Written by THE MASTER

11 Oct 2003


I’m now 35 years old my own company and down to one full time women Lisa (29) I still have sex with a few women mostly with Lisa as a threesome or foursome we have a new slave (25) who works for me as well (cheep labour) as pleasing us he is used as a maid at home complete with maids outfit again he seems to love the abuse we give him, we try to spank him only once a week as I don’t want him to get like slaves I’ve had in past no matter what you do they want more. Lisa seems to use him for her fun more than me as she makes him go down on her while were watching TV, so some nights he licking her for a couple of hours well at least she wet and ready for me, he still has to clean her after I’ve cum. Lisa now likes to have threesome with men so while I’m out Lisa uses the slave and a young bloke(19) down the road for her fun, she even makes them play with each other and they seem to like it, she now wants to have two male slaves so she can have them every night as she thinks it’s great to be fucked in the mouth and cunt at the same time so it looks like we will have to buy a bigger house with a twin garage for them to sleep in. Moved into new house now we have to find a second slave not as easy as it is now, still as no internet now all it takes is one ad, after about six months find one we can all use, Lisa and girl friends now has sex with slaves most night while I’m down pub. Most nights now come home to two well used women so whip slaves as pissed off with it. After six months tell all of them to go, now live on own and have to go out to find women (hard work) for me. Move in new women Rose (33) no slaves yet finding it hard to do things round house as not use to it, Rose will not have other women in bed with us so it’s all going wrong for me as since the age of fourteen I have had threesomes and women that do as I tell them so she had to go, and she did. Not much luck with women for a while none of them want to share me not much fun just one women in bed each night, so take a look at life sell house and business buy a bit of land and have house built on it nearly two years of living in caravan seeing a few women but nothing special happening then decide to go back to old ways of being firm and not give a shit and start to use women again just for sex and what a start met Jane from old schooldays who now divorced and wants to have fun and did we

Part 4 soon