14 Jul 2019

This al happened about 12 years ago I had the works van home with me overnight and was feeling rather randy al day I asked Elizabeth was she feeling up to a bit of fun and she smiled and asked what I said I have the works van home and she said ok. Later that evening she put a long blue dress on what had only two thin straps, she said there was to be no fucking tonight only a bit of paying I said ok. Little did I know she had nothing on under the dress so of we went in the van and of to a dogging spot we both know about seven miles from we live. We got there and al was very quite then a car pull up and a chap got out of it dressed in very dark clothing and stood near by I got out of the van and he came over and we said hello I made it clear that Elizabeth was not up to mush to night but he could watch what we were doing,he said that was fine he did say her tits were very big I told him they were 44dd. He said he would love to rub himself on Elizabeth. I got back in the van and told Elizabeth what was said she said if thats all he can but he has to were a condom because she did not want the dress stained. I got out of the van and told him and he said ok I told him I would flash the lights when she was readyAt times Elizabeth like to were blindfolds she put some on then but her head on my lap and her legs up on the other two seats. I flashed the lights and the chap come over and got in the van I seen he was rock hard he sort of lay on top of Elizabeth and started to give her small kiss,s she likes to be kissed her mouth open slightly he kissed down her neck and was pushing him self on her I got her arms out of the self of her dress and he pulled the dress down showing her breasts he seemed to be pushing harder and faster on her at the same time now kissing and sucking her breasts. As this was happening I noticed that Elizabeth had open her legs and open foot was now on the van floor. As the chap was rubbing against her she was pushing back and I seen her dress was going up her legs showing her thighs she now had her arms around him and was breathing very heavy he looked up at me and I smiled at him I was rock hard and pushind against Elizabeth head I looked down and i seen his condom had come of the dress was right up and his dick was now rubbing against her clit she pushing back and loving it the next thing he was inside her I knew she yelled O Yes buck me the started to buck fast Elizabeth had her legs round his back now pulling him into her and kissing him hard then the grown,s and both go them cuming together. She made her self round to me took my hard dick out and started to blow me the chap sat and watched when I was about to cum I took my dick out of her mouth and came over her tits. By the stage the guy had went hard again we both turned her round and bend her over the set and he fucked her up the pussy from be hind as you al know Iam BI I rubbed away at the guys balls as he was fucking her whih he did not mind I went hard again he slipped his hand on my dick and was wanking me of When I herd Elizabeth cum again on hereing her cum i came in his hand he started to suck and bit her back and the next thing his spunk went in her again more to come.