Written by Paul & Karen

5 Jun 2017

Hi, Paul & Karen here. Were new to the swinging scene but wanted to share our sort of accidental introduction to the scene.

We’re both 23 and have been married for just over a year. I’m 5’10” and Karen is 5’2”.She’s got a really hot body and because she’s short her DD tits make her a bit top heavy ( As she puts it). She’s gone on about getting a reduction but I’m trying to talk her out of it.

Anyway, we had talked for a while about spicing our sex life up and had even started sending naked picks of her to strangers on line and really getting off on the comments. But we soon started to get bored of that and started to consider swapping or meeting someone for a threesome but had a hard time getting up the courage to actually do it. We decided to ease ourselves into it by looking to visit dogging sites, not to get involved but just to watch from a distance.

We live in Wales and even travelled to Cornwall to visit a sight. It was a bit of a disappointment, just a few old men standing around one car wanking. They saw Karen but we decided it wasn’t her thing.

Then we found out that there was one not that far from us. Its in a car park near a beach but far enough inside a forest so as not to be disturbed.

We parked a good distance away and walked so we could see but not be seen if you get my meaning. After about an hour a good few people had shown up and some of them about our age but a good few older people. We watched as the action got more intense. We got quite turned on when a woman sat with her legs outside the car giving a couple of guys blow jobs. We thought dogging was just about oral sex but as time went on a couple of women ended up being fucked either on the bonnet of a car of being bend over a large tree stump and fucked doggy style.

We decided to get closer so we could see better. It was so hot I had to put my hands under Karen’s top to have a good feel of her tits which sends her crazy. In the end my cock’s out and she’s tossing me off and her tops off with her tits hanging freely. Then one of the cars puts the full beam on and we are in the spot light. A few guys start to make their way over so Karen pulls her top down. They ask if we had been here before and we told them it was our first time.

The said that we shouldn’t be shy and actually asked Karen if they could see her tits again calling them impressive. Karen was shy at first and said it was up to me so I pulled her top off letting them be seen. The two guys both in their 50’s both whistled and said that she was ‘fucking amazing’. Then one of them asked if she was ok for a feel, she looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders but before I could say anything the two of them took a tit each for a good feel.

Karen has really sensitive nipples and had to lean against a tree to stop from falling over. These guys both knelt down and took a nipple each and started having a good suck.

One of the men started to slide his hands down and unbutton her jeans. Karen opened her eyes, looked at me and then waved me off which I took as her being ok with it. The stranger unzipped her jeans and pulled them down just enough to slide his fingers into her pussy and give her a good finger fucking.

By now another couple had come along, a man and woman in they’re late 50 I guess. They smiled and asked if they could watch. I couldn’t exactly say no, so all three of us watched these guys finger fuck my wife and suck her tits. Then she slides down the tree and onto the floor and starts to push her jeans down to her ankles.

One of the guys knelt over her and slid his cock in between her tits for a good titty fuck before he crawled up further, lifted Karens head up and started to fuck her mouth.

I asked her if she was ok and I got a thumbs up so, although I wasn’t sure if this was going too far I just stood there and watched. The woman who had come over asked why I wasn’t having fun so I pathetically said it was my first time. She said ‘poor love’ undid the zip on my trousers and pulled my had cock out and gave me a wank before getting on her knees to suck me off.

By now the guy had climbed off Karen & was kneeling by her face slapping his big cock n her lips tossing himself off with the other stranger eating her pussy like mad. Karen was groaning and bucking thrusting her pussy into his mouth and feeling herself.

This was too much for me and I warned the woman who’s mouth I was shagging that I Was going to cum. She pulled away and turned to her (I assume ) husband and asked if that was ok, he just nodded and said as long as I can fuck her. In my head I was saying no chance but I was too far gone. I looked at Karen expecting her to say no and that this was enough but she pushed the guy who was fucking her with his tongue and finger away and took one leg out of her jeans lay flat on her back muttering ‘its ok, its ok then goes on one elbow takes the third guy by the hand and is muttering ‘fuck me its ok fuck me’.

The the other two knew when they were beat and stepped back for the show. I didn’t know whether I was gutted that she wanted to fuck someone else, a complete stranger or turned on. I hadn’t even noticed that this guys wife had stopped sucking me off and was kneeling there watching her husband pull his jeans down , take his cock in his hand and feed it into my wife.

The two of them just went for it, there was no foreplay, he just started fucking my wife hard, her big tits swinging as she squealed and groaned (loudly) his arse bouncing as much as I could with her legs wrapped round it.

One of the other guys knelt down and had another feel of her tits but Karen pushed him sway telling him to ‘fuck off, I’m being fucked’.

His wife went back to sucking me off. By now there was a larger group watching and wanking and this send me over the edge. I pumped cum into this strangers mouth and she swallowed like a pro.

I had finished but my wife and this guy kept going making so much noise that in minutes over 10 people came to watch, a few fucking against trees. This guys wife, the woman who’s mouth I had filled with cum had started on another guy and was having her mouth fucked again so I put myself away and watched with the others.

Then the screaming and grunting got loader, I called to him to warn him that he wasn’t to cum in side her and that she wasn’t on the pill. In fairness he started to pull out but she pulled him back with her legs round his arse and with her hands. I couldn’t make out what she was saying, she was panting and crying and grunting all at the same time but a made out ‘inside me’ over and over.

I don’t think he could had stopped if he tried and he gave one big thrust and shudder, she howled which I know is her having a huge orgasm. A complete stranger was cumming in my wife and from the thrust and grunts he did it a few times before he slid out.

The two guys who had started the whole thing knelt beside her and came over her mouth, hair and tits. Another guy who had just arrived decided he wanted some and got his cock out and was going to slide it into my wife’s pussy but I pulled him back telling him enough was enough.

Karen dressed herself got up and took my hand and pulled me away.

When we got to the car we just looked at each other, Karen stunk of cum, it was on her face, in her hair and her top was stained from the cum on her breasts. She kept apologising telling me that she couldn’t help herself. I told her not to apologise and that it was as much as me. We drove home and we both showered then had the best sex ever.

We are tempted to go back but the weather has turned. We will see what we do next but I don’t think that was the least time we do something like that. Maybe not on the floor near a car park but somewhere more comfortable.