Written by compton

18 Mar 2006

I must of been 19 or perhaps just 20 and working in a factory office just outside Nottingham. There were lots of porn mags around and being a young lad would love to have a nice wank most lunch times in the staff toilets. I loved to read the stories whilst stroking my cock, just stopping in time, before starting again to an eventual explosive come.

I enjoyed all the stories but escpecially the ones about men sucking or fucking men, don't know why, just really turned me on. I had a girl friend and loved having sex with her, but could not help thiking about sucking a cock or taking it up the arse.

Most of the other guys would dissappear for lunch except D who would like to come back to the office every so often for a chat. D was about 35 years old and a normal straight guy, married with kids. Not sure how it happen but one lunch time we just got on to the subject of wanking. I told him that I would normally be in the toilet having a crafty one, out of the blue he just said he had always wanted to wank a man off. I got up and walked towards to door, looking back and saying "now's your big chance".

He followed me down the corridor and into the toilets. I walked into a cubicle and he followed. By the time he had closed the door I had pulled my trousers and pants down, my cock was already nice and hard waiting for attention. D just grabbed it and started to wank it furiously, hot spunk was soon shooting over his hand on to the floor.

Right I said, your turn now. Within a few minutes I had returned the favour, I wanted to suck it but time was passing and we were both very nervous.

It was good but that afternoon we both decided that we wanted time and privacy to really enjoy ourselves. So the next lunch time he drove me to his house. During to journey he told me what he wanted to do to me and I could see from the bulge in his trousers he was very excited.

We went straight upstairs and into his bedroom. He said he wanted to undress me, touch me and fuck my tight arse. I felt excited and wanted him to use me. He had soon stripped me to me pants and started to rub me all over. He started to rub my cock through my pants, it was so hard, and lay me down on the bed. As I lay on my back he continued to touch me as he undressed.

He was now naked and I sat up to look striaght at his hard thick cock. The bell end was covered by his foreskin and large and swollen. I pulled it back as he groaned with pleasure, pre come glistening on the end. It seemed so natural to cup his balls gently and place my mouth over his cock end. My first taste of cock, and it was good. I slowly sucked him, touching his balls and arse, whilst he moaned gently.

He pushed me back onto the bed, my cock straining against my pants. After rubbing it for a few seconds he raised me hips and pulled them off. I was completely naked.

He grabbed my legs, lifting them and parting at the same time. I had always expect anal to be doggy style, I was about to be surprised. From a bedside cabinet he produced some KY jelly and smeared over his fingers and gently rubbed them around my arse before pushing one inside. It felt nice, a little tight but OK. I was not expecting what happened next.

Without warning he pulled me forward and pushed his cock inside me. It hurt like hell and I screamed in pain. He stopped pulled out before slowly pushing it back in again. This time it didn't hurt so much and I bit my lip. He took my cock in his hand and started to wank me. It was the best feeling ever. His cock throbing inside me and my cock throbing in his hand. He fucked me for a while like this before turing me over. Once on all fours I really started to enjoy it, his cock pushing harder and harder and his hand wanking me harder and harder. I couldn't hold on any longer and squirted hot spunck onto the bed, withing seconds he emptied a full load in my arse.

We never did have such a session again, although we did meet up a few times for a quick hand job or blow job, but not for many years. I often think about our time together and would love to have another experienece like that.