5 Sep 2019

Will & Simon are gym buddies of mine both in there 50’s and both in managerial positions in the energy sector. A conversation with them last Monday led me to delivering a practical lecture in sexual arousal and the orgasmic state of mind.

The debate centered around my bulge which seems to be worryingly the centre of attention for a number of guys at the predominantly white middle class gym. Will began asking about my latest exploits and commented that it’s the bulge that most girls find sexually arousing and without it I would be gyrating over the general pelvic region of girls to get them to orgasm after I was spent popping my “head in and out” like most guys. I replied “lads, let me allow you guys into a little secret, the bulge, or even the most heavy set thickest longest cock is not what orgasms a lady, it helps, of course, but the most powerful sexual organ in any human being is the mind”. Simon chuckled, “yeah mate!, we heard of that tantric mumbo jumbo, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it all, the cock kinda overpowers the mind as all the blood rushes down south in the heat of the moment”.

I put down the barbell crossing my shoulder blades and sat down on the bench. I said alright, I will prove my theory in practice tonight at one of my usual haunts on the outskirts of Warwick, A farmhouse orgy attended by mostly professional couples and singles. Will declined, saying he could not make it as he had to watch the grand kids, Simon was hesitant at first, not that he had never been to an orgy before but the fact it was an hours drive from where he lived and the thought of providing a valid excuse to the missus was preoccupying his thinking, eventually after some persuasion he agreed to meet me at a designated country lane that evening from where I would pick him up and drive him to the secluded farmhouse.

That evening I was already listening to Radio 4 in the car as the car sat idling in a layby adjacent to the country lane leading to the farm house. The topic being discussed as ever related to brexit and the pile of crap the conservative government has landed us all in, I mildly grunted at how capitalism has curved around and bit itself in the rear due to the greed of the elite and the banking “oligarchs”. As the sun began to wave its final salute to the living, I noticed dipped headlights indicating into the layby, it was Simon’s car, he pulled up, parked and got into my car. “Bloody long drive mate!, this better be worth the bullshit I fed the old girl”, I did not even enquire about what cock and bull concoction he had fed his missus, I pulled out into the country lane and drove for 10 minutes in silence to the farm house.

It was a foreboding building stretched out over 2 acres of private land owned by a veteran swinging couple. I parked my car next to the row of already parked vehicles facing the barn and stepped out into the familiar lingering stench of dung, damp hay and the country air. By this time it was dark and the sun had set creating a surreal day/night mirage around the skies of the immediate surroundings. Simon and I began walking and as I led him towards the barn he enquired, “mate, I think you’re going the wrong way” I explained to him it’s the barn house the couple use as their play area, farm house is for the special guests who stay overnight, he looked at me with a sheepish grin, “bet you’re one of the specials!”, I just smiled back with a shrug. “there better be some action, you better not be wasting my time” he moaned. I told him well, I promised you I will prove my theory and I will. We entered the barn, a dimly lit outhouse building with stacks of hay neatly arranged around the walls and on walking ledges near to the roof. A large tarpaulin was laid out in the middle with 15 -20 people already in attendance. Every one dressed in to bare minimum except the odd wolf mask and rabbit costume. Simon and I immediately felt overdressed. The hosts came over, a rotund chap by the name of Harold and his equally chubby set wife Millicent.

After exchanging greetings, I explained that I have a request to demonstrate a theory and let everyone in on a very plausible yet seldom acted upon secret. Harold agreed slightly bemused and intrigued, he got everyones attention and told the to kindly take their seats on the tarpaulin with cushions dotted around. I stood atop a stack of hay and introduced myself to those few who seemed new and greeted the regulars, commenting on the aptly fitting garment worn by the wife of a medical professional, “ nice lamb costume Sonia!” a slender 30 something from Redditch. She winked back with a coy smile, probably remembering the grueling doggy session she endured for a full half hour before her legs gave way due to the trembling of her first real bbc orgasm.

“The mind is the most powerful sexual organ” I began, noticing simon smiling like I was about to make a fool of myself. “ If one were to harness those tethers in the mind associated with pleasure, and manipulate them with sudden yet inexplicable stimuli the body conforms as a slave does to his master’s command as sheep do to the guiding barks of the trained dog, as soldiers do to the screams of the sergeant major.” Everyone was silent and I could see a few nods but most were still not convinced. “Allow me a volunteer”, Millicent, straight away began walking towards me as if I had subconsciously chosen her, I then said preferably a girl who has not been fulfilled recently, a nervous hand shakily drew up from a lady at the back, everyone watched as she got up, a brunette, in her 40’s with her boyfriend, who made a hand gestures as if to suggest“I present her to thee”. She walked barefoot with a long flowing dress and perk nipples protruding through the satin in the ambient cold country air.

I beckoned for a seating chair and Harold brough over a high stool. I sat her down and asked her name whilst everyone watched, “mandy” she replied, “ok, mandy I will blind fold you and whisper instructions into your ears, you must comply, if at any time you feel uneasy or uncomfortable the safe word is “wolverine” which I whispered into her ear out of earshot of the audience. She nodded and I borrowed a dark padded blindfold from my hosts and tied it around her head. I picked up a star with a damp end and unbeknown to Mandy of what it was, I displayed it to the audience and stated “a trivial, matter such as this with absolutely no value can have the most electrifying responses from the female body, conditional upon timing being judged accordingly and erogenous zones tapped in synchrony to verbal whispers of comfort and command”. A lady sitting to my right took out her breasts as if to show agreement, simon was now looking a little perplexed yet intrigued with where I was going with this. I began drawing the damp end of the straw across her bare shoulders whilst making ring motions over her satin covered erect nipples, I kissed her softly on each shoulders lingering the kiss long enough for her to feel the soft moist flesh of my inner lips.

I noticed her shudder a little, I whispered into her ears to relax and not tense up to the stimuli. I gently lifted each shoulder of her satin dress and allowed it to fall freely down to her waist, her perk white breasts came into full view of everyone as I drew the damp straw over them, I lifted an arm and began shallowly breathing over her rib cage and her under arms almost touching her flaxen white skin with my lips, lightly cupping a breast yet being careful not to touch the ever sensitive nipple area, I drew the straw behind her away from the view of everyone and lightly flicked it over the small of her back making an up and down motion till I could feel her arch forward upon which I pinched a nipple gently, causing her to groan and yelp slightly. I noticed her legs opening and closing as if uneasy. Her breathing became shallow and almost labored.

I began kissing her shoulder area whilst using the straw to keep the nipples erect like miniature pink bullets, lightly drawing it over them, teasing them into submission, she was now shaking a little and trying to ease her body into mine, a natural phenomenon when girls are extremely aroused, to seek physical solace and embrace. I gently tapped each breach suddenly as if to rebuke her advances to fulfill her carnal desires so abruptly and without my express permission, the result was instant shuddering, had I not kept a hand under her arm she would have fallen off stool. Simon had his mouth open in awe, a couple of gents had their tiny shriveled white cocks out gently tugging at them with two fingers… I lifted her satin dress to reveal her trembling legs, mandy was trying hard to realize control of her body, shifting her legs to hide the uncontrollable shakes. I beckoned to Harold to bring over a blanket and a couple of cushions, he walked over awkwardly trying not to cum as his cock was very sensitive, we used to joke that a gentle breeze could make him shoot. I spread out the blanket and kicked back the stool suddenly making mandy fall to the gentle soft straw covered floor covered by the thick blanket. I laid two cushions over one another and squeezed them under her lower back displaying the glistening white slit to the audience. Simon was now shifting from cross legged to slightly squatting he gave me a thumbs up stating he was enjoying it now.

Mandy still blindfolded and laying on floor with arched back over cushions pussy facing the audience, I slowly began teasing her naked inner thighs with the simple insignificant damp straw, as I kissed and cupped my mouth over each breast, gently sucking in the air around them causing her to squirm with pleasure. I whispered into her ear to spread her legs gently, she complied and instantly I noticed droplets of clear fluid trickling down her pussy lips, I used the straw to take the fluid and direct it to her tiny yet very aroused clit. Slowly brushing over it as an artist making his last few master strokes. She closed her legs instinctively, upon which I lightly slapped an erect nipple. I made hand signals for restraints and Millicent came over with her naked boobs wobbling but clearly aroused from the flushed chubby cheeks and dry mouth…. “you staying tonight?” she whispered in my ear.. I smiled and replied “maybe”. I wrapped each ankle around Velcro straps before getting two members of the horny audience to tie the other ends to ringlets in the pillars, same with wrists. She was now spread-eagled and at my mercy. I whispered into her ear “ do you remember the safe word?” she replied in a dull yet labored tone “last thing on my fucking mind”, “please just fuck me!”

I took my finger and slowly eased it into her pussy she moaned loud, like a woman in labour, trying to arch her back to get more of my finger in, it was wet to the point when I drew out my finger a few droplet fell on the blanket, her boyfriend came over and took off his boxers, I asked him “you want to fuck her mate?” He nodded furiously, with an erect white cock in a tiny yellow “Johnny” he lay over her and had no problem entering the cavernous dripping wet void, she flinched a few times but upon the third or fourth thrust he stopped, he had shot his load, she screamed “ don’t you fucking dare stop!!, come on fuck me .. please god!! Come on you whimp!! Drill meeeee… her boyfriend got up clearly embarrassed by the premature ejaculation.

I slapped her clit with the damp straw a few times whilst kissing her full on hard and tongues twisted, her mouth was dry as sand paper.. but it caused her pussy to flood with juices, I took out my fat cock and let her feel it in her hand, blindfolded she still gasped at the girth and length, I asked the audience shall I fuck her? Punch and judy style. Oh yes please do was the reply, I think no, I replied putting my heaving cock back into my boxers, smiling. Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her was the chant before I gave in and straddled her,2 girls came over and helped with guiding me in to her bbc virgin pussy, I managed to get my helmet in and I noticed that familiar shudder when girls are not used to meaty cock, I eased in inch by inch till I was in to the hilt, her body was shaking as I thrust in and out with cheering from the audience I took off her blind fold with my teeth to notice bloodshot wide floating eyes, a few minutes later her back arched and she tensed hard, I could feel her pussy spasm around shaft and she groaned an unearthly noise and went limp. I carried on fucking her despite her trying to close her legs to stop the orgasmic tingles, but it was no use, she was still tied, and I really needed to unload two days worth of cum,, she screamed and laughed and cried and somehow managed to remember the safe word to” wolverine!” she was crying now but it was no use, she spasmed and went stiff again I could feel her breathing stop for a few seconds her eyes rolled to whiteness and she blew again, this time her legs were untied by her worried bf, who had never seen her like this. I blew my load into her pussy a few seconds later and held it deep in her for a full three minutes till her trembling had stopped.