Written by Anonymous

6 Mar 2019

I was back home after work when my phone rang. I am delighted to hear my wife at the other end. She sounded very excited and I was amused, intrigued as to the cause of an unexpected contact and her doubtless excitement, you could tell by the rapid barrage as she spilled the news that she had been chatted up by a really nice looking guy who was in town working as a shop fitter in the new complex. They met as she ordered coffee at a nearby stall and they had shared a table in the crowded outlet they were in. The cold day was the other side of the glass and rain lashed the windows making pinging noises for those close enough to hear. I sought the reason for her ringing and she went quiet then said 'Would you mind if I went out with him tonight?'

I was not over surprised, my mind had sort of started putting things together as the picture was painted by Liz, a forty two year old with a desirable figure and the confidence to show it. I knew she looked gorgeous even in jeans and her boots emphasised her lovely stature and the freshly done hairdo surrounded her pretty face and gave a pleasing warmth to her demeanour. That a guy should fancy her was no surprise so with the answer from me that it was ok, she gave an excited 'Yay' and said she was coming home to get ready. It was just after four in the afternoon and she text me on the bus as she came home to ask me to run her a bath and get some sexy clothes out (of my choice) for her evening.

Being included in the preparation for her to turn on another man was not a first for me, but was always a great thrill as I sorted through her skirts and dresses and underwear drawer to find a combination to turn on her latest suitor. We have done this before as you may have guessed but each opportunity is relished by me as I get more excited as the evening proceeds.

Half an hour later she is home and in a dizzy mood. It is a while since the unexpected spontaneous meeting between her and another man had happened. She said it made her feel really desired, like a young girl just learning the ways of the world, but so much nicer with her understanding the rules.

Our rules in these circumstances are that she never goes out unless she has his mobile number and meets in a public place where she will reveal that I as her husband knows about the liaison and had delivered her to the venue. She lets him know I am cool with the arrangements but that I will have seen his face before leaving her to enjoy her evening with him. These rules are not negotiable. If he is pissed off (rare) it just means she will ring me from the bar they are in and I come and get her. Let's face it he is getting a great evening with a desirable woman and only a fool or a weirdo would object.

So when she is ready to go, she comes downstairs wearing a tight dress in animal print, bravely wearing the stockings and suspenders I had chosen (black), a black bra and panties and knee high boots (black again). The leopard print dress making her look dangerous. Beneath a black coat, she looked perfect and so ready to be fucked. As I drove, she rubbed my cock over my jeans and I was uber excited. A few texts between him and her confirmed he was there and ready to take her for a meal and a few drinks before going to his hotel room. All was rosy.

We reached the destination and she got out and went inside while I parked up then gave them a few minutes before following them in to ensure she was with him (you never know, some guys get frightened and don't show). They were at the bar and she sat on a high stool ignoring me as I pass them fairly close and go into the gents, wait a couple of minutes and then return and leave, making eye contact only very briefly then leave for home.

Satisfied her night had begun well, I went home and got an occasional text (probably from the ladies room) giving any information such as where they ate and which pubs they were in. I get a mental picture of their whereabouts. Just before eleven I get a picture. Absolute gold. She has removed her panties and taken a picture of her cunt for me and sent a text saying she is going to put her panties in his hand when she gets back to the bar. My rigid cock bounces against my pants in excitement.

Time passes, midnight, one am, very quiet. I am a wreck. Then just before two she says she is getting a taxi home. I text back and ask if her panties are now in his possession and she says yes. I remind her she might get a reduction on her taxi fare if she gives him a surprise and I get back an 'Depends if he's nice' Silence for ten minutes and then 'Mmm, he's nice, hope he notices' Twenty minutes later the taxi arrives, I guess the ride should only have taken no more than ten (in heavy traffic). I open the door and she slips inside. I see the driver's face fleetingly as he drives away smiling.

In the lounge she stands in the middle of the room, coat across the sofa, dress still unzipped at the back, bra draped in the top of her handbag. A big grin on her face. 'Tell me about your night' I ask. 'Interesting. which bit?' 'The best bit of course, I aren't bothered about how the meal was' 'Oh I thought you wanted to know what I had for main course' 'Go on then, what did you have?' 'Cock, a lovely serving of hot cock in his special sauce' I love this game as she let her dress fall away and her stockings and suspenders remain the only thing left along with her boots. She lays back on the sofa and opens her legs wide. A trail of silver white cum slides down her slit and runs down onto the cushion under her bum. I strip quickly but having only my jeans and a tee shirt on, that did not take long. My cock ached but I needed to lick that creampie. Her cunt was generous, she tasted divine, salty but ample, I licked her pussy with care and sensitivity, lovingly attending to the puffy slit and reddened lips. For sure she had been well fucked.

Between licks I asked for her story and she told me her lover for the night had been a perfect gentleman until she put her knickers in his hand and then it was game on. He asked if she wanted a drink back at the Travelodge and her grin was enough for him. They drained their glasses and left. He stopped and had a grope of her cunt in a shop doorway and she felt his length, and was most satisfied at what she felt. She got his cock out as they walked the empty streets, only stopping her touching as a couple appeared from a side street. Into the hotel and up in the lift where they exposed each other's bits and she licked his cock for the first time. in the room they helped undress each other and when he saw her suspenders he said it felt like a porn film. They lay naked on the bed and licked and sucked each other until he asked if he needed a condom and she said 'No fuck me bareback, come inside me, I am safe' With that she was filled with his length and had a sustained fuck which surprised her. She asked if she wan't turning her on and he said he had a wank before he met her so he could last longer. When he came, he had already got Liz to come she said he was so good she wanted him all night. She felt his spunk hit her insides and it squeezed out between her cunt lips and his shaft he ejected that much. They made a real mess of the sheets, a large stain which was added to when she squirted later as they continued the orgy for two.

Overall they made love several times and she said she said she was entirely satisfied with his performance and attention to her needs. She said she might go for coffee again at that stall and if he met her again she would fuck him but the shop fit was due to finish in a few days so he was not certain he would have any spare time. On to the taxi ride. She admitted that she let her dress ride up too high but that was a story she would tell me later. I could not complain and had another revelation to look forward to. It was late and we were working next dfay so we went to bed and cuddled and loved each other in perfect peace.