Written by veronica

15 Jun 2005

Hi my name is Veronica I have been married now for 22 years im a 43 year old mother of 2 grand mother of 1 well I have been reading your site for over a year now just content too play with my fanny when reading the stories but for the first time i needed more so Monday I thought that I would try going out to look for guys I have never been unfaithfull all the time I have been with my husband. I met a guy in a coffee bar at Blue waters and he told me of a car park where we could have fun near the Dartford river crossing we left Blue waters and drove to a secluded car park, as soon as we got out of our respective cars he was all over me..straight down to it no messing about.That was exactly what I wanted because I am just looking for extra cock !!!

He soon had my tits free of my bra and was hungrily sucking and biting on them, his hand was up my skirt pushing my thong aside and 2 fingers were inside my wet Fanny..it was lovely,standing in a car park with a stangers fingers in me and his mouth on my nipples !

He then got on his knees. I raised one leg onto the bumper of my car and he licked my dripping pussy, flicking my clit with his tongue and pushing 2 then 3 fingers deep inside me. I was begging him to finger fuck me harder while pushing his head hard against my cunt and soon I had my first cum. He moved me to the car bonnet and I lay down legs wide while he pushed his rock hard cock up me and fucked me like a whore while pinching my nipples hard. It didnt take long for him to shoot his load. We straightened our clothes and said goodbye.....WoW that was it I was hooked on fucking strangers.

He Got into his car and drove off out of the carpark leaving me with a fanny full of his cum running down my legs I sat in my car for about half an hour shaking I felt so guilty that I had cheated on my husband like a cheap cum slut with a stranger but I was so sexually turned on by it a knock at my window and I could see this guy smiling at me he asked me if I was ok, I had not noticed a car pull up by mine with two fit looking guys a sex session with another 2 men my mind was working overtime.

I steped out of my car and asked them if thay wanted to Fuck me

then I just walked over to the grass verge. I lay down on the grass fully clothed. One of them pulled the zip of my top down and released my tits from my bra and started licking and sucking my hard nipples. The other pushed my skirt up around my waist revealing my lace top hold ups and thong. He run his hands all over my stockinged legs and across my pussy feeling how wet I was thru my thong. I just lay there arms and legs spread waiting for them to do what they wanted.

The one who had been sucking my tits got his dick out (it was about 7ins) and told me to suck it which I duly did while he carried on playing roughly with my tits.I asked the other one to fuck me....OMG !! his dick must have been 10 or 11 ins and THICK ! I opened my legs as wide as I could and he thrust his dick up me in one stroke and shagged me hard calling me a whore and a cumslut. I wrapped my legs around him and begged him to spunk up me and after fucking me sore he shot his load. I had been sucking and wanking the other one when he told me to get onto my knees

I felt his cock enter me I came like a train as he fucked my sore pussy from behind until he too shot his load up inside me

well they both zipped up and went off on there merry way.

it was time for me to leave I had to pick my husband up from Dartford station wow I had unprotected sex with three strangers and there cum was dripping between my ass cheeks as hubby got in the car it was such a turn on im going to park up there a lot