Written by marie

11 Jan 2007

hi last night i went on line and got a message from this guy who i know he lives down the road from me said lets meet up im horny as hell well he wasnt the only 1 so i met him at the end of the road jumped into his car and we went for this drive along the back roads all the time he was feeling up and down my legs i was wearing stockings and a very short dress not long got in from work i was getting very turned on by him doing that to me then he said open your legs i want to feeel how wet you are which i did god i was well wet in fact soaked as he pushed his fingers in me i cum then he couldt take much more and stopped the car in this little layby off the road and fingered me hard and fast telling to cum calling me names like cum you fucking bitch mmmmmmmm then i got his cock out which was rock hard and started to suck on him which he seem to like i sucked on him hard and he didt take long to shoot his spunk in my mouth i was gagging on him take it all you slut which i did then he told me to bend over the seat he wanted to tongue my wet hole mmmmmm the feel of his tongue going deep inside of me made me cum again and again then he got very hard which he then fucked me so dam hard it hurt abit both holes he fucked me then left me back at the road drippin with spunk marie