Written by marie

1 Apr 2006

my name is marie and my partner is tom.

we have swung for many years and have enjoyed our experiences but our very best was with a guy we see regularly.

now tom and i are both bi and love same gender fun and as our regular guy is bi as well i often get to watch him and tom suck and wank each others cocks which is a huge turn on i can tell you ! so why is this experience with our regular any different well sit back and relax and i shall reveal all.

well our regular guy came round like normal on a friday night and tom and i answered the door to him naked just to get him in the mood straight away and by the sight of his big cock bulging through his trousers i think it might of worked!

i got onto the bed and watched as tom helped our guy off with his clothes first his shirt them tom got on his knees and undid his trousers as he wasn't wearing any pant his big hard cock sprang out right away and it looked like tom had caught it in his mouth.

i was so wet that i started playing with my clit and fingering my hole nearly coming in an instant so i stopped and beckoned the two men to join me on the bed.

they knelt either side of me and put their cocks towards my mouth so i got both of their cocks and gently licked both of them and gently fondled their heavy balls whilst they played with my nipples and soaking wet pussy.

i took our guys cock in my hot mouth and sucked him hard whilst tom went downon my wet pussy licking my clit and fingering my hole making me sqirm with delight.

our guy reached down and wanked and sucked tom off making me cum hard and fast.

then our guy went down and lapped up my flowing juices with tom.

tom told our guy that he had always wanted ot fuck his ass which our guy agreed for tom to do.

i gently rose to my knees and and prepared his ass for tom to fuck.

i got behind our guy and opened his cheeks then circled his asshole with my tongue to which he moaned out loud and was clearly enjoying it.

he was sucking tom's hard cock at the same time and tom was fingering me so we were all getiing something out of it.

i then got some lube out of my drawer and slowly dribbled it into our guys asshole fingering it at the sae time to open himup so to speak.

i beckoned tom to me and placed a condom on his cock and helped him into our guys ass.

slowly tom seemed to glide in and out with ease our guy groaned and was really enjoying it so i got underneath our guy as he was bent over the bed and took his semi hard cock in my mouth while he sucked my soaking wet pussy with my hand i fondled toms balls making him slam into our guys ass faster and harder.

both men and i were enjoying it and i felt like i was going to cum hard so i quickened the pace of my sucking on our guys cock whilst tom was still fucking him hard i knew he would cum soon and all of a sudden tom pulled out ripped the condom off and came in my waiting mouth i swallowed every last drop.

then as i was wanking our guy tom sucked his balls and i had his hot cum in my mouth as well shortly afterwards swallowing it back like a shot at a bar.

still wanting mor tom got on top of me and stuck his hardening cock in my pussy fucking me hard and slow.

our guy was wanking whilst watching us fuck and hearing me moan made him wank his cock faster slowly putting his finger into toms asshole making tom groan and begging our guy to take his ass.

our guy didn't need asking twice so he lubed tom asshole and rolled a condom on his hard pole and then slowly guided it into toms ass whilst tom was still fucking me slow and deep.

as our guy fucked tom so toms cock was getting pushed into my hole it was mind blowing all of us making noise of enjoyment from the chain of sex.

as the intensity of the fucking got higher we could all feel ourselves cumming and we did simultaniously and fuck me i must of had a throbbing pussy for an hour afterward giving me small sparks of pleasure.

we still our guy and our sessions are still as intense especially as my two guys fuck as well as wank , lick and suck each other.