Cross Dressing
3 Jul 2019

I thought I would share this memory from years ago.....

I used to drive to/from work past a piece of common land, wooded with trees, shrubs and a few clearings. Nowadays its become known as a meeting spot but years ago in my youth, it was quiet, especially early mornings. I would often stop and adventure in the woods.

I used to dare myself to strip off and walk naked in the woods, gradually getting further from where I left my clothes. Very exciting, I would get hard, especially running, with my cock bobbing up & down.

One beautiful sunny and warm morning about 7am, I was exploring a not so densely wooded part, where there was a grass clearing. Something caught my eye - in the far corner, a wank mag and a pair of stockings and a pair of panties, laid out. It was too much of a temptation. I stripped off and dressed in the stockings and panties and was about to flip through the mag, when a guy appeared across from me - the only entrance & exit from the glade. I was caught and no escape - couldnt run off.

He said 'enjoying yourself?' and I explained I had just found this stuff. He said that was ok and I should show him the mag, as he was getting a good eyeful of me in sexy undies. So we stood there and I turned the pages, both commenting on the pictures, whilst he grabbed my bottom. The feeling through the silky panties was great, but I was so nervous. I told him 'not here' and showed him a way into the woods, where we would not be seen - didnt want to get caught again! I let him take control & he slid the belt out of my jeans and tied my hands above my head to a tree branch. He then helped himself to me but I insisted only if he left the panties on me. He showed me the mag again and was saying how pretty I looked, dressed like the girls in the mag, stroking me through the panties. He then slipped my now rock hard cock out one side and literally ate me. Sucking really hard he then took me in hand and wanked me until I came. He quickly then brought himself off all over my cock & panties and left. I was much younger and after struggling out of the belt, I walked back into the glade and wanked myself off again. Replacing everything where I found it, I left it for the pleasure of the next person to come along.

I'd love to find such quiet glades nowadays, but sadly the countryside has diminished.

Its left a lifelong urge to get caught in undies, so if you know of such places, do share.......