14 Aug 2019

I was with two couples last night who work in the legal sector and very well educated but sexually seemed to be quite frustrated and with very reserved knowledge on intimate inhibitions.

The evening began with myself attending the address given to me via text message by one of the males. As I entered the premises I noticed the strong smell of lavender and a very rotund smartly dressed middle aged woman walking upto me and greeting me with a hand shake and a peck on the cheek. They offered a drink but I refused except for a glass of water.

I was led into the study to find that a blanket was laid out on the floor with cushions arranged neatly on top in the form of breasts which I found quite amusing. A middle aged man was sitting in an arm chair with nothing on except a pair of briefs and beside him stood a woman of Asian oriental origin in a long flowing gown.. I greeted them with a “hi”. I sat down facing them on a sofa, and talked about all things legal till I was bored, the large lady from the corridor, veronica, whilst talking began taking off her clothes as did the man who opened the front door, Fred, and they began kissing and whilst talking about constitutional legal precedents! “what ever gets you going” I thought..

Fred was completely naked by this time and his small floppy white willy almost came into view had it not been for the extraordinarily long ginger pubes.. his wife Veronica was semi naked with just a huge padded bra covering her massive bosoms. The Asian lady, Agra, let her dress flow off her slender figure and came over to me and asked if I liked her figure, I told her to undo my trousers and find out for herself. She complied, and struggled to get my trousers down over my huge bulge, when my erect cock appeared from the slit in my boxers, all eyes were on it and a noticeable gulp from Agra. She took her forearm and measured it elbow to wrist… I asked her respective other half if it was ok to begin on his wife and he nodded “ have at it mate, I’m just here for the show”.

I laid her down whilst veronica was sucking off whatever Fred had in his nether region, may as well have been a boiled sweet, as her head hardly moved. I began kissing Agra, around the nape of her neck whilst fiddling with her erecting Dark nipples on tiny breasts, I kissed her around her arm pits as I began stroking her inner thighs up and down and In circles over her pelvic regions till I could feel her relax, I kissed her softly on the lips and stroked the outer pussy lips for around 15 minutes till I could feel her breathing shallow and labored, I put a finger on the slit and feel the moist pussy in my fingers rubbing the juices over her very erect clit till she flinched, by this time veronica was riding Fred, with fred clearly spent and veronica just rubbing her clit on Fred to cum.

I could feel agra’s stomach tense each time I brushed over her clit with a moist finger, I knew then she was ready, her husband was furiously tugging on his pencil sized willie, seeing his wife eyes closed and shaking each time I touched a tender spot on her body. I lay down with my erect cock pointing north and she straddled me squatting down trying to guide in my black missile, I felt the moist around the tip of my shaft and even though she was incredibly wet, it was a full 2 minutes before she was a third of the way down, I kept her at that depth, not allowing her to completely take it in all the way. I thrust in gently with only my helmet disappearing into her pussy, she tried hard and fought to slam down on it but I kept her firmly in place with my knees and arms, I feasted on her bullet sized black nipples as I went in and out after a few minutes I relaxed my knees and arched my back up, entering her to the hilt and I could see her eyes roll back, her husband by this time was right next to us excited like a little puppy, by the 5th deep thrust she was groaning like a wild animal, she was close to orgasm, at which point I reverted back to my one third technique, working the entrance of pussy and clit… she was wild at this point gyrating her back forwards and back wards trying to get more cock in her.. I held her firm whilst her hubby was yelping like a school boy “ come on mate finish her off!,, she is so close!, why are you stopping?” I told him to relax, I knew what I was doing.

Her legs were getting tighter around my waist as she straddled me with only the tip pleasing her. Suddenly I drove it in deep and hard, holding her tight over my body kissing and biting her neck, with my back arched up and knees lifted, I drilled her like a jack hammer, she began screaming and clawing at my back. A few minutes later I felt the noticeable tightening of her pussy around my shaft and the rhythmic pulsating of her inner muscles spasm with an orgasm that, I kept drilling till she slumped over me in a heap crying like a mad woman, drool coming out her mouth and all over my neck, my balls and ass were wet with this thick fluid, that she must have ejaculated…. Her husband was ecstatic… “ oh my god!! You fucked her good man!, wow! Never seen that before”