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It's been a couple of weeks since Lyn left, she has sent two short messages, but nothing that suggested she missed me. Anna has had no messages from Adam.

We had just made love when Anna informed me,  "Mummy has invited us to stay next weekend. "

"That will be niceโ€ฆhas your father gotten over his disappointment."

"Yes he knows you are married nowโ€ฆdo you think Lyn will come back?"

"I don't think so, she has always been taken with Adam."

"I know  I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault, love."

"Are you really OK?"

"As OK as I can be with a beautiful sex mad woman next to me."

"You're a flatterpuss." Anna said, snuggling closer.

I took Friday off and we arrived midafternoon. Her father,  John greeted us at the door.  "Come in good to see you Tony."

"Good to be here."

"Hello Anna." He hugged Anna.

"Hello daddy"

"That went better than last time." I observed as we got into bed.

"Daddy likes you, so does mummy."

"Are we going to stop talking about them?"

"What do you want to talk about?"


"Oh!" Anna kissed me.

In the morning we went for a walk along the river. As we reached a few trees we noticed a couple on the ground. They were both clothed but it was obvious she had the front of her skirt up and he was drilling her.

We stopped and watched them. My hard cock was pressed into Anna's back. I reached around, opened two buttons on her blouse and felt her firm naked breast, her nipple was hard. She turned her head as I kissed her neck. We kissed. She held my hand to her breast and pulled the other to her open jeans, guiding my hand into her knickers. Her pussy was wet. I fingered her pussy as we both watched the couple fucking. Anna came softly before the couple. She pulled my hand from her pussy, licked a finger once, turned around, placed my hand to my lips, then kissed me. "Do I taste good?"

"You always taste good." I kissed her again and she turned back in time to see the man pull out.

"Shall we let them know we are here?" She asked.

"No, let them have their privacy?" We sneaked away quietly, back to the house.

Saturday went well. There were guests invited to dinner.

After dinner we left Anna, her mother and two female guests and went to chat, mostly about my job before rejoining the ladies. I know rather old fashioned.

On Sunday John offered me a job.

"You and Anna make a nice couple."

I was not sure what to say. "Anna is a nice woman."

"Are you planning to marry?"

"We have not thought about it."

"I want a grandson. I will give you ยฃ10000.00 for each grandchild and ยฃ50000.00 for my first grandson."

"I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything but the offer is there."

After lunch Mary, Anna's mother asked "When are you getting married?"


"I think the company would rather you were married." John said.

I will not bore you with the details. I accepted the job, Anna would change her name to mine by deed poll. When I got a divorce we would have a quiet wedding. Anna would be known as Ms. She would be a modern wife not styling herself Mrs. I took the job offer with Anna's encouragement, it was nearly double my government salary with more chances to travel and a very good deal on a four bedroom house.

I pulled off the road halfway home. "What does it feel like to be married?" I asked.

"I like it."

"Is it going to stop you being naughty?"

"Why should it?"

"Have you ever been dogging?"

"No, have you?"

"Once, I never enjoyed it, but I think I would enjoy bending you over the car."

"Why do you ask?"

"I was looking on the site. There is a dogging site just down the lane."

"So that is why we stopped here?"

"Would you like to put on a show, nothing more unless there is someone you fancy?"

I pulled into the car park. There was no one there.

"That's a pity." Anna commented.

"...but since we are here" I continued.

"...we may as wellโ€ฆ" she never finished the sentence, she opened the car door. We met by the boot. "I have never been bent over a car."

"We still have some firsts then?"

"More than you can imagine."

"Is that so?" I asked, taking Anna in my arms.

"It is." She answered and kissed me.

Anna pulled at my trousers and I pulled at her blouse. I never removed her blouse, just opened it. We pushed her jeans down and she shuffled out and back into her shoes. I pushed my trousers down and took her doggy over the back of the car. 

Lights approached, "Do not stop." Anna demanded.

"I'm not going to." I continued to bang away in the headlights of the new car.

I could see a figure behind the lights which moved closer. His cock was out and he was wanking.

I came. Anna turned around and spread her legs, fingering herself until she came. Working her bean with my cream.

She knelt, in shoes and an open blouse, nothing else. She sucked my cock. Her free hand beckoned the man over. She inspected the cock in the headlights, then took it in her mouth and enjoyed it. She kept hold of my cock gently wanking it. 

"Oorh that's good, suck it bitch." The man said. That would have been enough to for me to stop him fucking Anna, but what he did next turn Anna off. He came, Anna let go of his cock and he squeezed a bit more cum over Anna and her blouse.

"O God." Anna said in disgust, picked up her jeans and knickers, and got in the car. I was close behind her taking the wheel. 

I turned the car around, and told him out the window, "If you had not done that you could have fucked her bareback." 

We drove away. 

"You would have let him have me bareback?"

"No, but he deserved to be disappointed after what he did."

"True" Anna replied as she wiped her blouse and breast. She sat half naked as she buttoned her blouse.

We stopped ten miles down the road and she pulled jeans on.

"Now we are as good as married. I want you to make one promise to me." I asked Anna. 

"What would that be?" There was a hint of suspicion and disappointment in her voice. 

"Never ask me 'What are you thinking'. You can ask me what I think about something, but never just what I am thinking. It always annoyed me."

"Is that all I was worried you wanted me to stop playing away?" There was relief in her voice. 

"Never, you know I wouldn't stop you doing that, and if I'm there so much the better."

"So you can have your fun?"

"That too."

Written by Tony

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