Written by Maisyxx

24 Oct 2005

My partner and I decided the other weekend to give doggin a go, and boy am I glad we did. We looked on here to find out where to go and what rules and ettiquette there was and off we went. The anticipation on the drive there certainly got my juices flowing and by the time we got there my pussy was dripping wet and throbbing. Well we pulled in and parked, not many cars here we thought, but hey we came for some fun so lets get started. My partner reclined my seat and got to work licking and sucking on my already engorged clit,and flicking my horny nipples with his fingers, then he produced a torch and flashed it on and off, suddenly from nowhere 2 men approached the car. As they stood there watching he shone the torch onto my pussy showing them my piercings and lapping at my juices, he opened the windows, inviting them to touch very gently his wife's nipples. Oh my god the immense turn on of having 3 men stoking my pierced nipples had me cumming. Stroke her clit he whispered to one of the guys, oh shit he replied she is gorgeous, wet and juicy, and those piercings, I could hear his breath quickening as he slid his fingers deftly in and out of my slippery hole and his other hand was rubbing his erect cock. At this point my hubby and one of them are sucking on my nipples and another finger my pussy had me cummin over and over again. Listening to them talking about me as if I wasn't there, saying what filthy things they'd like to do to me,and how sexy they found my body, I was half out of my mind with lust. I must admit we would have both liked to have done more but at this point another guy turned up reaking of whiskey, and I don't know about you but this I found unsettling, so we said goodnight and came home. But my hubby certainly had the horn and to keep him going I gave him a blow job as he drove, and I ended up getting a delicious mouthful of cum to keep me going till we got home. When we did, I got a pussy, arse and mouthful of cum.We were both so wound up we fucked in every hole and every position for hours. We Will be doggin again, and who knows what will happen next time. You never know I might just tell you on here.