Written by Steve

23 Jun 2019

I have had an amazing sex life since my divorce. I’m a very highly sexed late 40’s Male. Luckily I’m considered good looking, have really looked after my body and been blessed with a very large cock.

I have found I love joining couples and love it when husbands want me to pleasure their wife. It goes without saying that many married women love a bigger cock, but always surprises me how many men want to watch their wife being pleasured by one.

I never take anything for granted and fully respectful and honoured to be invited to pleasure another man’s wife.

I go to naturist clubs, meet couples online and enjoy webcamming, but I really love the challenge of pulling women rather than sex being offered from the outset.

This is my favourite sex adventure and I thought I’d share it with you.

I occasionally visit my local pick up bar alone and sometimes pull but more often don’t as difficult to do so on my own. I have lots of friends but love the challenge of going out on my own and seeing what happens. I don’t use corny chat up lines and love just talking to anyone.

The other week I went to the bar and immediately saw a couple at the bar that intrigued me as she looked like she was on the pull, and dressed in a very short skirt and low cut top, but was with a guy who she didn’t seem interested in. She stared giving me the eye so I went over and chatted.

After chatting about the bar etc they introduced themselves as Pete and Linda, a married couple. Linda did pretty much all the talking. I asked what they were dosing in a well known chat up bar and she shocked me saying she was looking for a guy. She then told me in front of her husband that he didn’t pleasure her so she has to look elsewhere. She went onto say that he had a low sex drive, was pretty useless in bed and had a small cock, although she said she loved him.

She was confident and told me that she fancied me and she would be up for fun if I was. And of course I was. She was about 40 and I guess he was 5-10 years older. She was petite and about 5’2 with long blonde hair, slim build and a lovely large pair of tits. They weren’t a bad looking couple and I knew I was in for fun within minutes.

I suggested we move to a private cubicle and we did.

I read the situation and asked Pete what he thought about his wife needing sex and fucking other men. He told me that she deserved other men as he couldn’t satisfy her and never had.

She told him to describe to me how small his co k was and he demonstrated and he was tiny.

Linda went on to say that Pete loved hearing about her being fucked by other men and it was his fantasy to watch her.

She said that all this was quite recent and she had only fucked 3 other guys so far. She made him tell me that a fantasy of his was to be humiliated by a well endowed guy.

She also told me that he wanted a guy to fuck her and cum in her and when she got home he wanted to lick her out. As he was saying this Linda has her hand on my leg and I slid my hand between her warm thighs.

She said she would love for him to see her fucked, but most guys she had chatted to weren’t interested and wanted her alone. She asked if I would fuck her in front of him, but said that if I would prefer a 1 on 1 with her that would be fine.

I asked her if he had seen her kiss another guy and when he said no I shoved my tongue down his wife’s throat. I then told him that he would need to ask me to fuck his wife in front of him and he did. I made him promise to do exactly as he was told and call me master and he did. Linda loves this and suggested they go to their house nearby.

At the house he led us to the spare room and I told him that we would be using his marital bed and he said yes master and led us in. Hand in hand with Linda we climbed in the bed and kissed. I told Pete to strip naked and get a chair to watch.

Soon he did as he was told but we ignored him and had fun on the bed and I soon had her lovely big tits out and sucked on them.

Looking at Pete he was hard and rubbing his cock. I told him to stop touching himself and told him to strip his wife for me which he dutifully did. Linda looked lovely with a bald pussy and gorgeous tits. We laughed at his small cock. I then made him strip me naked and Linda was mesmerised by my huge cock, saying she had never seen bigger.

She asked if we could compare cocks and then ridiculed her husband who was loving the humiliation. I then tied his hands behind his back so he couldn’t play with his worthless cock.

As I did this Linda lay on her back and opened her legs saying she wanted my huge cock. Like a married slut she held open her pussy lips.

Sorry got to go now but will continue soon