Written by ann

8 Apr 2006

this is a true story of the time i shagged my husbands best mate my is ann & i am 45 & love sex but have only had my husbands cock in me until our freind came round to fix the guttering!i was off work when the phone rang it, was neil "hi all right if i pop round & to do the job" i said yes he then asked if the old man was in, when i said no he replied "good" i found my self getting randy wandering if he ment what i was thinking!i went upstairs & put on holdups, mini skirt,tee shirt no bra & waited. he turned up & my heart was racing was i going to be fucked by another cock at last? he came,said hello,then you look good,we sat chatting for 10 mins he then said"are they stockings" i said

"hold ups" with that he reached over & put his hand on my thigh,then got up & stood me up & started kissing me, i nearly came just my his touch!we went upstairs, i am shaking like a leaf,he kissed me & took my top off,laid me on the the bed, slide my skirt off leaving me with just my holdups on. he udid his jeans ,took them off with his boxer shorts, & there it was,the biggest cock i had ever seen, let alone touch! he pushed it against my fanny lips & in it went it filled me!i have never came so much in my life1 he made my husbands dick look silly. he gave me the best sex ever (and still is!