From a plain Jane to a slut Erotic

After 2 divorces sex was not a priority in my marrages .......... then i met James…

I am Paula 47 , been married twice , 2 kids that are grown up , my dream was marrage , happiness, kids , home , sex was like a chore , yes there was passion when i was younger but sometimes finding the time , dont get me wrong its a 2way street and a relationship needs to have open communcations in all sections on a marrage including sexual needs .
We had our moments but it wasnt lust and sparks , i never pushed the topic , my only pleasure wa… Read more

Chat room meet up with a bi cd twist Erotic

Was only expecting a bit of oral then he showed me his stockings…

After going on SH chatrooms i wanted a meet , somewhere local for a oral release .
As always a few time wasters , then i got a reply , i made a private room , Roy was keen and lived about 15 minutes away , he was ok with having fun in his car , he said we could meet up in Morrisons carpark and he knew a more quiet place to go.
I waited and his white ford focus came in the carpark i flashed my lights he flashed back , a quick hello and i followe… Read more

New world Erotic

Wifes adventure…

Like most men as they get older they wish their wife's were more liberated .l always wanted my wife Pam too have sex with another guy or for us too try swinging,she always said not to be a pervert ,all that changed when a divorced friend at work started seeing a young black guy she started showing photos of him including the size of his cock.Pam told me about these photos ,my answer was maybe you could find a big cock too try for herself my hopes… Read more

Propositioned when out with the girls Erotic

Yes she was seducing me but i wanted it…

Over christmas out with the girls from work , going from bar to bar , coctails and karaoke.
Lots of drink we ended up in a gay bar , weve been here , great fun , and sometimes a bit of harmless flirting.
The evening was going great i needed a pee , upstairs were it was quiet , i got talking to a girl in the queue , she was very pretty and flirtatious.
She was touching my face saying how pretty i was , well im ok but im not top shelf , but i lo… Read more

Wow old couple bi 3some Erotic

It was more than i expected…

I am a odd job man , I advertised online and localy , last summer Arthur contacted me for a gardening quote , weeding , adding gravel area to their feature.
Jean arrived during our chat and a price was agreed .
A few days later i started the job and with the hot weather it was double bubble i could top up my tan so it was shorts , work boots and no shirt.
Jean was very chatty , arthur was out and about .
I stopped for dinner Jean made me a cu… Read more

Unexpected sucked off in the cinema loos Erotic

........,,and i swallowed…

Early this month i went to the cinema by myself , ive always been a movie buff especially this time of year always love a good movie .
Sadly the movie i chose wasnt the best so i left the cinema early , i popped into the loo for a slash , a few minutes later a middle aged guy came into the toilet , he joined me at the urinals .
That stoney silence, i glanced down as we was massaging his cock as he was pissing , i am bi and i do like a bit of ma… Read more

Late night train voyeur Erotic

A glimpse of white panties…

A few weeks ago i was on the late late train to Scotland , i was sitting in a quiet carriage settling in for my long journey.
The train stopped at Crewe , i noticed a girl getting on , settling in , coat off , she was pretty, lovely figure, she was wearing a pleated skirt just above her knee.
I have been curious, on uni i had a fling with a college friend , heavy kissing , we frigged each other off , it was hot .
The girl on the train i could… Read more

A17 sleaford layby giving the boys in blue a mouthfull Erotic

Fav cruising spot…

When working out of Boston , i always use the A17 sleaford layby toilets , it can be hit and miss but you can get action there.
Ive had lots of oral and hand jobs , by men and CDs , when the toilets are open it gets interesting .
My story goes back to June , i was looking to suck or be sucked , a few wagons but nothing happened, i was so horny i lowered my pants and i was playing with my cock , looking at some porn on my mobile , i was getting … Read more

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Fucked again by my fuck buddy Erotic

Caravan fucking spunk sesh…

I live close to a caravan park , a few years ago i met up with Rob a single guy in his late 50s , he was getting over a messy separation.
After a few drinks on the camp site Rob asked me to stay the night , we had fumbled abit , but with a head full of booze and a full ball bag i was hoping for more.
I wasnt disapointed , we sucked , wanked and fucked each other all over his caravan.
Eventually getting my head down i woke up to rob sucking me … Read more

Blow job on a rainy day Erotic

Love the rain when im cruising…

On a rainy afternoon with time to kill , i drove to my fav cruising spot , the weather wasnt the best , well it was pissing down the best weather for unterupted cock fun .
If your on the look for cock fun rainy weather is a blessing, i parked up and waited , 5 ciggies later and a middle aged guy parked up got out and went to the toilets , a 5 min wait he went back to his car.
I got out and a quick glance to the car and rub of my cock and i was … Read more

Becoming Fufu. Erotic

A puppies tail.…

aying on my girlfriend Becky’s bed in a wet patch unable to move after all the pleasure she had just given me. She disappeared leaving me satisfied and happy and nearly falling asleep. When she reappears again my eyelids are slowing closing she simply says “I have a present for you my pet.” I should have sensed right then that something was different as she usually called me princess unless I’d upset her. I was feeling more awake and of c… Read more

Wife performs for hubby Ch. 6 Erotic

Jane performs to order…

Over the following years - after much trial and error – I eventually began to master the art of enjoying Jane: I aimed for her to provide maximum stimulation, while avoiding the pitfalls of her being recognised and pressured into providing sex on demand.
Our weekends away continued as before, and - as before - with mixed results – sometimes her performances were over in the blink of an eye - but on other occasions I managed to find for her a… Read more

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Swingers Club With Fuck Buddy Erotic

She made them cum…

Went back to the Swingers Club with my sexy fuck buddy when they had a 'Fetish Theme' night. She came out of the changing room wearing a sheer black Catsuit, full body with a plunging neck showing off her fantastic tits and a lot of cleavage and a deep back too showing loads of flesh. She wore black high heels and a black 'cat mask' it even had eyelashes. She was also carrying a black leather riding crop we'd bought when we got everything else. T… Read more

Wife performs for hubby (Ch. 5) Erotic


With Jane now in her late twenties, our adventurous lifestyle meant that we began to become rather more easily recognised – at least around our regular haunts - and my unusual preference of encouraging Jane to participate in casual sex with complete strangers, had led us - on occasions - to be recognised, and approached

This was not what I wanted – I preferred variety over repeat performances.

In order to achieve this, I began to organ… Read more

Special Goodbye Erotic

Special goodbye to a friend…

Special Goodbye

Growing up with my friend Paul was a fun adventure to say the least, and he was the one who introduced me to my beautiful wife Sarah. We were all so close that we were always going to the movies, eating out and having wild nights out in the city, so we were both sad to hear that Paul's life long dream of moving to Australia was coming true but at the same time happy for him.

The day before he was flying out we invited him o… Read more

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Wife performs for hubby (Ch.4) Erotic

More of the same…

As time went by, and Jane came to accept my instructions without question - I stretched my imagination, and made her available in increasingly erotic situations.
For some reason I enjoyed having her provide sex to old men - sometimes ugly and overweight, or Asian waiters - or lorry drivers in their cabs.
She baulked occasionally at my choices, but, after a few reassuring words from me, she always allowed me to pimp her out.
The next opportun… Read more

Wife performs for hubby (Ch. 4) Erotic

More, more, more…

As time went by, and Jane came to accept my instructions without question - I stretched my imagination, and made her available in increasingly erotic situations.
For some reason I enjoyed having her provide sex to old men - sometimes ugly and overweight, or Asian waiters - or lorry drivers in their cabs.
She baulked occasionally at my choices, but, after a few reassuring words from me, she always allowed me to pimp her out.
The next opportun… Read more

LOVE IN THE HEAT . Part 2 Erotic

2 old friends have discovered the joy of cock fun and a lust for each other's wives…

Once we had recovered from our exertions, it was time to clean up, a shared shower, followed by popping Sue’s things into the washing machine. Thank heavens for the permanently good drying weather!.
When we had both recovered our strength and our urges, and we started talking about situations we might be able to engineer that could lead to us shagging the girls for real.
Naturally this produced two very hard cocks in need of more fun.

“… Read more

Wife performs for hubby Ch3 Erotic

Wife does as she should…

As the years past, we were forced to develop different strategies to fulfil my sexual demands.
With Jane now in her thirties, the clubs and pubs, which catered for young men on the look out for casual sex, were becoming unsuitable. She was still in great shape, but did not wish to be among a crowd that were fifteen years or so younger than her.

Fortunately, for me, one of the problems solved itself - but Jane soon came to understand that her… Read more

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Wife performs for hubby Erotic

More liasons…

We have always enjoyed a varied and adventurous sex life, and I offer a selection (attempting to avoid the many repetitions), of our little adventures.

Following our marriage (no kids), I began to have Jane dressed to please (both for me and any other random strangers who might take an interest), this consisted of the usual; stockings and suspenders, no underwear, and no imagination needed to see she was bra-less. She thrived on the attention… Read more

Working For A Perv Boss 3 Erotic

Who's the Perv?…

........... I was tossing my cock as he watched through the gloryhole when suddenly he got up and left. I dressed, went back to the car where he was sat on the back seat. He told me to drive him home and on the way said his wife was away for the weekend. Once we arrived he told me to wait in the hall and went upstairs. 5 minutes later he was back saying he'd left something for me in one of the bedrooms. I found an envelope, across the front it sa… Read more

Wife performs for hubby Erotic

She obliges when instructed…

While our married life was a series of sexual escapades, I had, in fact, laid the foundations for this lifestyle some time earlier.
I first persuaded Jane to allow me to offer her for sex with strangers some time before our marriage, and I include one our first adventures in this batch of memoirs.

Some two years before our marriage (Jane would have been 20), we were invited to a wedding reception, where, after a few drinks, we made our excuse… Read more

Love in the heat Erotic

long, but stay with it . how 2 guys discover cocks can be fun…

We were visiting our friends in Spain for a short break before the cold weather set in over there.
Josie had arranged a shopping / sightseeing visit to Madrid for a couple of days, with a group of local ex pat ladies. They were to take in the Terracotta Army at the museum and the Cirque de Soliel at the opera house during their visit. Frank and I were left to our own devices.
I had my lap top so was able to chill out with some games. Frank, in… Read more

Working For A Perv Boss 2 Erotic

How I earned a bonus…

After the toilet incident I drove him home in silence and over the next couple of days he was busy in the office most of the time, so apart from collecting and dropping him at his home the car wasn't used.

At the start of my final week he asked me on the Monday drive to the office if I was going on holiday when I'd finished this job. I reminded him that as a 19 yr old ex student I didn't have enough money for a holiday and he just stared in t… Read more

Working For A Perv Boss Erotic

First Summer Job Out Of College…

Many yrs ago my first job was 6 weeks in the summer as P.A. to a businessman in my home town. I couldn't get a job doing what I 'd trained for and needed some money. I was 19 when he interviewed me and he was probably 45/50. His regular P.A. was off for 8 weeks following an operation so he needed someone to be his dogsbody, sort his mail, pick up his laundry, work his diary ...... this is well before t'Internet, tablets, iPhones....... I didn't l… Read more

Workman's Mate Visit's Trainman 2 Erotic

Making the workman beg…

As he stood watching the monitor, seeing himself secretly filmed, wanking and spunking in my house, the doorbell rang. I didn't move, stayed on my bed but shouted to him to let them in. He opened the door and Mr A, my suck buddy said 'Hello' and walked in. I'd phoned him, told him my horny plan and invited him round. He went down the hall and turning into the lounge stopped in front of the monitor. He watched as the screens showed the recordings … Read more

Horny Scot Horny Sassenach Erotic

I wish this was true…

I had been watching Horny on line for weeks and then we moved to phone sex. I love her husky voice and the noises she makes when she cums

Now by dint of good luck I am in the city where she lives and at last I was going to be able to go through with our phone fantasies.

We meet in coffee shop and walk back to my hotel.

As soon as we were in my room we were all over each other I don’t think I have ever stripped so quickly.

Standing i… Read more

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Workman Returns 2 Erotic

Young body ....... old hands…

I opened the door expecting to find my young workman fresh from the gym and instead found Mr A, a suck buddy friend I hadn't seen in months. He looked genuinely surprised when he saw me stood there in just white nylon shorts and work boots especially when he caught sight of the bulge in the shorts and the very obvious cock rings I was wearing underneath. He joked saying " I didn't know your were expecting me" " and as I thought of asking him poli… Read more

The Mature Widow Erotic

Erotic and sensual transformation of my Mature Neighbour…

We had lived next door to what can only be described as the woman from hell for six years... whilst I never warmed to her from the get go she found any and every excuse to moan about my car or my wife ... to the point where I simply had enough and went round to have it out with her.... however she clearly was not in or I thought she was not in... her husbands car was absent and she did not drive , so who had the big SUV on her drive.... I was abo… Read more

Workman Returns Erotic

He wanted photographs ......…

After sucking and fingering the young workman wks ago ( see Workman Cock 1/2/3 ) he rang last week and said he wanted some photographs doing . He knew from being at my place for 3 wks that it was a hobby of mine and as well as my 'gym' I had a room as a 'studio'. He had a great young body, sucked beautifully and I'd sucked him and dildo'ed his hole so obviously I said sure. I told him to come after he'd been to the gym and done a heavy workout, I… Read more

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