Written by Sam

9 Apr 2019

I frequently read with interest the growing past-time of wife-sharing. I guess it’s more prevalent than we know.

My one and only experience of sharing my wife happened about 15 years ago and we’ve never had the need to repeat it.

Turn the clock back to 2004 and at a time when my wife Penny and I were in our mid 40’s. Both kids in senior school and wrapped up in their own lives.

We had a party at our house (no kids there) and towards the end of the evening my wife and another woman decided to do a drunken slow strip tease to music. Nothing too risky as both women only went down to their underwear and in Penny’s case her hold-ups. I could see that Peter our neighbour was quite taken by my wife’s attempt at striptease and afterwards told me how he enjoyed it. Peter was a retired teacher then in his 70’s and a widower.

I remember fucking my drunken wife in bed later and feeling quite aroused at what Peter had told me. I mentioned this to Penny later and she passed it off as a bit of fun and games.

A few months later Peter announced that he was moving to Devon to be closer to his son. He was a good neighbour and helped my son out with some tuition whilst he was studying for his GCSE’s. He even let me have the use of his car once when I had mine in for some repairs.

To mark his move he invited Penny and I over for some of his famous home-made wine. It was a Saturday evening when we called and Penny had put on a lovely yellow floral print summer dress indulging me in my passion for her wearing stockings and suspenders. Penny knew that once we got home afterwards I would ravish her.

Well Peter didn’t disappoint us as we sipped at his home made wine. We reminisced over the years we’d known each other and of course his late wife. It was getting to about 10pm and whether it was the effects of too much wine Peter said how much he really enjoyed the impromptu striptease routine from Penny.

The next thing that happened was Penny stood up in the middle of the room and asked Peter to put on some slow music.

She was slightly tipsy but still able to stand up. Peter went over to the side board and put on some music which I later discovered was by Bob Freedman & Orchestra from the 1960’s. It was really very sexy and I know just how Penny would be turned on being a bit of exhibitionist.

Both Peter and I looked on intently as she really let herself go revealing her stocking tops and then quite unexpectedly she pulled her panties off without lifting her dress hem throwing them at Peter.

Next she slowly unzipped her dress letting it fall around her stocking feet. She was wearing dark tan stockings and a white suspender belt with a matching bra. Tipping slightly in her white stilettos she moved towards Peter and sat on his knee. Next she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra letting her naked breasts fall free. Peter cupped her breasts and fondled her gently before sucking each nipple. The look on the poor guys face was unbelievable.

Whilst this was happening I just sat still totally immersed in what I was witnessing. It was completely unplanned on my part but I was getting very aroused. I was half expecting this to stop suddenly but when his fingers started working their way in-between her nylon stocking thighs and rubbing her pussy I was dazed and confused but completely powerless to intervene. For Penny she threw her head backwards opening her thighs wider as he started fingering her wet pussy.

After a few minutes of this she took hold of his hand and he stood up. Peter lived in one of the bungalows in our road and his bedroom was just down the hallway. I followed them slowly watching my wife’s buttocks moving as she went into his bedroom.

After they disappeared I slowly crept along the hallway adjusting my own erection that had tangled up in my underpants.

With a just small dimly lit table lamp by the side of the bed I watched as Penny got on top of the bed as Peter wrestled his way out of his shirt and trousers. With his boxer shorts removed I caught sight of his erection jutting out like a spear. Penny was now lying on the bed on her back with her stocking legs wide open as he climbed onto her. After some fidgeting around he managed to get his cock into her wet pussy. Once fully inside he started thrusting in and out as Penny sighed with little cries of delight.

His thrusting became more intense and vigorous as he banged away inside Penny’s pussy. I heard him groaning loudly as he was no doubt at that point of no return as he ejaculated his seed inside Penny. He remained on top of her as she wrapped her legs around him holding him firmly inside her. This was something she liked me doing once I’d cum inside her.

I went through to the lounge to fetch her clothes and when returned she was sitting on the side of the bed without Peter who had gone to the toilet to wash himself.

It was probably the after effects of too much alcohol but Penny slowly dressed herself as Peter returned to the bedroom.

He shook my hand and quite calmly thanked us both for such a lovely going away present.

In no more than 10 minutes we were walking back to our house and the sound of her heels scrapping against the payment was very arousing and stirred by cock even more. Just before we entered the house (kids away thank goodness) Penny said something that I will never forget. She uttered “I didn’t have to fake it I he really made cum and he was has hard as iron right up me and at his age to”.

Needless to say that once our front was closed Penny’s pussy was getting another frantic pounding as my own juices flooded her as they mixed with Peter’s recent deposit.