23 Sep 2019

The drive to the hotel wasn't to long but there was no doubting the excitement in the car shared between us. This was going to be a first for us both.

We arrived a little after 2, checked into our room, it was spacious, clean and had a rather luxurious bath, complete with jets. I grab your hand and pull you towards me and kiss you softly on the lips, getting ever more urgent as I can feel something stirring down below. Seems you always have that effect on me.

Gently you put your hands on my chest and push me away. "calm down",  you say. "we both agreed nothing until after" . Reluctantly I nod and smile, "OK, I can wait".

The next few hours we spend in the pool, and watching TV in the room,  I shower early, dress and announce I'm heading to the bar while you get ready. To get you me out of your hair. "be ready for 7" I tell you. "well you know me"  you say, with a smile. "yes I do,  so 7!"

Just after 7 I see you enter the room. The black dress you have chosen, has an elegance to it, and but the way it clings to your body in the right places exudes sexiness too. Every male head in the room turns as you walk towards me.

I pull you towards me, kiss you and whisper in your ear, "you look stunning".

We head out to the car and start our drive to our destination. "nervous?  Excited?" I ask, "both" you reply. "me too. Show me how excited you are"

You ride your dress up your thighs and pull your black lace underwear to one side. You

run you finger along the length of your pussy and back before dipping it inside. I can see the wetness on your finger. "let me taste it"  you put your finger to my mouth and I suck savouring the taste and smell I know so well. With one eye on the road and one eye on your pussy I put my hand between your legs, rubbing your clit before sliding 2 fingers down and into your pussy.  "mmm somebody is excited".

For the rest of the relatively short drive you lazily stroke your pussy as I try hard not to be too distracted until we arrive at the entrance to our destination. As we head up the drive the impressive hall comes into view. It's certainly an impressive setting..

I park up and I ask "have you got them"  you reach inside your bag and pull out 2 masks. As we head towards the impressive front door I reach out and take your hand, "are you ready for this?". "I think so"  you reply with a nervous smile. "if we decide that either of us is uncomfortable we can just watch or leave" I say. "I know"

"cmon then. You look so sexy tonight" I say

I hand in our tickets at reception, we put on our masks and we guided through a set of double doors into an impressive hall with a grand staircase leading upwards to a second floor.

We greeted by our hostess whos name is Jane. She gives us the full run down of the night ahead, informs us that there are private rooms upstairs that are available, there is a large public viewing room with a large pillowed area but to make ourselves comfortable anywhere.

We grab a drink and start to take in the room and the atmosphere. For the next 40 mins we sit,  talk and people watch.

"anyone catch your eye"  you ask.."no one that matches you"  I say "but this is about you"  I laugh.

I suggest we head upstairs and take a look and soon we are stood outside the public room with 3 or 4 other couples. inside a woman in her early 40's is on all fours while a younger guy is pounding her from the rear. Clearly he's doing a good job as through the speaker you can hear her moans. "oh fuck that's good"  we can hear her saying, "oh fuck me, fuck me". Standing behind you my hand strokes up your leg and moves inside your underwear. My fingers brush across your clit, it's swollen, just how I like it. I run my fingers down your slit, dip into your pussy, "your soaking"  I whisper in your ear before my freshly lubed fingers refind your clit.

To our left one of the couples are also caught up in the moment. The wife is down on her knees sucking on her husbands swollen cock. I can't help but laugh at the surrealness of it all. I'm here playing with your clit while next to us a woman is sucking off her husband while we watch a middle aged woman being fucked. My own cock is rock hard and I press into your ass as I feel your first orgasm of the night approaching. I kiss the side of your neck and I feel your knees start to dip and you stifle a moan as you cum.

I pull my hand away, turn you around and kiss you hard. You "cmon let's see what we can find".

We head downstairs and find a comfortable sofa. Things are starting to hot up down here too with various people in various states of coupling I tell you I need the loo and head off. On the way back

I'm stopped by an attractive blond woman in her mid 30's we make idle chat for a few minutes before I tell her I better get back to my girl before she thinks I've run off.

As I head back I can see you have an admirer. A tall black guy has obviously seen the opportunity and moved in. I can see you are obviously interested in him so I hang back and see what develops. I can see his hand is on your thigh and he starts to stroke it upwards towards your pussy. I wonder if you will stop him but as his hand disappears from view it becomes obvious his fingers have found your pussy and from your facial expression it's clear you are enjoying it.

In less than a minute he kneels down in front of you, reaches under your dress and pulls your panties down. His hands push your hemline up and his mouth finds your smooth pussy.

Your eyes close tight as his tongue flicks across your clit, your juices are oozing from your soaked pussy. His tongue expertly moves between your soaked entrance and your swollen clit. I look for a seat as my cock is swelling hard again at the sight that's unfolding in front of me.

Just as it seems he's about to make you cum, he stops and stands in front of you, starts to unbutton his shirt. You sit up and reach for his belt, and undo his trousers. Your hand reaches inside and pulls out  a hard, large black cock. His hands go to the back of your head and he pulls your mouth onto his cock. You take His large  swollen end into your mouth and slowly move your lips down over his shaft. You take as much as you can feeling him at the back of your throat, and before slowly moving back up to lick the tip.

For the next 5 mins you expertly work his cock with you mouth. I can tell how much he's enjoying it, but then I know how good it feels.

He reaches down and stands you up. He reaches back unzips your dress and let's it fall to the floor.

You are now naked in a room full of peoole and a big hard black cock ready to fill you. He pushes you down, kneels in front of you again and starts to rub his cock along your soaked cunt and across your clit.

As im sat taking this in, the blonde woman who I was talking to earlier moves alongside me. "enjoying the show?" , she asks me. "yes it's my girlfriend" I say. "oh lucky you, she's so hot" she says. "I'm sure she's going to enjoy this, Warren is very good"

At the same moment Warren is lining his large head at the entrance to your pussy. Your juices are soaking the tip of his cock. "you want this"  I hear him say. "fuck yeah"  I hear you reply

His head pushes inside you and I hear you moan. Your eyes close shut as inch after is slowly inserted until you've taken it all down. He holds it deep inside you and you start to move your hips with a urgent sense of need.

He slowly withdraws til just the tip of his cock is again inside you, "oh fuck me"  I hear you say and this time he drives hard into you. You let out a scream and as he starts to fuck you with more speed I can tell your orgasm isn't too far away.

As I'm watching my blonde friend unzips my fly and frees my cock. Her mouth finds my hard shaft and expertly starts to work me.

She saya"you enjoy the show I'll take care of this " I smile put my hands on the back of her head and sit back to enjoy my blow job watching you get the fucking you came for.

Part 2

From the noises you are making its clear you are close. Your hands are clawing at his muscular ass, the contrast of white on black somehow adding to the eroticness of the  scene. As he pistons in our of you, I hear you announce to everyone your impending orgasm. This spurs him on and as he pounds into you you cum hard, it seems to go on in waves until finally your moans subside and you fall back onto the sofa.

He gently strokes in and out of you for a couple of minutes and as you start to come back to life he pulls out pulls u up and positions you on all fours and climbs up behind you. His large cock is glistening with your cum and he runs it against you before inserting his full length deep inside you again. You start to moan loudly again as his cock takes you again in this new position.

As he restarts his assault another black guy moves and stands in front of you, his impressive hard cock  already out. He lifts your chin up to make you aware and your eyes open wide as this 2nd cock is offered upto you. You grab the shaft in your hand and pull it towards your mouth. As you start to suck it stifles the continuous moans as Warren fucks you hard from behind.

This is too much for me. I tell my new friend I hope youre ready cos I'm about to explode. She looks up and says she is and sucks greedily on my cock. Within seconds I'm shooting load after load into her mouth. As she licks the last drops off I sit back and watch just as Warren pulls out and shoots a massive load across your ass and back. Jet after jet pumps from the tip of his cock. You pull the cock from your mouth and your smile says everything. "your turn" you say to your 2nd cock.

As the new guy moves in behind, Warren comes in front of you and tells you to polish his cock.

While his mate enters you roughly I watch as you lick the last drops of cum off the end of now shrinking tool. But it's clear your evening isn't quite finished as your 2nd lover is pounding you mercilessly from behind. "oh fuck"  you repeat over and over and I can sense another orgasm is on its way. With a sudden rush you are gasping and screaming as your orgasm pulses through you. Your whole body seems to spasm as he continues to fuck you at a speed..

Finally he eases back and withdraws. He sits back on the sofa his cock pointing upwards into the air. He motions for you to climb on top of him. You need no second invitation as you grasp his cock and slide your battered cunt all the way down his shaft.

You slowly start to ride up and down the full length of his shaft, his hands now grabbing your ass and helping you with the down strokes. He guides a finger round to your tight asshole and slowly eases it in. You gasp as you feel the extra tightness and pleasure his finger is giving you. You lean in and tell him "I want your cum inside me" and you increase the pace as you bounce up and down his big cock.

I watch mesmerised as you take his cock deep inside your cunt over and over, enjoying the ever increase sounds of your enjoyment until suddenly I see him stiffen and his cock start to pulse. From the sounds you are making I know hes shooting his load deep inside you. The effect of his cum hitting your vaginal walls is enough to send you over the edge as a 4th and final orgasm rips through your body.

When it's finished you fall to the side and lie spent on the sofa. He stands up, grabs his clothes bends down to kiss you and thanks you.

I stand up and walk over to you. The show is over. I grab a towel, sit you up and clean your body. I stand you up,and  help you into your dress.

I put my hand under you chin and lift your face up. Leaning down I put my lips to yours and kiss you. "you look so sexy"  I tell you. "and now I need to take you back to the hotel and reclaim what is mine"

Hand in hand we walk back to the car. You ask me if I'm OK with what just happened.

I smile at you. "I've never wanted you as much as I want you right now"  I say