Written by kirsty+jay

24 Aug 2004

we decided a couple of weeks earlier that we were going to go dogging me only being 19 didnt know anything of this sort went on..

we set off he drove my nerves and addrenilin rush was making me all wet i just couldnt wait to get there.

when we got to our destination he turned the interior light on and a couple of blokes came over.. i was loving it already and i hadnt done anything yet..

he pulled his pants down revealling a very hard cock which i couldnt wait to suck.. i went straight down there betwwen his legs being quite forceful with his cock , getting it all the way in to the back of my throat making him moan in pleasure. i started to lick the helmet and wank his cock so i could look up at what was only a couple of blokes now a dozen!! i was so horny i wanted to show them what i could do..

he pushed me back into the passenger seat and ripped my pants down .. he was being nasty and started to lick my clit.. i was in heaven i had blokes all around me wanking their stiff cocks while i was coming in extacy as he started to finger my pussy..

he licked my come up into his mouth came up to me and dribbled it all into my mouth while i was playing with my clit.

he asked if i wanted to be fisted i couldnt wait and shouted yes now..

he lubricatedall his hand and started to tease my pussy.. then all of a sudden in one push it was in and i was screaming i loved it and so did the blokes out side they couldnt get enough of it some were wanking faster they all looked like they wanted to join in be the one with their hand in my pussy..

he then got real nasty and started to push it in and out as i was being nasty to my clit to enable ultimate climax .. i shouted to him harder faster as i was about to cum my whole body tensed up my face got hotter and hotter i couldnt wait to cum.. i could see the men watching they new i was about to cum they were wanking faster and fasteri scramed in pleasure making him push deeper with my clit getting sore it was amazing i would carry that particular feeling for ever if i could it is out of this world like ultimate phwoar fantastic.. the best part was watching some of the men shooting their load everywhere all i wanted then was to tast cum,

after that i then got my dildo out and started to play with it pushing it all the way in and out to get the most out of , while he was wanking over my face.. i couldnt wait to taste his spunk i needed it all over my face..

i can see it in his eyes when he is about to come so i played faster so i could come at the same time.. i started to moan and he screamed here it comes... oh fuck me there was loads everywhere inside and outside the car.. i was in heaven i scrapped it all off my face into my mouth and then dribbled it off on to my boobs until the last of the men outside came and then i showed them all it in my mouth before i swallowed it all.... mmmmmm lovely.

this was the best experiance of my life and would definitly do it again!!!