Written by Petros

31 Aug 2017

Mel and I had become lovers, when we met at our children’s athletic club. Mel had 3 children and I had one child. We attended meets together and gradually got to know each other. She was attractive and had a good sense of humour. Our respective spouses were not that involved with the sport and we found ourselves sharing the children’s ups and downs. One weekend, we were staying in a hotel in Leeds and after seeing the children were in bed, we found ourselves in the bar with several other parents. As the numbers fell and the drinks increased, we found ourselves chatting. John, the Coach, winked at me and whispered “You’re in there”. I laughed and Mel wanted to know what the joke was. I blushed, when John repeated his statement. Mel also blushed and a few minutes later went to her room. John and I had another drink and I went to my room.

As I got out of the lift, Mel was waiting for me and pushed me back into the lift., pressing the button for the top floor. She kissed me passionately and I could feel her warm, slim body pressing against me. I responded quickly and my cock started to tingle. Getting out on the top floor, Mel led me to the roof. It was cool, very dark and very quiet. We embraced again and she rubbed my cock through my track suit bottoms. I explored her willing body and soon had her top and bra off. Very hard, long nipples, which had to be sucked and pinched firmly. Mel was soon gasping and this increased as I slipped her skirt and panties off. She was thrusting her fanny at me and I slipped a finger into her. Her cunt was hot, wet, tight and responsive. As I rubbed hr clit, she moaned gently and tensed as she had a small orgasm. “I’ve not been fucked for almost a year”, she whispered. “What a terrible waste”, I responded. I slipped my track pants off and Mel immediately took my cock into her mouth, licking up and down, tasting my pre-cum. She hadn’t sucked cock, since before she had married Ken. It was as if she was getting 15 years of lousy sex out of her system in one night. It wasn’t the best place to fuck a woman, so I turned her round to lean against the wall. I continued to finger her wet cunt and rubbed my cock between her butt cheeks. Gradually I could feel my cock slipping into her cunt and she moved slightly so I could slip it all inside her. Now I only have six inches of skinny cock, but to Mel it felt massive. I fucked her for about ten minutes and she came twice. I speeded up and could feel I was reaching the point of no return. My cock was throbbing and Mel told me she could feel every part of her cunt throbbing as well. She rubbed her clit and had a massive cum. I kept my cock as far into her as possible and finally came deep inside her. She told me she could feel my hot cum splashing inside her.

Mel told me she had fantasised about fucking me, but would never have had the nerve to do it. John had put the thought to the forefront of her mind and she determined to fuck me, even if it was “just the once”. We kissed again and I fingered her cunt gently. We took the lift to different floors and our own rooms. The next morning I was up early and went for a run around the town centre, as I always did at away meets. I couldn’t stop thinking of Mel and what an incredible fuck we’d had. Lynda, my wife was good in bed, but our sex life had become a bit repetitive. Friday night shag followed by a Sunday morning blow job and that was it. She didn’t like oral on her and her nipples were always too sensitive for much sucking and squeezing. Mel came into the dining room as I was finishing my breakfast. It would have seemed odd if she hadn’t sat with me. So she came over and was blushing deeply. Fortunately no-one else joined us and I just said “Thank you”. Making her blush again. She just said quietly, “I thought it was just going to be a one off, but now I’ve had the feel and taste of you, I want more”. It was my turn to blush and I had a semi-hard on. John came across with a couple of parents and the talk changed to more sporting matters.

We left for the meet and Mel was more supportive of the athletes than ever. She quietly told me that every time she jumped up and down, she could feel cum running down inside her thighs. What a turn on. I told her I wanted more as well. Fortunately it was a 2 day meet, so we’d be able to sort something out for the evening or the next day. Our kids did really well, winning medals and producing best times or distances. John was really pleased as we never usually beat Leeds. “The first round is on me tonight”, he said. The team travelled back to the hotel, showered and changed. The meal was boisterous as the athletes had done well and looked forward to the next day. Again we saw our kids to the bed and returned to the bar. John was in good form and had many interesting stories to tell. Some parents started to drift away and Mel surprised me by saying she needed an early night. So it was just a one-off then. I was disappointed. Later, my phone went and I was disappointed to see it was Lynda. Ros had phoned her to tell her how well she had gone on and Lynda sounded quite enthusiastic and would come over the next day. Ah well, I’d had one of the best ever fucks of my life and now it was back to normal.

Or so I thought.

The next day Lynda arrived in Ken’s car. I was a bit taken aback but it made sense that they’d save money by coming over together. Lynda and Mel got on well together and all day I could see them shouting support to the kids and laughing loudly. They both looked over to me and smiled and waved. Ken was officiating as usual and was just a distant figure. We finished the day and came out as the Top Club. A first for our Club. We travelled home with our respective spouses and families and Lynda was very chatty and flirty. She didn’t really do inuendos and was never touchy feely with me. She even pinched my butt going into the house. After the kids had gone to bed, she ran a bath for me and afterwards asked me to join her in the shower in our bedroom. I soaped her all over, feeling her tits and fingering her to an orgasm. She didn’t really do orgasms. Then she soapily wanked me off and played with my cock until I came. This was all very unusual. Then she washed off all the soap and sitting on the shower stool sucked me off until I was hard again. She also sluiced off the soap from her pussy and I only then noticed she had shaved her pubes. This was a first. She took me in the bedroom, taking care to lock the door quietly. She lay on the bed and opening her legs wide, said, “My cunt needs a thorough fingering and licking out and then I want you to give me the hardest fuck I’ve ever had”. I didn’t need a second invitation. I finger fucked her with 1, then 2, then 3 fingers. I fingered her cunt and arse at the same time, at her request. Another first. My cock was throbbing and I needed a fuck. I banged her good and hard and as I was about to come, she told me to come on her face and tits. Another first. Being a good boy, I did as I was told and she rubbed my cum over her tits and scooped it into her mouth. Another first. We both needed another shower and went back to the shower. As we embraced and kissed she asked had I enjoyed it. “absolutely brilliant” was all I could say. “What brought all this on”, I asked. Then she dropped the bombshell. She’d been fucking Ken for over a year and Mel had recently found out about it. Mel hadn’t been upset but said if Ken wanted an open marriage, then she wouldn’t stand in his way. Mel was extremely rich and didn’t want the family disrupted and gave Ken permission to fuck Lynda. He knew what side his bread was buttered. Mel and Lynda had talked about all this at the competition and agreed Mel could fuck me if she wanted to. Lynda knew I thought Mel was attractive and said as long as we were all discrete it wouldn’t be a problem. Mel hadn’t had much sexual experience and Lynda had told her how good a shagger I was and to fuck me. Mel didn’t tell her we’d already fucked.

So there we have it, 10 years on and we still have the same arrangement. It’s all discrete and the four of us all have great sex, both at home and away. The girls don’t want to do threesomes or even same room sex. We all have the best of all worlds. Loving families, great sex with our spouses and fantastic sex with each other’s spouse.