Written by jerry - jenny - karl

27 Aug 2019

My friends let me down for our annual music festival in upton upon severn so i went by myself , the weather last year was not the best but last weekend the weather was hot hot hot.

I set up my tent and went into the main area for a drink and see whats on.

After too many drinks I got chatting to a couple who were very friendly , they were in their early 30s she was flirting with me in-front of her boyfriend , i had to use the toilet , when i got back they asked me if i wanted to come back to their camper home.

Of course i said yes , more drinks and if i was reading the signals she wanted a 3 some , i came out and asked them just incase i was wrong and looked a twat.

But no she was definitely the boss and she wanted fun, a nod and a smile from her man and it was a green light for the fun to start.

She moved next to me and we kissed me then she started stripping off, i was gagging for it and with her man watching it was fucking horny .

We all stripped off and moved to their bed , with 2 men kissing and licking her body , she was loving it , she returned the favour by sucking our cocks, then an experience happened to me that i have thought about but that was all it was a thought - i was fucking jenny from behind , karl was on his back under jenny in the 69 position , she was sucking his cock as he was licking her pussy as i was fucking her , we were all loving the moment , the i felt karls tounge on my balls then he pulled my cock out of her pussy and then guided it into his mouth, he deep throated me then put me back in her pussy , jenny looked back at me and said you ok with this , i said yes.

It was my first hands on bi moment , the rest of the evening was another level , they both shared my cock , i didnt suck him but i did wank him off. They both wanted my spunk, i fucked her hard and pulled out and wanked on their faces then they cleaned up my spunk , we laughed and arranged to meet up again on the last night “sunday” of the festival.

But that another story , great adult fun , we all had fun with no strings

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