30 May 2019

Much like my last two stories this happened a little time ago. But it is still as clear as day.

I was coming back from a meeting in Birmingham and decided to call an uber to get home quicker rather than wait for my roommate to finish work, it was raining and I didn't have anything to cover me so when the Uber pulled up it was an older lady, maybe 50-60. She was foreign so it took a few seconds for me to explain I was wet and would give her a tip if I left her backseat wet. Anyway I eventually got in and confirmed my drop off point. We set off

For anyone from Newcastle area you'll know the train station car park to the left gets severely busy at high times. It was around 6pm and we were stuck near the life centre there was a crash near the bridge. I took the time to try and make conversation with my driver asking about herself, her kids, her job and then I noticed her dress had ridden up slightly so I could see some outer thigh. Her skin was a lovely tanned colour all natural I then looked up and saw her catch me looking in her rear view mirror. She smiled at me so I smiled back with a little chuckle of awkwardness and she said it was cute.

She wasn't the best looking women out there but her lips we lovely and red and her skin a gorgeous colour, a bit wrinkled but I hadn't been with anyone in a while. So we move forward a little bit and I mention that she has a nice accent and that I bet she gets all the fellas and she laughed it off and said she hasn't been with a fella since her divorce last year (2017). I then say the cliché line "that's impossible your a real catch" she again smiles at me and looks back to the cars Infront.

I think I've made a fool of myself so I stay quiet for a while when she says "how about you, I bet with your brown puppy dog eyes you have girls swooning for you" and I reply that it's been a while since someone swooned over me and at this moment we clear the traffic and are heading over the bridge when she says "I'm sure girls swoon over you all the time. I am now". At this stage I get little butterflies and smile and think what I should say next. I thought maybe I could get her number and talk for a while so I say "wow I didn't expect that from someone as gorgeous as you" she again smiles and before she has a chance I say "maybe I can get your number and we can talk" and she replies with "we are talking now aren't we". So we keep talking and she turns to talking to dirty talk by asking if I've ever had really good sex before. I say I have and explain to her it was with a girl from university and she says she's never had good sex before and reiterates by saying "like mind-blowing sex" I want to be confident and cocky here so I say "I could give you that" and again she smiles and turns back to the road but looks straight back to me in the mirror again. I give a cheeky wink and say "no one's home". She smiles and says "okay". I don't know what kind of okay this is until we get near mine, she gets another job through but rejects it and then sets it to off duty. I now know what okay this was. We pull up to mine and she says "no one's home?" I say no and get out the Uber. Without looking for fear of disappointment I get to my door and put the key in and I hear a car door close behind me. I open my door, leave it open and step into my kitchen. I take my coat off and shoes off. Put my bag down and I hear my door close and lock. She's looking at me I gesture her over to me, she gets close.

I want this to be something she won't forget so I take charge and grab her and pull into me fast, she gives out a little moan and giggle and I start to kiss her, she leans into it and puts her hands on my waist, mine wonder down to her arse, I then pull her closer, walking backwards to the wall. I hit the wall and swing her road so she is against it. I push her back and she lets out a little moan. I kiss her neck and push her hands against the wall. I start to move downward feeling the knot which is keeping her dress on. I undo this with my mouth and stand back up pulling her dress over her head. Before the dress hits the floor I'm already feeling her inner thighs and she's breathing real heavy now. She reaches for my trousers and I push her hand away and pull her forward. To me and kiss her neck some more, nibble her ear and say "the boss says not yet and I'm the boss, right?" She bites her lips and enthusiastically says "yes sir".

I lead her to the bedroom. She has pants and a bra on, nothing flattering. I take my shirt off and she immediately starts to kiss my stomach and chest. She comes back up for more kissing. I undo her bra and reveal her tits, nice little handfull with brown nipples. I suck on those and she pushes her hands through my hair. I pull back and push her down to the bed, lean down and remove her pants. She has a little bit of hair but nothing to bad, she is visibly wet now and she's looking up at me. I take my trousers and boxers off and lay on the bed, she goes to suck my dick but I say "sit on my face" she's a little taken back and we get into a 69 position, her pussy is so wet, she starts to suck the tip of my dick and slowly takes more of it. After a short while we swap and I go down on her. She's loving it and cums twice screaming fuck when she does. I then bend her over and get deep inside her. I grab her hair and pull slightly and reach around to play with her clit. She comes again and I can feel the cum running down my balls. After more of this she gets into and starts to ride me. She's about to cum and so am I. I'm not wearing a condom and don't want to cum inside I sit up and say "where can I cum" she's so close she screams "inside me" I can't hold it anymore I cum just before she does. She then cums and lies down on me and says "you were right". After some clean up we lie in bed for a while, I get hard again after 15 minutes or so and she says she can't do it again, so she goes down and sucks my dick until I cum again. Swallowing my load.

After this she gets up and gets dressed, I get her number and let her out. Kiss goodbye for now. We talked for a little while after that and arranged a few more meets.

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