Written by Cuck newby

25 Jul 2019

This will be in Four parts!

As the temperature started to rise at the end of last week my partner, let’s call her Claire decided to top her tan up. We’ve recently returned from a foreign holiday and she is quite brown. So I was setting off for work and Claire was already out in the garden hanging out some washing. She had a loose fitting flimsy dress on and it appeared little else. I gave her a kiss and left for the day. As the day progressed it was agreed that we would cut short the day in the office as it was nearing record temperatures and we could always catch up when the rain returned. I didn’t let Claire know and thought I might catch her sunbathing, naked maybe as we have quite a secluded garden, the nearest house to ours is about 70 metres away and we’re slightly elevated so we sort of look down on their garden. Anyone in that garden can’t see into ours unless they’re on a ladder. It was fast approaching one o’clock and the Boss said don’t come back after lunch and maybe if the weather forecast was to be believed for the next few days, maybe we would like to start at Seven in the morning and again take advantage of another early finish! As we all left we agreed we’d have a beer as my bus wouldn’t here for an hour. Moving on, I left the bar to catch my bus, wondering what I would feast my eyes on when I arrived home. Well, I didn’t have long to wait now. I arrived and the door was locked she would normally lock it when she’s in the back garden. I entered very quietly and went upstairs to put some shorts on. I took a crafty look out of the window and there was a towel on the lawn with a radio playing low.

I went down and crept out, thinking she’d gone to our veg patch at the rear, she wasn’t there either, I heard some voices over the wall to the big house. I peered over and saw my wife still in the flimsy dress she was wearing when I left and around four guys sat around drinking squash. I was about to call over but thought No! She doesn’t know I’m here, she’s not expecting me until 6. I got into a more comfortable position behind a large hedge and listened. I could here everything, even though our radio was on it was far enough away to not effect my listening There was a lot of Laughter and the conversation was quite Lewd. One of the guys had a clear view up her dress as I could make out and he was fiddling around his shorts. They were telling her that the owners of the house were away on holiday and their job was to clear the large garden. They had four more days to complete the job. One of them asked her “Where’s your Bloke” ? She answered at work and he’ll be home around 6. Really was one of the guys retort. She seemed quite relaxed, not threatened in any way. The one of them said “do you play away”? I was shocked when I heard her say “we play away together when we’re on holiday”! So what you’ve never strayed behind his back? She said she’d kissed a guy once at a works party and sucked him in the toilets, but that was it. I was taken aback at her response. What happened next threw me! One said how good are you at Sucking? To a loud applause. Not bad she said. Let’s see then! I now had and erection that felt like it was going to blow itself. The lad who was mixed race approached Claire and said let’s see then? She took out his impressive cock and I heard her sigh! She rubbed him for a few seconds then took the bellend in her mouth, fuck I thought! She devoured him, it looked amazing. One of the other guys went behind Claire and lifted her dress, fuck she was bare under there, he buried his fingers in her as she gasped at the roughness of the guy! It was then I should’ve called out. Suddenly the guy in her mouth let out a Huge grunt as he let fly with a load that must’ve hit the back of her throat like a pressure washer. By this time the guy that had a fingers in her was now buried to the balls in her from behind. Suddenly I thought, has she gone there with the intention of fucking these guys if so where were the condoms? When he withdrew after unloading, it was evident that they hadn’t used one. As the Third guy approached I heard him say “fucking hell mate you’ve split her open, she’s bleeding white blood”, that was a reference to the amount of cum running out of her. Guy Three was up her like a rat up a drain. At this stage without even touching myself I shot all over my leg. I’d seen enough, and crept back into the house. I left and went to my local, leaving her defenceless with those guys in a neighbours garden. Tbc