Written by Cameron

2 Jul 2018

My darling wife has had the same lover for over a year and a half. She met him through her business and she literally get to mix business with pleasure. She took that big step to have sex with another man with my full agreement. He is the only other man she has had sex with since we started dating and married.

We have been together 10 years. It was her idea to have sex with him and asked me if I could handle her having it with someone else. I agreed immediately.

She has a high sex drive and we had often talked about sex and what we both liked and wanted but I had never come straight out and said that I wanted her to do it. We also used to do things like when we saw hot men or women when we were out then we ask one another if we would like to fuck them? That is a great game because often what appeals to your partner is quite different to yourself.

Anyway my wife is not turned on by any cuckold situations. She has always made it clear that she doesn’t want a wimp of a husband. She just likes raw exciting and energetic sex.

When she first had sex with Dane they met 5 times before she brought him home to our house. That evening we all talked for about an hour before we had a threesome. He stayed the night and we both had her twice more before breakfast.

She and him were using condoms then but after about a month when she was sure she wanted to continue it she asked me if I could handle it if he stopped using them. I agreed and that’s when I experienced my first sloppy seconds. What a feeling, he is quite a cummer. She has excellent muscle control and can really milk your cock but the added fluid makes it so slippery.

He follows me as well, my wife makes sure of that.

We don’t go down on her after we have cum in her. Neither of us is into that. So she gets plenty of oral before either of us cum in her. If he stays over which is fairly often then she showers and cleans up before we continue.

I would like to watch more but she isn’t in to that so I am careful to be very active. They do have sex without me if I am away or home late. Sometimes I know he is coming over and do things so I am late and they are fucking when I get in. I like to undress and join them or maybe shower if I need to freshen up before joining them. It’s strange to be showering and you can hear your wife moaning as she reaches orgasm.