Written by Sgarcia

5 Sep 2008

What you are about to read is totally true. Im sorry if it is long, i wanted to include as much detail as possible so please read until the end.

I have recently returned from mexico where i attended a funeral, my mother's cousin had unfortunatley passed away.

As i live in the UK i have not been to mexico for a very long time and to see all my mothers relatives was quite strange as everybody seemed like strangers to me.

When i was a young boy before my mother moved there on a permanent basis we used to stay in mexico with one of my mums best friends, her name was Rosa. We all used to call her aunt Rosa. she was practically family and was a very nice genuine lady.

When i had met Rosa, she smiled and was very happy to see me after all these yearsand gave me a huge hug, she had changed so much, very mature looking,very good figure who was a typically very attractive mexican lady in her mid 40's.

My mother sat down with us, and we talked for hours and they told me all the storys what i used to get up to as a child and what also came to light was Rosa was seperated from her husband.

So my mum said we would stay at Rosa's house for a couple of days as she helps her cousin deal with the death and support the kids who lived 10 minutes away.

The next day, i felt so weird and so strange because of the eye contact me and Rosa were making.

At times it was very uncomftable as you spend some of your life looking up to someone and respecting them and then your giving eachother the eye.

I kept tryng to brush it all over my shoulder and ignore it but the looks were certainly sexual. It was so wrong, but at the same time i couldnt help it.

The next day my mother left to stay the night at her cousins house and asked if i wanted to go, i told her i would visit the next day.

It was about 1am in the morning, i couldnt sleep, all that was running through my head was aunt Rosa, the tension and looks we kept giving eachother.

I couldnt get her out of my mind so what i did from here was very crafty and wrong.... but ill never regret this!

I walked over to the kitchen to get a drink and made a few deliberate noises to disturb her sleep.

After 5 minutes or so she noticed the light on in my room and asked if i was o.k?

I told her that i couldnt sleep so she walked over and sat at the side of the bed.

She was wearing a long XL white t-shirt that came down just above her knees. She had lovley brown legs and beautifully shaped feet while her hair was out in a layerd fashion down to her shoulders.

I told her the light was hurting my eyes so she switched it off and sat there in the dark talking to me while stroking and playing with my long hair, her hands were so soft and gentle,... touch truley is a amazing thing.

After about 20 minutes she must have assumed i was asleep as she tried to leave the room so i got hold of her hand and as the lights were off i wasnt embarrased to slightly pull her back.

She climbed into the bed with me and we lay there hugging. After minutes of silence, she said " steve i can feel you against my leg??"

I was so rock hard and embarrased at the same time. I apologised and started to move back when she said " No, dont... i like it "

We moved closer to eachother as my rock solid erection was right inbetween her legs pushing against her underwear and her beautiful pussy.

What was i doing?? I mean what the fuck was i thinking? My Mothers best friend?? My mother would have killed us both!!

I still didnt have the courage to take this further as i quite sadly and ridicuously nodded off, but still dying for her to make a move.

..................................................................... I then woke up to the most amazing, a feeling so warm and ecstatic. I looked foward and Aunt Rosa had removed my white CK boxers down to my knee's and was gently sucking my cock in a very slow and teazing way!!!!!

Using her tongue to cicle the head of my very inflated cock and licking my shaft whilst just gently pushing her hand up and down.

Wow, this was amazing, ahhhh ..... i couldnt take much more of it so i pulled her towards me,..we gently pressed our lips togeather and kissed. Finally it had happend, at the back of my mind what i wanted was this all along!

lips on lips, tongue against tongue, we began to kiss firmer, so passionately.

She lay on the bed as i gently removed her T-shirt...wow!! she had beautiful breasts, so supple and mature, only just slightly sagging which made them look even sexier with lovley brown erect nipples. Infact after this experience i dont want a lady younger than me again,.... a older lady definatley for me, i did not know what i was missing!

I started to lick and suck them..ummm i was licking and sucking them so good, circling my tongue around her erect nipples, caressing them with my hands , trying to get as much of those sexy tits in my mouth as possible, i could here Rosa breathing deeper...

I then held both of her breasts in my hands and very aggressivley started to lick and suck her nipples alternatley, this was sending her crazy and i began to kiss down her body, licking around her belly button.

I then came to her sexy black underwear, i placed my mouth inbetween her legs and breathed very deeply and warmly against her underwear,they were absoloutley soaking and a huge wiff of sexy cum was all i could smell and turned me on instantly.

I removed her underwear, and knowing that i might never ever get to do this again i wanted to explore all of her body.

I Kissed down her gorgeous legs, kissed around her ankles and then had her foot in the palm of my hands.

She held her head up and looked at me in anticpation as i gently started to kiss her sexy foot and started licking and sucking on her toe as her head fell back on her pillow, she pushed all of her toes in my mouth and was really enjoying what i was doing as i did the same with the other foot.

I then began to kiss my way back up her legs, getting closer to her wet pussy as she was rubbing her clit. I placed my tongue over her clit and started to draw the number 8 over it,her pussy was absoloutley soacking as i started to manouver my tongue up and down, side to side, round and round as she was moaning very loudly with pleasure. This is what i loved about her, she was so expressionate and very very noisy.

I was wriggling my tongue all over her pussy as she was stroking her fingers through my hair and pushing my mouth against her pussy,... i could hardly breath , i had her cum all over my face and when you hear the term "multiple orgasms" she came over and over again, her juces were all over mt mouth.

As our eyes gazed at eachother, i slid my very hard cock in her pussy,..wow... it was amazing, so wet, so warm and i gently started to thrust her as we were kissing, she was licking my lips and pressing her tongue against mine, tasteing her own cum which was a real turn on so i started fucking her, faster,....faster... firmer and firmer,... harder and harder,.....i was ramming my cock in her so fast and hard she kept cumming and cumming, i could feel all of her pussy juices realeasing all over my cock and she screamed with pleasure.....

She then lay me on my back and started to straddle me, she was gently pushing and bouncing right at the top of me cock,...the teaz had me in ecstacy, i kept trying to push her down but she kept hovering at the top...she had me helplessly wanting her. She then out of knowhere slided down my pole and just sat there, and then started to fuck me, she was fucking me in a slow circular way and then started getting faster and faster and riding my cock up and down,..she was bouncing on my cock fucking me as i tried to suck her tits, but i couldnt because she was fucking me so fast and hard they kept escaping my mouth, watching them bounce!!!

As she was still on top of me i lowerd her body towards me, lifted my pelvis and thrusted her pussy like a animal, i held her body so tight, she couldnt even move as i rammed my cock so fast she screamed and had a orgasm that seemed like a life time,.....!!!

I then bent her over and started to fuck her doggystle, as this is my faviorate position i knew i was going to cum real soon!! i held her hips and watched her sexy ass as i started pumping in and out of her,...i could feel my cum rising already,... i couldnt control myself, i was gently pulling her hair from behind and pounding her pussy...harder and harder..so fast and hard when i roared so loud and completeley exploded deep inside her sexy wet pussy!! It was the most amazing experience i have ever had! we lay there in bed, absoloutley knackerd and gasping for breath!.

Now, if there are any guys reading this you will all know in most cases after you have cum like that it normally takes about 20 minutes again to reach a ultimate hard-on again and start all over, but i swear to you after literally 10 minutes she got me rock all over again by real slowly sucking my cock!!

She then sat directly infront of me, smiled at me and spoke about everything we did with a real sexy and horny tone to her voice as she was wanking me off.

Watching these slim, mature, beautiful latino hands wank me off it took me to the edge again as i climaxed. My cum shot in the air and mostly landed back on her hands as she licked them, and my cock completely clean.

We spoke about keeping this to ourselves and there was no regret from any of us,none!

The next day my Mother arrived back, and from this point on me and Aunt Rosa used to tip toe around the house, even for a 10 second snog, we wanted eachother that much! Any time possible we would quickly feel eachother up, kiss so tightly and lust for eachother, she gave me quick wanks and i was left releiving myself very often.

At one point while my mother was downstair, i followed Rosa into the bathroom and licked her out for about 2 mins, then quickly left. I listend behind the door and heared her fingering herself.

I am now back in the Uk and what can i say, we keep emailing eachother and from that day on, i am only interested with ladys above my age! The maturity and experience was great, so if there are any ladys wanting to repeat this, please email me . My user name is Sgarcia, im open to any suggestions!!

Thankyou for reading, hope you all enjoyed it! If im ever lucky again to repeat it, you'l sure know about it!