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"My wife's obsession to have a BBC"

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Author's Notes

"A fictional? Story on how my wife revealed her obsession to have a BBC"

My wife and I married young, we'd been married 4  years and were saving for our first house together.

My wife Jayne 24, a size 10 leggy blonde with a nice pair of 36c boobs, long blonde hair, in a word, ‘ beautiful’ myself, a reasonably fit young man , 24 and to coin the phrase ‘ the luckiest man alive’ with a beautiful sexy young wife like Jayne. However, my wife harboured a secret, a dark secret, that I would unwittingly nurture over the next few months. Sex between us was ‘ varied’ , we had no secrets, or so I thought. In the bedroom department, I considered myself to be ‘ average’ at just over 7” Jayne couldn't get enough of it! Sometimes she'd be insatiable, I'd say I was a good lover, I did have lasting power and could bring her to multiple orgasms. Then came that  advert in our inbox from a particular sex shop, she seemed fascinated by some of the dildos and vibrators being offered for sale we both looked at them and she made a startling revelation that she wouldn't mind trying one out , pointing to a 8”  silicone dildo. We both laughed her comment off and had an amazing sex session, but perhaps she had something on her mind? Nothing more was said and I thought she'd forgotten about what she said, however I came home early one afternoon, Jayne wasn't expecting me I guess as I let myself in, the first thing I heard was her upstairs, moaning in a sexual way. An unpleasant thought ripped through me, was she with another man? I went upstairs unnoticed and to the bedroom door which was ajar, I peered in expecting the worst, only to be confronted by my wife with a sizable black dildo  thrusting into her. She didn't see me straight away as she had her eyes closed, thinking of me I hope!  She came with a loud ahhhhh , then she saw me , looking transfixed at the sight I'd just seen. ‘ oh oh oh my god ‘ she said , her cheeks bright red,and not just from her orgasm, pulling the bed sheets up to cover herself. To be honest, she needn't have been embarrassed, I was actually turned on by the sight of my wife masterbating herself with that dildo. I quickly put her at ease, I mean, we had no secrets, well we didn't now! I came to the bed and gave her a big hug saying how excited I was seeing her like that , any awkwardness quickly evaporated. From that moment, her dildo was part of our sex sessions which were mind-blowing. This ‘ extra’ element to our love making really spiced up our love life. It was one of these sessions she just randomly said that she wondered what a larger dildo would feel like?  Well If that's what she wanted then I'm ok with that. What I wasn't expecting was a week later a large box arrived. Jayne opened it with excitement, what was inside was quite a thing, or things! Two dildos , both black. The first was the smallest but still 8 “ real like , quite thick and veiny, she pointed out the suction cup at the base and joked if i was ever curious. The other was similar but a massive  12” and at least 4” in diameter. She ran upstairs to try them out, yes, I guess she was excited with her purchase. ‘ honey, come up, I need you’ now there's an offer I wasn't going to refuse. Going into the bedroom I was a little taken aback as to how far she'd shoved that 8” dildo onto her. She giggled as I Looked at how little of it remained out of her. Pulling it out, now covered in her juices she reached for the other. That monster dildo was large in every conceivable way, the glans slightly oversized! Followed by almost 12” of life like black veiny  cock with a pair of realistic balls at the bottom. She grabbed it best she could with one hand and gave it a shake, it wobbled very easily.

Looking at me she asked me ‘ shall I’ ?

 Before I could say anything, the head had been inserted stretching her pussy lips  around it. I stood there in disbelief as she wiggled and pushed that long fat fake black cock into her, there was no way she was going to push all that dildo into her petite size 10 body. I didn't know if Jayne had put some lube into her to help that monster dildo slide in but slowly, inch after inch went in. The last four inches proved to be the most difficult for her judging by the sounds she was now making, pushing, twisting then pushing again it somehow quite miraculously went all the way to the balls. By now she was sweating, her chest bright red as she suddenly screamed out. Reaching out for me, she grabbed my hand and just about crushed it! That was one hell of an orgasm. I tore my clothes off as quickly as I could and got beside her, she was still dressed, just the bottom of her dress lifted up for the dildos . Within seconds I was fucking her, this new found kinkyness really turned me on and very quickly I came in her. Now both out of breath as we laid on the bed, I noticed she had put the larger dildo back in her, what she said next caught me off guard, ‘ I wish this was a real black cock ‘ as she worked it back into her sperm filled pussy.

I didn't know what to say, I had no idea she had those feelings.

The session pitted out and no more was said , until later when she asked how I'd feel if she went with a black man.

We had done a soft swing in the past which went ok but I didn't realise at the time she'd harboured these thoughts..

I'll admit, I did try and talk her out of it but she , as she said, needed to know. 

We talked long into the night, looking for a compromise. In the end we agreed that if it was to happen then she could only touch another man's penis, possibly wank it but it wasn't to penetrate her, also apart from that there'd be no  kissing.

She agreed to this which in a way was a relief, if she got this ‘ obsession ‘ out of her system then we could carry on with our lives.

It wasn't as easy as we'd thought looking for a  black man with a cock my wife was after but one finally came along. His name was Errol, was into body building , everything about his was disproportionate, his cock was no exception even though it was flaccid , I could see my wife actually drooling over it which put mine to shame. He seemed like a nice chap telling us he didn't normally do this kind of thing then he saw my wife's photos and ad. He told us he could do as we asked, and would totally respect her boundaries. He seemed genuine enough, we weren't 100% sure as he looked huge against my wife, a message appeared , well, what do you think?

Whilst we were talking, he sent a photo. What about now? The photo was of his now erect cock, a ruler next to it. This guy was huge! He was slightly bigger than the ruler, my wife got back immediately with just one word WHEN? 

Until now I had no idea my wife had a BBC fetish but it was obvious she really wanted to do this, at the very best she would be bolding that monster cock, maybe playing with each other but that was it. At this time I was oblivious as to what would unfold over the months ahead.

A date was set and a hotel, I'd not seen Jayne so excited, me on the other hand, had reservations. I will admit though that I was also excited, it was just a soft swing, wasn't it?.

The day arrived and we made our way to meet Errol, Jayne kept it simple , a knee length summer dress , no bra , black satin knickers and black hold ups. We all met up in the lounge, the last chance to back out. He bought a round of drinks, I noticed my wife's vodka and coke was rather large, perhaps an admission she was actually nervous and not full of bravado as she made out.  the next one was just as large as he got to know us, well Jayne better.

He held my wife by the arm and got up, here's the key to our room, ‘ come up in 10 minutes, we  don't want to raise suspicions’ . Those 10 minutes 

were torture but as soon as they were up, I quickly made my way to the room, just in time by the looks of things. Jayne was laid out on the bed, her nipples very prominent, poking up into the material. Something had gone on whilst I wasn't there, he couldnt have fucked her, thankfully no but they had the opportunity. Errol came out of the bathroom in just his boxers, they did very little to hide the fact he had an erection as it tented them forwards. He greeted me and told me the chair next to the bed was for me to sit and watch and say nothing.

He got on beside her and turned towards her, his hands instinctively went for her tits, one by one, he pulled them out of the top of her dress They were still firm for their size, her nipples jutting upwards into hard cones. 

Then the evidence of sexual impropriety as I saw she had a love bite on her left tit, her nipples were unusually hard and red as if they'd recently been sucked. I saw another half empty glass on the sideboard , I guess she was even more nervous than she made out. Errol played with her tits for a while, Jaynes eyes closed as he caressed them, paying particular attention to her nipples, a quick pull here, a quick twist there,  I just hoped she would stick to the plan and not let him fuck her but it was looking doubtful the more his hands went over her generating a new level of frustration that would be difficult to deny. His hands now descended to the hem of her dress, lifting it up to reveal she was still wearing her satin panties, that was a relief! His fingers pushing their way through the elasticated leg and onto what surely was her moist fanny, her moans were low but a welcome sound as he started to pull her panties off her, Jayne lifted her hips to facilitate their removal. Both looked at me for a reaction as they came down her legs. I couldn't believe what I saw as I was now looking at a bold mound, her pussy lips now prominent, a bit puffy but she'd not been fucked so at least, so far!  Now I knew exactly what they'd been up to, he'd shaved her, I could see everything! They both looked to see my reaction, the pair of them smiled before he got back to pleasuring her. As there would be no penetration, they were limited to what he could do but he made up for that with his teasing of her, playing with her shaven pussy, it's lips now more prominent, bringing her close to an orgasm then suddenly stop leaving her in a state of frustration, he did that several times before she eventually screamed out, god,  I hope no one was in the next room! Her frustration would now get the better of her as she made a grab for his cock.

Pulling his boxers down, his cock sprung up, she tried to put her fingers around it but it was just too big, her only remark was ‘ oh my god ‘ that pleased Errol as he asked her to ‘ do it’ 

Standing up, Jayne now sat on the bed with his cock near her face. She instinctively started to wank that monster off, it was difficult where to put her hands. it really was that long, not quite like her dildos. The agreement was this as far as they could go she was only supposed to touch it and squeeze it, to feel a hard powerful black man's cock,however she pushed it just that little bit further as I knew she would,  much to my annoyance as she continued to wank him off, this could only end one way unfortunately for Jayne she got Errol a bit more excited than anticipated, his cock now leaking a fair amount of pre cum, she wanted to suck it off but rules are rules so it was whom  was  the most frustrated for me I was actually enjoying this as neither could do anything to the other, a kind of sexual stalemate, however Errol would have the upper hand as Jayne continue to tease him. It became obvious very quickly what was about to happen as Errol tensed,and cried out as he put his hands on her shoulders to keep her in that position, his glans suddenly swelled slightly then it happened as a powerful jet of cum shot out the end, splattering over her face with such force some of it bounced off  and down onto her tits , the next two , exactly the same, quite a lot of spunk now over her face and eyelids as it dripped down her face onto her tits .several more volleys shot out  over her chin then on her tits. The sexual frustration between these two was clearly evident but both had held back from actual intercorse. I had sat there the whole time with the hardest hard on I'd ever had and couldn't even relieve myself. 

Once Errol had come back down from his climax, his cock still twitching , he asked her if she enjoyed that, her response was probably what he wanted as she said she wished they could do more, ‘ maybe soon ‘ he said, with that open ended offer, Errol got up, dressed and gave us his key telling us the room was paid up for the day. With that he left, leaving my wife sexually frustrated, me with a hard on,  well why not? We had the most amazing fuck whilst she was still covered in Errol's cum, oddly it felt right, then  it was my turn to cum, I felt like I came like Erroll, as I inseminated my wife with huge powerful jets of my own sperm Into her, encouraged by his performance, the whole thing was a magical experience for the pair  of us. 

Now just lying on the bed together we talked through what just happened. It seemed like The logical thing to do, she told me how she felt and that perhaps next time they could go a little further perhaps, I could say I was a little uncomfortable with this but I know my wife could be headstrong at times, and argument I wouldn't win, Jayne had a quick shower to wash away Errol's now drying sperm splattered over her face and tits.  Handing in the keys was daunting, my wife arrived with a black man but left with her husband! That knowing look on the lady's face as we handed the keys in was a bit embarrassing to say the least. 

Well Jayne had done what she set out to do and I thought that would be that, how wrong I'd be as over the coming weeks she'd mention Errol more and more, as she said , it's only a bit of fun and really ‘ only sex’ nothing more. That statement made me realise just how insecure and uneasy I felt about it, I made the error of letting it continue, it wasn't like we'd not done this sort of thing before but that was a one, ok , a two off,  slowly the transition from housewife to Errol's property was slowly shaping, whether my wife either knew this or wanted this I'll never know, we  just didn't see this coming, my wife just wanted an extra ‘ a bit of fun’ to spice up our marriage, Erroll however had other ideas.

To be continued

Written by Christine63

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