teeth every time he pushed into me, stretching me as his excitement grew. My sissy cock bouncing around with each stroke. Thankfully his orgasm started, a few deep pushes into me then a weird sensation as his cock started to pulse in me and a warm sensation as he now pumped his spunk into me.

Arrrrghhhhh you sissy slut he cried out. He must have spurted around 4 good spurts followed by a few smaller ones. I was to find out very soon what a heavy cummer he was but in the mean time we stayed coupled untill he softened a little to be able to withdraw without causing me pain.

With that he carefully placed my legs down back onto the bed and lowered himself onto my aching cock, his lips teased the tip as he seductively moved over my glad in urgent need of release. Well the situation was way too much for me to hold back and without warning I shot streams of hot cum into his mouth, the first one  so powerful it hit the back of his throat making him gag, the  other three good spurts were captured in his now willing mouth, milking every last drop out of me. No words could describe how it felt but I was drained, physically and emotionally, judging by the smile on his face and dribbles of my sperm from his lips he was satisfied as was I.

With that we laid back down on the bed and he just said ' Now you know how it feels like to have spunk in you ' we both laughed, I wished I hadn't as his sperm was now slowly oozing out of me, a quick trip to the bathroom revealed the extent of my friends insemination of me, my bottom felt wet with some of his sperm slowly running down my inner thigh 

I looked at my self in the bathroom mirror, what a submissive sissy I'd been although that wasn't my intention, my make up was smudged with his frantic kissing, it was then I'd realised he fully turned the tables on me and He was in control. The realization  of what happened that night  made me hungry for more, I couldn't wait till we met up again , he wouldn't disappoint.

Written by Christine63

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