Written by dr green

17 Jun 2019

my wife loves being fingered

its her favourite thing especially while using her dildo.

anyway she is in her 40s size 12 and very attractive.

she had a doctors appointment because she wasnt making so much mucus anymore naturally when i fingered her.

she asked for a female doctor but when she got to the gps she was told her regular female doctor was off sick so a male one would be available. oh well she thought its only an examination.

she was called through and entered the gps room.

oh dear it was dr green. he was the founder of the practice in his seventies now but still practicing.

she explained the problem and he asked her to strip and lie on the bed.

she did this and he got the lube out and put a glove on.

this is going to be an internal examination he explained professionally.

my wife expected this.

he rubbed a lubbed finger up and down her fanny before gently easing it inside.

he moved it back and forth and round in circles inside her.

now he explained. i will try to stimulate you a little to see if you can produce any mucus yourself.

it may have been just a bit of gspot massage that is needed to get your juices to reset and for you to produce your own again.

ok my wife agreed a little breathless. she was secretly enjoying this more than she should have been.

the old doctor kept up a good pace fingering her until she got wetter and he pushed 2 fingers inside her.

there we go he said i knew i could get your juices flowing again.

my wife was starting to buck under his hand.

whoa said old doctor green, steady, you'll get me struck off.

she was on the cusp of an orgasm and grabbed his hand in hers to make sure he didnt stop.

her pussy was about to spasm around his old fingers when he pulled them out.

no finish me off my wife demanded!!!!

please i need this now!!!!

ok said old doctor green but my hand is too sore after you grabbed it.

use your cock then but be quick my wife said. old doctor green didnt need told twice and he popped his cock out from his tweed trousers. No condom just straight in. a nice small cock but perfectly formed.

it hit her gspot just perfectly and she flicked her clit. 30 seconds of fucking later she started and almightly orgasm.

the spasms of her pussy made old doctor green cum inside her too. she could feel his old sperm shoot inside her bathing her womb.

they tidied themselves up and my wife left and came home to me.

she has only just told me this true story before we had sex as she was about to straddle me.

as she sat on top and i was about to put my cock inside after hearing this a huge blob of cum ran out of her onto my cock.

see i told you iv just been fucked by old doctor green she said laughing

Part 2 to follow