Written by Nick & Eva

3 Jul 2018

In my last few posts, I told you how my wife, Eva, started sunbathing naked in the garden, and this has progressed to her having sex in our spare bedroom with Clive, our next door neighbour who is considerably older than both of us. I wasn’t sure whether Clive’s wife, Celia, knew anything about it, but I suspected she didn’t. I realised that Eva was effectively cuckolding me, but I realised that, as she wasn’t abusive about it and she was getting what she needed to satisfy her high sex drive, it would be best if I didn’t rock the boat.

One evening when we got home from work, we realised we did not have all we needed for the evening meal, so I volunteered to walk round to our local supermarket to get what we needed. When I got to the checkout, who should I meet immediately in front of me but Celia, the wife from next door. Celia is in her sixties and has had 3 children, so she has a ‘motherly’ figure – large, slightly saggy boobs, and nicely rounded, but it’s in all the right places, so I thought I could easily fancy someone like her in 20 years’ time. We chatted briefly, and Celia waited for me while I paid for my purchases, before we started walking home together.

Once we were clear of the shops and on our own, Celia confided in me that she had seen her husband, Clive, coming out of our house a few times recently. The first couple of times, she was too far away from the house and Clive had not seen her coming but, on the most recent occasion, she was only 20 yards away. Clive had said that Eva had asked him to go round as there was something wrong with our electrics, but Clive had quickly sorted it out for her. Celia paused, obviously waiting for me to volunteer some information about the incident and, when I said nothing initially, she asked if there was something she should know about.

I wasn’t sure what to say, and I didn’t want to openly lie as that is usually the start of getting into deep water. My reticence gave Celia the opportunity to carry on talking. She said that Clive is a horny little bugger, and she had thought there might be something going on between him and my wife. I said nothing, still reluctant to outright lie, and she picked up on my silence, saying “there is, isn’t there”. I was backed into a corner, and I had to admit there might be.

Our walk had slowed to a steady stroll, and Celia suggested we walk across the corner of the park to prolong the conversation. She said that Clive has a very high sex drive, to the point where Celia struggled to keep up with him sometimes, but she had noticed recently that he was less demanding from time to time. She then paused expecting me to tell my side of the story, and I told her that I was in a similar situation with Eva. I told her I thought it might have started with Eva’s sunbathing in the back garden, but I decided not to admit my full knowledge, certainly not about the camera in our spare room.

By this time, we had reached the end of our road, and Celia had become thoughtful. As we approached our houses, she said that she didn’t want to provoke an outright row with Clive, and she got the impression I didn’t want a major falling out with Eva either. I said that, if there was something going on, I didn’t see it as the end of our marriage. So, the conversation ended without really reaching a conclusion. Celia thought Clive was up to something, but she wasn’t really sure …… and I wasn’t about to confirm anything because I didn’t know what the consequences would be. Besides, I wasn’t quite sure whether I could fancy a woman more than twice my age!

Several weeks passed without Clive coming round to our place and, when there was eventually a new video file for me to watch, I heard Clive telling my wife how Celia might suspect something as she seemed to be keeping a close eye on him. He said he was going away for a long weekend on a walking holiday with some of his mates in a couple of weeks’ time, and I knew Eva would be working on the Saturday, so I decided it would be an opportunity to talk to Celia again …… not that I particularly wanted to talk to her, as I still wasn’t sure how she viewed Clive’s infidelity with my wife.

On the Saturday morning, I heard Celia putting out the washing in the back garden, so I got one of the patio chairs and popped my head over the fence. Celia was standing with her back to me and, as she bent over to get something out of the basket, I could see right up her skirt almost to her fanny – what a sight for a Saturday morning, I thought. I was just pondering whether I would like to see a bit more, when she stepped round to the other side of the washing line and saw me. Rather than making her jump, she just said “enjoying the view, were you” and it crossed my mind that she knew I was there all along. She then bent forward to get something else out of the basket, giving me a view of her cleavage down the front of her light summer dress. My cock stirred slightly.

Celia said it had been a while since we spoke, and invited me round for a cup of tea. When I got there, she was in the kitchen, so I leaned against one of the cupboards to talk as she put the kettle on. She asked if I had discovered anything more about Eva and Clive since we last spoke, so I said “no, not really”. I was a bit surprised when she walked over to me, placing her feet either side of mine and her hands on my chest and said “having a sneaky peak outside, were you”. All of a sudden, we were kissing, not just a peck on the lips, but a full-on snog. She said she was fairly certain Clive was getting his oats with Eva, so she had decided she ought to have a younger boyfriend.

I put my arms around her and kissed her back, she was grinding herself against my groin but I didn’t respond to her advances, so she stopped and stood back, saying “I’m sorry, have I misjudged the situation”. I said “no, it’s not that, it’s just that I have not been with another woman since we were married”. When she said “maybe I shouldn’t have assumed that you would fancy an older woman”, I reached out and pulled her back to me, kissing her passionately on the lips, and she melted into my arms. We kissed passionately for several minutes, me mauling her ample boobs and her massaging my shoulders. When I reached down to hitch up her dress, I discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties and, when I said “ooh, this feels nice”, she responded “have I been very naughty”.

Celia had my T shirt over my head in no time at all, and was quickly trying to get the front of my jeans undone. It became a bit frantic for a while, as I undid the front of her dress and tried to suck her tits. She didn’t want me to remove her bra as she said her tits were a bit droopy nowadays but, when I scooped one out of the bra and began sucking the nipple, she sighed deeply and allowed me to unclip the bra. Celia held her arms against her ample tits initially but, having turned us round so I had her pinned against the kitchen cupboard and dropped to my knees, she wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me against her tits, so I could feast on her nipples alternately.

It was now Celia’s turn to take control, and she turned us round again so I was the one pinned against the cupboard, so she could slip my jeans and boxers down. When my cock sprang out from my underwear, she said “ooh this looks nice” and she began licking and sucking my bell end. We took it in turns to pin each other against the cupboard, and take the assertive role, Celia sucking my cock, and me pushing her feet apart so I could lick her clit and slip several fingers inside her very wet cunt. I knew that trying to fuck her on the work surface wasn’t on as my legs are too short to get adequate penetration (I have tried that one with Eva), so I moved Celia over to the kitchen table, laid her out and, with Celia looking expectantly into my eyes, I presented my cock to where she wanted it.

As I slid my weapon inside her, it crossed my mind that my first time with another woman since I got married felt so good. We fucked for some time, Celia with her knees bent, then with her legs straight up over my shoulders. I realised I had to concentrate hard to avoid cumming too soon. I turned her over so I could fuck her from behind, Celia with one hand rubbing her clit as I fucked her. This gave me the chance to maul her tits which, although sagging heavily, I was delighted to find had amazingly stiff nipples, pinching them between my fingers really turned her on. There was an awful lot of grunting and groaning coming from both of us, Celia demanding that I “fuck her harder …… that’s it, make me cum …… oh I’m cumming”.

I had turned her over onto her back again and, having made her cum twice on my cock, not to mention the times with my fingers and tongue, I realised I wanted to cum as well. As I built up the pace, with Celia imploring me for another orgasm, I said I thought I was nearly there and she demanded that she wanted it inside her. I think it was me spurting my seed inside her that took Celia over the edge again, and we orgasmed more or less together, very noisily I might add.

As my cock softened and I slipped out of her, Celia just lay there with my sperm gently leaking out onto the kitchen table. Celia laughed and said something about me filling her too full. We went upstairs to shower, needless to say together, and I found exploring her body as we soaped each other most enjoyable. Afterwards, Celia asked if I could stay a little longer and we cuddled up in bed together – their marital bed, I might add, which felt a little strange. Celia said that had been her first time with another man in over forty years of marriage to Clive, and she wondered why she had not done it before.

After a while, we went downstairs to make a sandwich, and it felt rather strange wandering round someone else’s kitchen totally naked. Having eaten our sandwich at the kitchen table, I decided I quite liked the sight of Celia’s droopy tits and I wanted to prolong the experience so, when we had finished eating, I suggested we return to the bedroom as Eva would not be home from work for ages. As I walked upstairs behind Celia, I got to admire the sway of her ample arse, and I reached up to slide my hand between her legs to stroke her pussy. At the top of the stairs, she turned to look at me lustily, saying her pussy was practically creaming and we dived back into their marital bed to fuck again.

Even at my young age, I do not repeat that quickly, so it was a joy to pleasure Celia at length, with my tongue buried deep between her legs, at the same time mauling her ample tits. I did manage to raise an erection fairly quickly (well it was actually Celia who did it, sucking my cock deep into her mouth), so I was able to fuck her again and I think she enjoyed my staying power as we fucked in numerous positions. I think I could have kept her happy for hours as she orgasmed repeatedly, demanding that I fuck her harder over and over again. She clearly is a very lustful woman.

When I eventually flooded her cervix again, she had me held tightly by her arms and legs, telling me how good it felt inside her. When I finally went back to our house late in the afternoon, we agreed we didn’t want that to be a one-off, but we hadn’t really worked out how we could meet on a regular basis with Clive being at home so much. Celia suggested she might try to persuade him to get a little part-time job to get him out of the house occasionally.