25 Jun 2019

As we were walking back to the car park another car turned up and parked…none of us could see the occupants so we all ambled back to our own cars….but not wanting the moment to end I wandered around the car park and by the car to see if I could see who was in it….and it seemed to be just another guy. However, by this time the other guy who had been having his cock sucked earlier had driven off…..?!?

Having seen that it just looked like another dogger I went back over to chat to the couple who fortunately had not left yet….the guy was a little unsure and kept saying that they had somewhere to be…but the girl seemed still quite up for it….damn I thought, this is slipping away….but after chatting for a while longer the gut did agree that he did come here to get his girl fucked…and didn’t really want to go without that happening… (game on gain….i hoped…)

However the girl then seemed to make up her mind that she wanted fucking and took charge…she got out and said that she could just bend over the front seat with her ass out the door…or even the back door….but the car had so many internal lights, it seemed to take ages to try to get them all off and I thought that it wasn’t going to happen…..but again the girl took the lead again and said she could just bend over into the back of the vehicle and be fucked there….so she did just that….

Now as his girlfriend was bent over in the back of the vehicle, with her dress pulled up and with her gorgeous ass sticking out with her pussy on show seemed to completely make the guys mind up as we both started to play with her ass and pussy….the vehicle was a large hatchback van type so someone could almost lay down in the back…so the guy climbed in the back and offered put his cock for his girlfriend to suck….and she went after it with a gusto…

After a while the guy asked if I would like to fuck his girl….”er….fuck yes” I said….i carried a condom (always hopeful…lol) so my cock was out and rubbered up in a second and slipped into her wet, waiting, tight pussy….so there we were, he had his cock in his girls mouth, I was hammering away for all I was worth, and she was taking it all in her stride and seemed to be loving it….

After a while the guy asked his girl to move onto her back, so that he could see my cock in her, so she rolled over and I slipped back into her and started off again watching the girl sucking the guys cock…now I don’t know how I had managed to hold off this long, to be honest I thought I was going to shoot my load when she started to suck my cock earlier in the woods…and then it was all I could do to hold it when I initially slipped in her and started to fuck her….but now I knew I didn’t have long…so I pulled her legs up and held them back so they were up in the air and soon was filling the condom as I almost exploded with the built up sexual tension….

The girl was still sucking her fella off as I took my now throbbing cock out….and her pussy looked so lovely I immediately went down on her and started licking her clit and pushing my tongue in as far as I could go into her wet pussy….she seemed to be enjoying it as she was pushing herself onto me….it was heaven…the guy was enjoying the sight too as he was asking her if she was loving her pussy being licked, and that he loved seeing her licked out!

Now it was the guys turn, he climbed out and the girl turned around again so he could fuck her doggy style…and just went straight at it… was so horny and my cock decided to get hard again… especially as I took the opportunity to play with her fab tits again with one hand and gently slapped her ass with the other whist the guy was on the “out” stroke….after a while the guy shot the second load of cum into this gorgeous babe (his being bare back)……WoW what a night!

We all cleaned up and tucked everything away…they were a really nice couple and we all chatted for a while, they wanted to know when people were there or any other places…he said he had a fantasy of spit roasting her over a picnic table…and other stuff…

Sadly the night had to end so I asked if I could give the lovely lady a kiss…which was a yes…I said to the girl that I hoped she didn’t mind, but she was definitely going to be the subject of many a wet dream and I was absolutely going to wanking a lot over the thought of her and the memory of the fantastic evening….and she laughed and said hat was alright, and she quite liked the idea of that… lol

They said they needed to be somewhere…but before they went I gave them my number…and said that if they were going to try this again, and wanted to be sure there was at least one willing cock wherever they decided to got then txt me….and ill do whatever I can to be there….now I’m just waiting for that txt….one never knows……