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My Sister’s Ex 1 - My Favourite Blue Dress

"My sister’s bully ex notices me dressed and I can't resist"

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Author's Notes

"This is the first instalment of the series My Sister’s Ex where I get recognised in the club by the man who has made my sister's life a living hell."

My name is Sophia and I’m a twenty-one-year-old sissy girl who loves to dress femme all the time. Over the past few years, I have got more and more daring with my feminine side, going out in public dressed. It was on one of those adventures I discovered a nightclub in town that was a hotspot for the LGBTQ community. I would often go there fully dressed and make new friends, drink, dance and have some fun.

It was on one of those nights when my worst nightmare happened, I got recognised. There I was dancing away wearing my favourite blue short dress, nude heels, and lace choker and completing my look with my brunette wavy long hair, full make-up, red nails and red lipstick. Dancing away without a care in the world, being my true self. With my dress hugging tightly to my body, I’m often told how convincing I look especially when I wear my 34C breastplate. My breasts jiggled around as I swayed to the music when I noticed him.

The man who had made my sister's life a living hell these past six months. Ally had lived with Rich for nearly two years and despite her best efforts made the difficult decision to leave him and sell their home as he had become controlling, verbally abusive and a bully. Things had gotten so bad that he was jeopardising the sale of the house out of spite and making things extremely difficult for her.

There I was in the middle of the dance floor staring at this man when his eyes locked with mine. I quickly averted my gaze and made a move for the bar. Had he noticed me? I mean did he recognise me as my sister's brother? You see my adventures into the life of a sissy up to this point had been my little secret, no one knew about this side of me. I just wanted to hide in the crowd and hope that he didn’t know who I was.

Then it happened while standing at the bar trying to hide next to a group of people I felt a presence directly behind me. Then followed a tap on my shoulder, I turn my head around and there he was, grinning from ear to ear. "Don’t I know you?" he said.

"No, I don’t think so," was my reply.

"Yep, I know exactly who you are, you’re Ally’s brother Nate!"

My whole world came crashing down around me, my heart pounding and my face bright red.

"No, I think you have me confused with somebody else. My name is Sophia," trying to act all nonchalant as I tried to make my escape to the bathroom.

Finally, I was away from him but in my panicked state, I forgot that the bathroom in the club was communal and who was waiting for me outside my cubicle, Rich.

"Pretend all you want but I know you’re Nate, it’s written all over your face."

I hadn’t lied as well as I had hoped so there was no point denying it now. I was so worried that he was going to 'out' me to my family I didn’t know what to do, beg him not to say, scream for help or run away. I couldn't deny that there was also a thrill to the idea of being Sophia full-time. But instead Rich said, "Just relax, come and have a drink and dance a little."

"Look Rich, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I think it’s best I leave because…" and before I could finish my sentence he said…

"If you don’t do as I say then I’ll tell everyone you know your little secret." And with that, he snapped a photo with his phone of me in all my sissy glory.

I was mortified, what was I to do? I couldn’t run the risk of my family and friends finding out, not like this. Rich was loving every minute of my dilemma, knowing he had control over me. Rich was a good-looking guy, around 6'1” tall, with blue eyes, tattoo sleeves on both arms and a muscular body. At thirty-five-years old what let him down was the fact he was arrogant, cocky and an all-around jerk.

I had no choice but to accept his request. I followed him to the bar where he ordered two porn star martinis, we drank in silence as his eyes looked me over, it was so embarrassing. Then he wanted to dance.

"Come on, I want to dance with you."

I was reluctant and said, "I’m not sure that’s such a good idea Rich." His face looked stern as he said

"Get on the fucking dance floor now unless you want that photo all over your social media."

Once again I had the feeling that I had no choice, I can't deny that I was also finding it kinda hot how he was talking to me and I accepted his request and headed onto the dance floor. The music was a mix of pop and dance with lots of people dancing close to each other. Rich started to dance like this with me. Going behind me and running his hands over my hips, swaying me from side to side.

"Come on loosen up," he said. As much as I didn’t want to, I couldn’t run the risk of him getting mad and releasing that photo. So I danced and pretended it wasn’t him behind me.

As the music played he got more and more touchy, placing his hand on my stomach, and pressing his body against me. I could start to feel his cock getting hard and poking me in my behind as he moved to the music.

"You have a great body," he said. I was shocked, did he just pay me a compliment? I stayed silent and continued to dance as his hands moved from my hips down the outside of my legs and my thighs and back up again.

"Mmmm yeah a great body on you." With that, he grabbed me by the hand and said "time to go."

We get outside the club and wait for a taxi.

"Where exactly are we going?" I asked Rich.

"Back to my place, it’s my weekend in the house." As I mentioned earlier, a complicated house sale with my sister. Rich didn’t want to sell but couldn’t afford the mortgage on his own so was trying to disrupt the sale. While there were no buyers they had mutually agreed to stay there alternate weeks to avoid each other and this so happened to be Rich’s week there.

We get into a taxi and make the twenty-minute journey to their house. There I was in the back of a taxi with a man I despise, not knowing what was going to happen next. I tried to ask but he just said to wait and be patient. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew it wouldn’t be good.

We arrived at the house and were slightly drunk. Rich stumbled up the driveway and managed to open the door. I was standing at the kerb and suddenly realised that they have a doorbell camera! What if my sister Ally viewed it and recognised me too? I slowly made my way up the drive and lowered my head as my brunette hair fell forward slightly covering my face before the camera, hoping she would think I was just a girl he brought home.

When inside, Rich has already made his way to the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine, he brings a glass into the living room for me.

I knock the drink back all in one hoping to continue my buzz and then go to sit down on the sofa. In a stern voice, he commands,

"Stay standing and let me look at you."

He took a seat in the middle of the sofa, spreads his legs out and looked me up and down. Licking his lips, he checked out my face, my wavy hair cascading down my shoulders, my fake-tanned arms and legs. He could tell by looking that my fake titties were braless and my short dress just about hiding my little clitty.

"Turn around." And so I did as I was told, I turned and now he could see my sexy legs looking toned and shiny as I stood in my nude heels, I could almost feel his eyes on me as he checked out my bottom, a feature I’m particularly proud of following months of toning!

Next, he asked me to turn to face him again.

"Give me a lap dance" was all he said next.

"Rich, please this has gone on enough now, I think we should stop this and you should let me go home."

He responded with "do you want to expose yourself because I’ll fucking do it I swear! Now do exactly as I say and your secret will stay safe."

I was in turmoil, what do I do? Accept his requests, despite not knowing what else was to come or let him expose me and deal with the consequences?

I decided it was best to go along with what he wanted. I’d never done a lap dance before but I started to dance in front of him, he turned on some music which helped me get in the zone. I started to swing my hips from side to side, move my hands over my breasts and bottom and even did a couple of slut drops.

His eyes never left my body and as I grew in confidence I moved closer to him and placed my hands on his knees moving my body up and down in front of him. I hated this man for what he was doing to Ally and also what he was now doing to me but I had no choice right now. The longer it went on, the more I was enjoying performing for him. I turned around so my bottom swayed between his legs as I felt his hands grab my hips and guide me as he rubbed my body over his crotch.

I started to press against him some more and could feel him getting hard again. I moved around, turning to face him as I leaned forward rubbing my breasts over his crotch up until my leg brushed against the growing tent in his jeans. I did this on his left and his right side several times before he said to stop. I thought I was done and I could go home but I was very wrong.

"Stand back up and take off your dress, let me see you."

We had already gone way further than I thought possible, could I do this as well? I paused and he said, "Don’t make me ask you again."

With that I took a deep breath and slowly removed my arms from the straps of my dress, I lowered it over my breasts down to my hips. Just then Rich said

"Turn around and bend over as you take the rest off." I did as he said, turning around I held the dress in my hands, leant forward and peeled the dress over my bottom to reveal my black lace thong. The dress was now on the floor leaving me in my thong and heels.

All this time Rich had been drinking the wine, it was like the more of a buzz he got the more aggressive his commands and actions would become. Next, he said, "kneel on the floor." Again I did as requested but this time Rich got up and stood in front of me, I looked up at him as he looked down at me with a smile on his face that said, "I’m in control and you can’t do anything about it."

He undid the buttons on his jeans and opened them while hooking his boxer shorts with his thumbs lowering his clothes down to the floor and kicking them away with his feet. As I looked back up at him all I could see staring down at me was a huge semi-hard cock which was easily eight and a half to nine inches long and thick too. My mouth hit the floor, I had no idea Rich would be packing such a big cock!

"Now be a good girl and suck my cock won't you."

I was still in a daze, I couldn’t take my eyes off it, the length, the veins, the glistening precum dripping from the head. I knew I needed to move but I was frozen. Instead, Rich grabbed his cock and started to tap it on my head and slap it across my cheeks.

"Hey slut, get to work," was all he said and I snapped out of my trance. I reached up with my hands and explored this magnificent cock. I felt its weight, its warmth and the heavy balls of this trimmed beast. I then kissed it from one side, across the tip and down the other side before licking all over it. I then lifted it and licked his big balls, sucking them into my mouth one at a time. I then licked a trail from his balls up to the tip, taking in the sweet precum that had built up and it tasted amazing.

I couldn’t wait any longer and began to suck him into my mouth. The head was thicker than I’d experienced before but my mouth took in the first few inches and I bobbed my head back and forth while swirling my tongue around the head.

Rich started to breathe heavier and moan slightly.

"Come on you can swallow more than this sissy," as I felt his hand reach for the back of my head and push me further onto his cock. He started to moan and grunt some more as he moved my wet mouth further down his impressive cock. I had about five inches in my mouth by now as I tickled his balls with my right hand at the same time. He released me from his cock as I caught my breath and again he slapped his wet cock over my face and cheeks.

"I knew you’d be a little cock slut you dirty bitch."

This made my heart skip a beat and I knew I shouldn’t but I wanted to suck his cock even more. I went to town on him, slurping and sucking as much as I could. Again I felt his hand on the back of my head with more force this time as he said "mmm yeah that’s it you dirty little bitch I’m going to make you gag on my big cock."

He was much more vigorous now, really working my head back and forth on his cock. All I could do was keep my mouth open, suck and take breaths when he released me from his cock. I could feel his cock push past my throat and slide deep inside me. Every so often I gagged and coughed as his impressive cock invaded my throat. My mouth, chin, chest and legs were dripping in drool and precum as I made his cock slippery and wet.

All of a sudden I realised that my nose was pressed against his pubic area and my tongue was dancing over his balls.

"You filthy fucking bitch." He let out a loud moan and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

"Do I suck you better than Ally?" I shocked myself with what I said out loud. Had I just said that?!? He looked down at me and lifted my chin with his hand and said

"You are ten times better than Ally let me tell you. No girl has ever deepthroated my full length let alone have their tongue lick my balls at the same time."

"You are one special fucking girl."

With that compliment I went back to work on him, deepthroating his juicy cock over and over while he talked dirty to me. Every time I mentioned Ally’s name he would get harder, almost taking his frustrations out on me. I used swallowing movements to massage his head while down my throat and continued to lick his balls. We were both covered in drool with a wet patch forming on the carpet.

"Mmmm yeah that’s it Sophia you fucking whore, take my cock" he repeated this several times as I felt his cock tighten before releasing rope after rope of juicy cum down my throat, his cock pulsing in my mouth and throat was the most intense I’d ever experienced.

Finally, he released me from his grip and slid out of my mouth, I wasted no time licking him clean, trying to get every last drop of cum in my tummy.

He collapsed back onto the sofa as his cock started to soften.

"Fuck me, that was the most I’ve cum in a long time."

As he flopped his head back and closed his eyes. I got up from my kneeling position and went to the bathroom to freshen up, my panties soaking wet not just from drool but my clitty too aching to be touched. I thought about playing with myself but thought it best to get back to the living room.

As I entered the room, Rich was fast asleep; I took this as my cue to leave, not before snapping a selfie of me holding his cock in my hand if ever he tried to blackmail me again.

Written by sophiacd94

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