6 Sep 2019

What a night I have had it 1 o’clock in the morning and I am sat there in the doorway of my camper with a glass of wine and a cigarette it is still a warm evening and still lots of cars about. I heard a slight cough and glanced to my left there was a guy stood there in the shadow of my light I watched as he slowly got his cock out and started stroking it to get it hard and what a cock it was it was huge and so wide as he walked closer I could feel myself licking my lips I have never had a cock that size !.

Can I help you I said yes if you want to suck on my cock came the answer, I needed no further invitation and beckoned him closer as I put my glass of wine down I reached up to his hard throbbing massive cock I could barely get my hand around it was so big. He stood in front of me with his massive cock inches from my mouth I bent forwards and rubbed my tongue round his huge bell end slowly working it into my willing mouth god it was so big I had to stretch my mouth as far as I could to get it in cupping his balls in hand I could feel it easing into my throat I was thinking it is a good job I can breathe through my nose! He put his hand on the back of my head and gently began pushing my head onto his massive cock the saliva dripping out the corners of my mouth I felt it touch the back of my throat almost gagging me. He slowly worked up a gentle rhythm and I could fell his huge cock going further and further into my throat I thought I was going to suffocate his balls still in my had were starting to twitch and I knew he was close to Cumming his hand was still putting gentle pressure on the back of my head as he exploded into my throat I couldn’t pull back all I could do was swallow and god there was so much of it seemed to pump straight down my throat for an eternity as he lifted his hand of my head and slowly withdrew his huge cock I couldn’t believe the size I had taken and that I had swallowed the whole load. Can I suck yours now he said I didn’t need asking twice as I was so hard and horny so I stood up in the doorway of my camper and dropped my shorts (I was still wearing my stockings) very nice he said and bent forwards taking my cock in his mouth while rubbing his hands up and down my stocking legs which caused me to rock backwards and forwards in the motion with his mouth. I felt his hands stroking my bum pulling me deeper into his mouth and a finger gently rubbing around my hole I was still rocking with the rhythm of his hands my cock going deep into his mouth then I felt his finger probe into my hole gently working it’s way in I could hold on no longer and came hard feeling my balls tighten so much it hurt he kept working his finger inside me as I came as I pulled out his mouth I could feel my warm spunk dribbling over my balls and down my crack thank you was all he said as he pulled his trousers up and wandered back into the shadows. I couldn’t believe the night I had as I wiped myself down and poured another glass of wine. Bed time was nearly 2 o’clock in the morning.