Written by Cucky

26 Jul 2019

I didn’t get to fuck Claire on the lawn as she said she it was the wrong time of the month. Liar again. The real reason is she was so fucking sore I would imagine. I did get a blowjob on the patio table. I laughed as I came and said “it’s a bit Salty isn’t it”?

The following day was good weather, and I asked about the washing going out.

She said their wasn’t enough to put the machine on last night. Really! Clair was livid when I said I’m not going into the office today. I thought I’d spend the day in the garden with you, after all we don’t get these chances that often! She ranted at me that she’d planned to go out and she couldn’t change it! She said I should go to work! I said I can do some gardening on my own. I need to catch up and I’m on top of work anyway. Claire was in an awkward situation now, I think she may have said to the guys that she would come over again. Dilemma. Reluctantly she got showered and made out she was heading out. Eventually she got in her car and said she’d be all morning. I’ll do us some lunch if you like I said. She left. I did say as she got into her car, give me a call when you’re on you way back and I’ll put the kettle on. Out in the garden I could hear the guys over the back laughing and obviously expecting Clair to pop over. They looked surprised when I put 4 tumblers and a jug of squash on the wall. Cheers mate was the call from one of them, where’s your missus today then? She’s gone out for a few hours. I spotted the mixed race lad from the previous day and called him to the wall. Leo was his name and I told him that I’d witnessed what happened yesterday.. FUCK! Was his first word, yes you did I said with a smile. You don’t mind? Not really, but you can help me prove that she lies more than I first thought. Go and have a word with you buddies and ask if they want to be involved in a gang bang? He was back calling over the wall in minutes! Yeh we’re all up for it. Right I know that Claire hadn’t arranged to go out today and she wouldn’t be long! I’ll call you soon. Put a ladder up to the wall and I’ll put my steps this side. She wasn’t long at all. The phone rang and it was Claire. Her friend was ill and had to cancel. If I wanted we could go out for the afternoon.

She’d be 20 mins. Lads get over here now, there was a rustle of bushes and they were coming into our garden. Right you’ve got about five minutes to have a piss if you need one and then gather in the bedroom up on the right. I gave them a clue as to what I wanted them to do. Off they went leaving their boots behind the bench so they wouldn’t be seen. Claire’s car pulled into the drive and I shouted silence now. Claire came in and went straight to our room, this is where she could see into the neighbours garden. The room where the guys were hiding was pretty much a box junk room that was rarely used. I followed her up the stairs and asked what she was looking for? Oh I was just seeing if Jean and Roger were back from their holiday! LIAR! What do you mean. I know you’re not on your period, I also know.......Know what? Look in the box on the bed. What? Look in the box!. She opened the box and there was a spunk stained dress that I’d hidden from her. She said I can explain. Would you like to fuck me, thinking this would take the sting out of the situation, get undressed and I’ll think about it, I said. I left the room and closed the door! I said to the boys I was going to fuck her straight away and they should come in the room one by one in 5 mins. I went back in and she’d put the dress on.

I must admit that made my cock go rock hard. I pushed her on the bed and slid straight into her with ease, boy was she wet. Probably in anticipation of seeing the guys over the fence, little did she know. They weren’t working today,,, well. I wasn’t in there long. I shot my load pretty quick and waited until I heard footsteps on the landing. I climbed off as my cum ran from her and said...Go on boys she’s all yours. TBC