Written by Lucky A 8-)

20 Mar 2006

This is story that happened to me over 2 years ago , ive had a few experiances since but this was one to remember ------ Get yourself settled and comfy because you will enjoy this - ENJOY .

I used to work as a lorry driver delivering all over the country - i have a girl friend even though we have a good sex life i was always searching for something else .sometimes when i am delivering i have to stay over night , i normaly go to the gymn / saunas if there is any localy . when i paid my money the girl said its guys only tonight which was ok - all i wanted was to relax after a hard day . i got changed then went into the sauna which had about 5 men in i sat down said hello and relaxed in the heat and steam . i closed my eyes and i heared one of the guys say hes ok - he wont mind . but i didn,t know what he meant anyway the steam was thick and as it started to clear i could see one of the guys sucking his mate off while the other men were wanking . then one of the other guys started sucking and it was all happening . i have never had any gay feelings but i was getting a hard on .thelads who were sucking were getting quite vocal telling each other what to do and who to suck next . anyway with my hard on i sneaked out leaving them to it . i went into the coffee room and there was a big stocky black man there i said hello - he looked at me and i realised i still had a semi on - he made some comment but in my embarisment i sat down .

he sat next to me and said did i have a good time in the sauna i said too much going on for me . he said his wife was away in london on buisness and he and his friend were going for a drink and if i wanted i could come . well i said ok if it was ok so i said i,ll get changed and i will see you down stairs in about 15 mins .

when i got ouside he said he was going to a local pub about 10 mins away - we got in the pub and got a drink he introduced himself as ged - i told him i was driving lorrys and that i was staying over night after a few more drinks his mate arrived another big stocky lad he said his name was steve . over the next 2 hours we had a lot of drink and talked about everything normal mundane chat . i asked them if they were into the weights they said that train together you could see they were big lads and that they had been mates for years .

i said i would get the last round in cos i had to find some digs for the night or i would have to sleep in my wagon . ged said why dont you crash at my flat my wife is in london and the couch is better than sleeping in my wagon - i said it would be great and thanked him , i said i would get a few more rounds in he said dont worry about that i have drink in the house .

anyway feeling quite pissed we all went to ged flat i sat down and ged got me a drink - we had a bit of a laugh talking about this and that i asked ged where is bathroom was he showed me and i went for a piss and to freshen up . when i left the bathroom i shouted that i was getting a drink of water when i finished i walked into the living room to see steve sucking ged cock it must have been about 8 inches long and thick - steve was sucking it nice and deep - i didnt know what to do ged said sit down and watch - steve was giving him good head you could see they had done this before . steve stood up and took his jeans off and said to ged dont suck me i want you to fuck me , he licked his hole and forced his big black cock into his arse slowly at first then faster deeper and he was loving it after more deep fucking ged sat down on the chair and steve squated over his cock and took the lot up his ring , he bounced up and down ged reached in front of steve and he was wanking his cock in time with the thrusts .

i was in total amazement then steve climbed off ged and with his cock in his hand he said i think its time for some action from our white guest . i shit myself these were big lads i told them i have never done anything like this before they said dont worry - take your time weve got all night ,with steves cock inches from my face i opened my mouth and slowly sucked his bellend but he wasnt happy with that he said suck my cock you slut - suck it good this got me going i didnt know if i was doing it right or what but steve was enjoying it - ged said hows are white cock sucker does he suck well , with that ged cock was next to my face all i could think of was to wank him with one hand while i was sucking after a few sucks i changed cocks , i looked across the room and there was a mirror and i looked a sight on my knees with a big black cock in my mouth and one on my hand .

they told me to lay down on the floor ged pushed his cock into my mouth while steve sucked me off and he was good nice and hard - they changed positions with ged sucking me off - steve told me to 69 ged and while we were sucking each other steve got behing ged and started fucking him hard every so often he would pull his cock out of his arse and say suck it and then he would stick it back up his arse ... this went on for about 10 mins or so i was getting a sore jaw cos their cocks were big - they then said it was time i tasted blackmans spunk i was so turned on i was ready i was instructed to suck wank one cock and suck the other - this i did changing between cocks then ged said im going to cum oper your mouth the first get went into my mouth the second went in my face - lick every drop i was told - the steve took hold of his cock and wanked it inches from my face then without warning he came in my face he said open your mouth with his bellend he wiped up the spunk and pushed it into my mouth - keep sucking i was told - i stood up and said imgoing to come ged said lay down he deep throated me i was moving my cock th best i could then i started cumming and he carried on deep throating me - well when i had a rest i couldnt belive that i had had my first bi experiance and it was 2 big cocked blackmem . i left early in the morning - please e-mail me if you enjoyed the story .