Written by MikeyS1969

17 May 2019

I posted earlier about how my now wife DJ and I started enjoying regular 3some fun with a friend S; i had captured some of these on video and regularly would watch them wanking whilst my wife enjoyed S's big fat cock

One weekend we decided that we should do things 'properly' and rather than post pub fun we would have dinner together at home; during the day DJ had bought some new underwear, I remember is was expensive - sheer purple material, just thong and bra from Harvey Nicks

during dinner, DJ was getting drunk with the free flowing wine and she came back into the dining room stripped to her new underwear wearing also a matching sarong... dinner was finished and we went into the living room, I stripped to my pants and t-shirt and set up the video to film them on the sofa, DJ was sat on the sofa arm kissing S and undoing his shirt, he stood up to take his shirt off, jeans and shoes and sat back down to kiss DJ, they both pulled down his pants and out sprang his big cock which DJ lent over to suck before moving across and pulling her thong to one side so that she could sit on his cock and ride him - it looked great, I was trying to be invisible so that they could get on with fucking (my ideal would be to watch them both when they didnt know I was there - hidden in the wardrobe that kind of thing!)

DJ rode him S for 30-40mins (they used the full tape), a couple of times he slipped out and his cock appeared so much bigger when DJ would reach down to guide it back into her pussy - this was a good tape, I once showed it to another friend stopping it before the end so he couldnt see who S was (he also got to fuck with DJ) but I digress, the fuck ended with DJ leaning back over on S's cock as he sat forward fucking her hard as she came...

...now upstairs with a new tape in the camera we started again, I had a go and fucked DJ from behind - it was pump pump squirt for me and I moved over, DJ asks me what I'm doing and I say letting S have a go, she reaches round and runs her hand over her pussy lips before S nudges his way in and proceeds to pound into her until she comes loudly, they are laid at the side of each other and she reaches down to his cock saying how hard it still is and what does he want to do to get it off... S doesnt say anything but pushes into her from behind as they lay on thier side and starts to build up rythum - he is fucking her hard again and has feet on the wall at the side of the bed to give himself leverage... DJ is again coming telling him that "he's up there, youre lovely cock deep in my pussy..." she then gasps and says M (thats me), "he's fucking my arse", S finally speaks and just says "where's it gone" and keeps pumping before DJ tells him he's too big for her arse and asks me if he's allowed to fuck her arse - I say no (her arse was meant to be just for me) but in hindsight that would have been a good time to try DP (we did try DP on another couple of occasions but never seemed to have the angles right to make it work)

another good session started one weekday afternoon, we would be in bed waiting for S to arrive, he would come in the house and undress downstairs before coming up to the bedroom to join us... DJ had a basque and stockings on with no knickers, she would fuck S and then tell me to suck his cock! I would do as I was told, it never felt 'gay' or anything, it was just (great) sex and I did enjoy tasting DJ's juices on S's large cock... I was laid underneath DJ, she was sucking my cock as I tounged her pussy and S's fat shaft as he fucked her, DJ came and S plunged his cock into my mouth - thankfully not coming!! (usually he would only come when it was time to go home)

later they thought I was asleep, S was fingering DJ and then putting his fingers into her mouth so that she could taste herself before she asked him to take her from behind... she got onto all fours and nudged my leg to see if I was awake as S entered her and started to fuck her like a dog - this was good viewing, and she was telling S how big his cock was and that it was too big for her - it would have been even better if he had said something about my smaller cock and how she deserved a big cock but he didnt and just kept pumping, DJ came and rolled forward and onto her back but S wasnt finished with her and pulled her legs up and open so that he could push his cock back into her tight wet hole and DJ gasped as he pushed back in stopping him after a few minutes so that she could sniff poppers and told him to have a big noseful before he started again making her scream as she came at the top of the poppers high... she wouldnt let him go again for a while saying that he pussy was too hot

hope you enjoy