Written by Petros

9 Feb 2018

35 YEARS – AND COUNTING - More left out than put in.

Mel and I have just celebrated our 35th anniversary together with a Viagra fuelled weekend away. That’s 35 years of having an affair and still being married to the same people. I don’t think my wife ever found out. She certainly never said anything. Neither did I, when I thought she was shagging on the side. If you are going to have an affair, ladies there are a few things you shouldn’t do. Change your hair style and colour. Buy new sexier clothes. Have new friends you have to text regularly. Don’t shave your pussy all at once, do it in stages – tidy up, trim, shape, shave. Change your sexual habits, by doing things you’d never done before or try out new positions. Don’t instruct your husband to lick you out in a different way or suck his cock differently. Certainly not over a short period of time. Definitely don’t come home at 5 in the morning, with love bites on your tits and fanny. Above all don’t say someone else’s name, when your husband is fucking you as hard as he can. Don’t start sleeping in a different room, without having a good excuse. Remember birthdays are for sucking your husband’s cock and letting him fuck you anyway you both want.

Mel was 30, I was 35 and we met because our children swam at the same club. Over the 35 years we’ve had some superb fucking sessions. Mel had fucked 2 men before me. One was a holiday romance when Mel and Ken had split up. I’d fucked considerably more than that. Our first shag is still fresh in my mind. Tall, slim, big tits, tight cunt and telling me she’d never been fucked like that before. I kissed her passionately, took time to squeeze her tits and nipples, licked them gently rather than sucking them hard, softly bit her tits and nipples, stroked her thighs and pussy lips, gently juiced her up from cunt hole to clit. Played with her clit, sucked her labia and licked her clit. Gently probed her cunt and slowly inserted just one finger. I hooked it round to find her g-spot. Slowly finger fucked her. Rubbed my cock up and down her slit, until she begged me to put my cock inside her. Teased her by slipping it gradually deeper and deeper. When it was finally in as deep as it would go I asked her to tell you what she wanted. “A long slow screw, then fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before”. It was like having a virgin, who adored your cock and would do anything for you. And she did. In her house we shagged in every room. Once, I sneaked into the house and stayed overnight shagging Mel, as her husband slept in another room. His choice to sleep elsewhere – snoring. We shagged when her children were in their rooms, in the hallway, on the stairs, in the shower. In the garden shed. In the garden. In her car in the garage. On the kitchen table. She bought a new 3-piece suite and we christened it, several times. That squirt stain (“coffee”) stain is still visible. We shagged outdoors in a snowy field. On the bonnet of her car, leaving two arse shaped dints. In the car. Being wanked and sucked off as I drove down the m/way. On a side street in broad daylight. Sucked off outside her house after I’d dropped her kids off. In a number of hotels, when we were at galas. In my house, in every room, the garden and shed. Best of all though was the new bed she bought just for shagging. It was just the right height for oral sex and for me to shag her standing up. It was also very firm for shagging in lots of positions. A bedhead at both ends for her to hold onto as I fucked her doggy style and fucked her standing from behind, cunt and arse.

Mel’s older sister came around unexpectedly one day and we were shagging upstairs. She let herself in and found us in bed together. Mel’s sister, Debbie, is also a dirty fucker. She had two concurrent lovers and a live-in boyfriend. She had done some fucking in her time. She simply said “MY turn next” and went downstairs. I was a little embarrassed, but we laughed about it, later on. Mel asked Debs if she wanted a fuck. “Of course,” and with that we went upstairs. Debs is a bit chubby and her tits a bit droopy, but her nipples and clit are something else. I soon had her cuming. My cum wasn’t far behind and I asked where she wanted it. “Mouth of course. Hubby can’t be licking a spunk soaked cunt tonight can he?” That’s another don’t, if you’re not using a condom you can’t let a guy come in your cunt. Your partner may want dirty sex that night. Also, it’s a good idea to fuck your partner, whenever you’ve been fucked by someone else. It makes you feel less guilty and your partner less suspicious. Debs shouted for Mel and told her my cock needed the attention of two mouths. They both sucked my cum from my cock. Debs asked Mel for a 69, so they licked each other out. They’d done it before when younger. Watching them soon have me a hard and Mel said I had to shag both of them. A dream come true. This happened a few times over the years. Fucking two sisters is always a fantasy to have come true.

Mel would do anything with me and for me. It was Ken’s 50th birthday and they had a family meal. Mel phoned me saying Ken wanted sex. Quite rightly at 50. I told her to let him do whatever he wanted. It was a quick nipple pinch, a quick fingering and a quickish missionary shag. He was asleep in a few minutes and she crept out to call me. Vibrating phone. We had phone sex for a while and I told her to wake him and suck him off till he came. She did and reported back she’d done it and let him cum in her mouth. We sex talked a bit more and I told her to shower, put on a sexy nighty and some nice perfume. She should then go back, suck him off ‘til he was hard then get on top of him and give him a long slow fuck. She should suck him off again and swallow his cum. Then sleep in the same bed. In the morning she should fuck him as if she was fucking me. Dirty, hard and fast. She sent me a text saying Ken had never been as happy and grateful. I knew the time was ripe for her to fuck more cock. She said she’d do anything for me. She lived up to and beyond that promise.

I was in controlling mode and told her to go to a local bar, known for being a pick up-place. She was to find a guy and fuck him. Either in the club or at his place. There was a small dance floor and Mel could move her body now she knew how to shag. A few guys chatted her up, but she wasn’t interested. At the bar, two guys offered to buy her a drink. “I suppose you’ll expect a fuck, if I let you buy me a drink”. Of course, they did. Mel said, “I don’t fuck for drinks, I fuck guys I fancy. Tonight’s your lucky night, because I fancy you.” She took the taller guy into the gents and after a short wank, fucked him. His mate didn’t want sloppy seconds. They left and after a quick clean up Mel left and texted me. It was still early, so I insisted she went in for another fuck. The club had filled up and Mel soon spotted a likely cock. Obviously married, quite fit and easy to talk to. He took her out to his car and fucked her. First time was a bit quick, so he drove her to a quiet store car park and fucked her again. Much better. He drove Mel home and she texted me again to give me the details. I told her I needed a shag and was going in to fuck Lynda. I asked Mel to go and fuck Ken. She did. That was her first-time flying solo.

Next weekend Mel was going out with her sister in Blackpool. It was her birthday and the rule, is you have to fuck on your birthday. Debs knew a lot of people, guys in particular. She asked Mel, who she wanted to fuck. Mel picked out a couple of guys, both of whom Debs had fucked. Mel was introduced to them and they took her outside. She fucked both of them, one at a time. Mel was slightly drunk and high from being fucked. Debs also had her first fuck of the night. Mel texted me. I replied “Good on you. Do it again.” Debs and Mel and 3 guys went back to a flat. Debs fucked all 3 of them, but Mel just fucked one. Back at Deb’s house, Mel could hear Debs giving her husband, Luke, a thorough fucking. Debs asked her to join them, but she declined. The next night was much quieter, they both fucked one guy each. Luke got a good fucking from Debs, when they went home. Happy birthday Debs.

Mel went to her Mum’s house for a visit with the kids. Her Mum looked just like her and I wondered had she been a shagger in her youth. I never found out, but neither Mel nor Debs knew who their fathers were. Definitely not the same one. Their brother also looked very different. So perhaps Mum had been a shagger all along. Mel was feeling unwell and we didn’t see much of each other for some weeks. Only sex with Lynda. I fucked Lynda quite a lot. I was absolutely certain she was fucking someone. She suddenly found a liking to being fucked from behind, whilst standing up. At the P.O. where she worked there were about 100 women and around 400 guys. The women got a lot of attention and lots had affairs. She told me that she had to go out on the delivery vans. There were always three of them. 2 guys and Lynda. As it was valuable things being delivered, someone had to be locked in the van. Lynda. They were out all day, as the deliveries were at specific times. The conversations were full of innuendos and suggestive banter. One particular hot day, she took off her jacket and jumper. “Why are you stopping there?” one of the guys asked. She playfully undid her shirt buttons to reveal her black bra and big tits. With a bit more encouragement she took off her trousers. She was getting aroused and the two guys obviously were. Hard cocks, could always be guaranteed to get Lynda going. “Bra off, bra off”, they chanted. “Ok, but not until I see what I’m going to get.” Pants off, hands on cocks. Two decent specimens. Lynda took off her bra and played with her tits. The guys were frantic and had a tit each to suck. They removed her knickers and both fingered her. Now these vans weren’t very high and the floor was hard. So, Lynda leaned against the inside of the van, holding on as both guys fucked her from behind. The first time, they didn’t have condoms so spunked into her hand. They had one more fuck that day. Lynda warned them that they had to keep it quiet or she’d tell their wives. She worked on the vans for 3 months and fucked almost every day, when circumstances allowed. This delivery service was cancelled as the P.O. was streamlined.

Mel by now was a very confident woman and Ken was most appreciative. He was getting better sex than ever before. Ken didn’t like Debs and put the changes in Mel down to her. Debs said she’d fix it. She came over to look after the kids, whilst Mel went in for a hysterectomy. I fucked Debs quite a bit. Mel knew and was jealous. Debs told me Ken was giving her a hard time and she’d told him he just needed a good fuck to calm him down. “Not from a dirty, two timing slut like you”. He only knew of her wild behaviour in her youth. She messed up one of his friends. Late one night, Debs could hear quiet noises from Ken’s room. She went in to find him wanking over a magazine. “You need a real woman”. With that she took the magazine and threw it across the room, went to Ken and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked him off, swallowing his cum. So much for his holier than you attitude. She stripped off and got in bed with him. They fucked all night long. She did everything except anal. A few days later I called round to see how Mel was. Ken was all sweetness and light. I looked at Debs who smiled, pushed her tongue into her cheek a couple of times and touched the side of her nose. Wink, wink. It should have been Wank, Wank. She called me later to tell me of Ken’s rejuvenated attitude. Mel knew. She just knew. She wasn’t jealous, just grateful. It took a few months for her to recover.

Lynda was on holiday for two weeks with her friend from work. Strange no pictures! She came back beautifully tanned, no bikini lines anywhere. She said they had an unobserved terrace, where they could sunbathe nude. NO! They went to a nudist resort, which was also a swinger’s resort. They fucked a few couples and lots of single guys. She wouldn’t let me fuck her for a couple of weeks. During her holiday, Mel was well enough to start shagging again. Ken knew I was shagging Mel, thanks Debs. He was open minded about us shagging. Debs stayed on, having split with her husband, because he’d found her in bed with two men. Debs slept with Ken and fucked him regularly, I fucked Mel in the evening. Mel was always back in bed with Ken in the mornings. Mel and Debs would give Ken a wank, blowjob or shag together. Then Debs would go back to the other room. Ken was using Viagra to keep it hard. I think I need it these days.

Debs went back to her husband and life returned to how it had been. Mel needed to be groomed for swinging and being fucked by more than one person. Her fantasy was to have sex with 4 men at the same time. She’d got this from porn films. I found a nice guy in Huddersfield. We went over to his flat and Mel had two cocks at the same time – mouth and cunt only. I remember it clearly. Mel was a bit shy. I was licking her cunt and Ronny was kneeling by her head. Mel wanked him for a while and looking at me dived onto his cock. She took it in and sucked him for several minutes, again looking at me all the time. She was most relaxed and started to lick his cock and balls. We swapped around. He licked her out as she sucked my cock. Mel gasped as he sunk his cock into her He shagged her furiously. I shagged her after he had emptied his spunk deep inside her. It was dark when we left and we stopped for a bite to eat. In the car afterwards, she said she wanted to eat some cock and I had to really concentrate on my driving. Ken also fucked her that night. He knew what she’d been doing and it turned him on. Then I arranged a threesome with a guy from Liverpool. What a massive cock! Mel didn’t know if she could get it in her mouth. Certainly not lengthwise. We played around for a while and he had first fuck. I’d licked her out so she was well lubricated. Even so, she found it hard to take his cock. After several minutes, she relaxed and he got his cock into her. I sat back to watch, whilst twiddling or sucking her nipples. Billy gave her a long-sustained fuck for around 30 minutes, stopping to allow Mel to relax. She had a few small cums and finally had a huge orgasm, squirting all over the place. Biggest squirt I’d ever scene. Billy then fucked her hard and fast. Mel was in ecstasy . She had the biggest smile on her face, serene contentment. Billy came and gave her a full load. It filled her mouth, spilling out around the edges of his cock. She had to swallow so much, I thought she was drowning. In a way she was. It was now my little cock’s turn. Surprisingly her cunt was so tight, I couldn’t get into her. I gently slapped her cunt and squeeze her arse. She relaxed and we had a gentle fuck. Billy had his cock in her mouth and she was slurping down the remains of his cum. I watched feeling my spunk rising. I quickly got my cock into her mouth and she took my weeny load. I asked could she taste the difference. She asked did Billy smoke. Yes. “You taste like my husband,” she told him. Peter’s cum is sweeter. We had one final taste of her squirt, soaked cunt and after a brief chat went on our way. Mel could not stop talking about his cock. I told her that next time we’d find two big cocks to fuck her. Mel actually found them. Two brothers. They were Jamaican. She wasn’t sure about this. “A cock is a cock”, I told her.

She fixed up a date and time. At the last minute I couldn’t go, but told her to go. They were two real gentlemen and treated her well. She must have been happy as she fucked them until 9 that night. She’d had both their cocks up her pussy at the same time and had rewarded them with several squirts. They asked did she want more cock and rang their cousin to join them. She fucked all 3 of them together. She had one cock in her mouth, one in her cunt and the cousin, slightly smaller cock, up her arse. She was surprised that it felt so good the first time. Not painful at all. They swapped around and she had all 3 cocks up her arse at some stage. They wanted her to go to a gang bang sometime in the future, she declined. She wasn’t ready for that. YET. I was quite jealous of this shag as I wanted to be there when she was fucked cunt, arse and mouth. We had a bit of a falling out. I wanted to be there the first time she had 2 in her cunt and 1 up her arse. We made up and decided to go to a Swingers club in Salford.

 We were quite nervous and parked close to the club to see the clientele. They looked normal so we went in. We undressed and were shown round the club. It was quite crowded and where-ever you looked, people were having sex. One beautiful woman was giving a blowjob to two men. Several guys were being wanked off. One lady was being fucked on a settee as two other men were being sucked off in turn. The exhibitionist room had four occupants showing off their athletic shagging skills. The hot tub had several couple feeling each other up. The sauna had a crowd relaxing totally naked. The private rooms were all full. The group room, 6 double mattresses had three women in it. They were surrounded by men feeling them up, fingering then, playing with their tits or just wanking themselves as they watched. One woman surrounded by groping men, was shouting “Steve, where are you I need a fuck now”. Her partner arrived and Steve fucked her doggy style. She was moaning over and over, “Fuck me, Fuck me” After several minutes she was telling Steve to fuck her hard. He did. Mel said, “Well this is what we’ve come for. Let’s join in”. I was taken aback but in we went. Melanie was immediately surrounded by naked men most wearing only condoms. Mel soon found out which were flavoured and would only suck a flavoured cock. I was fucking her doggy style and a guy asked could he take over. He did, then so did his mate. Meanwhile, Mel was wanking any cock she could get hold of and sucking a raspberry flavoured condomed cock. She wanted to lie on her back and immediately three guys were fingering her and feeling her tits. Mel told them she wanted a fuck. One young guy said he’d fuck her. He didn’t have a condom, so I gave him one of mine. He was very good. Mel told everyone to move away. She just wanted to fuck one cock at a time. They fucked for some time. Mel had several orgasms and he blew his stack. He thanked her and went off. Immediately there was a frenzied movement to be the next to shag her. Mel pointed. 1,2,3. “Fuck me in that order. The rest can wait”. For the next 30 minutes Mel had some excellent shagging. When 3 had finished Mel wanted a rest and a shower. She was covered in sweat and cum. I cleaned her up in the shower and we went for a drink. She got a little round of applause in the bar. The Owner said to her “Who’s being a naughty girl?” She took us into her private room and rubbed lubricant into Mel’s cunt and arse -just in case. She was quite fit and I asked did she join in. Sometimes. She asked to watch us fucking and we obliged. She licked Mel’s cunt and said she hoped we’d come again. We were just what the club needed. Experienced, older swingers. As we went back to the group room, we met the young guy again. Kev. I asked did he want another shag. Of course. We found an empty private room and spent some time with him. While he was fucking Mel, he said he wished his wife fucked as well as Mel. She told him to take it slowly. If he could get her to fantasise about sucking a cock as she was being shagged, he’d get her to do it for real. A bit of fantasising with a bit of persuasion and she could be persuaded to do anything. We spit roast her and swapped ends. Mel took both loads in her mouth, then cleaned herself and put lubricant in her cunt. We went out and instead of going to the group room we went to the gang-bang room. It was packed. A young woman was being fucked by a line of about 10 men. She hardly moved. I asked her partner could I play with her tits. “Help yourself”. I did. She looked at me in surprise and said “Thank you, You are a gentleman. You can fuck me anytime you want”. I was the last to shag her. I didn’t last long but enjoyed the experience. Mel had just watched along with a woman and several men, who were encouraging Mel to be the next on the bed. Mel spread-eagled herself. I re-arranged the pillows, so she could watch properly. She fucked 7 men and the woman. Most of them lasted a couple of minutes and were off. The woman knelt between her legs and fucked her with the dildo. “See me later”, was all she said. I fucked Mel as well. We went to the jacuzzi to relax. Another rule was no sex in the jacuzzi. Mel went off with Kev to find a private room and I went back to the group room. Miss “Fuck me, fuck me” was back in making as much noise. She had a great body, so I had a play. A lady came up, naked and asked for a shag. Her husband had shagged Mel earlier, so she thought I should reciprocate. We fucked right there at the side of the group room. Watching the action turned me on and she thanked me for a wonderful orgasm. She went into the group room and was soon surrounded by men. Oh well. Mel came back with Kev. He just said “You are one lucky guy”. It was getting late. On the way out, the owner, Vivian, took us into her private room and fucked me. It was Mel’s turn to watch. Thank goodness for Viagra. She was a real expert and could tighten her cunt up. It felt like a soft blowjob. I hadn’t used a condom, so she said I had to come in Mel’s mouth. I did, then Viv kissed Mel and shared my spunk. My cock was very tender and Viv gave us some cooling jell. The drive home was too quick. We kissed goodnight. Mel fucked Ken the next morning, she had the itch to have cock in her. I had to wait until the following night before I could shag Lynda. We attended the club for a couple of years. When Lynda was 60, we organised a party there. Every male had shagged either Mel or Lynda. Mostly Lynda. Every woman had shagged other people at the party. At midnight, we drank a toast and every person had sex with someone. No-one was allowed to shag their own partner. Ken was full of Viagra and shagged Lynda several times. I shagged Mel. Her sister. Her best friend, Linda. Mel & Ken went away for the rest of the weekend and I finally fucked Claire. Mel’s daughter. Fantastic.

Mel and Ken live in Spain and ran a 20 bed B&B. She has lots of opportunities to fuck tourists. Ken is past it now and lets her get on with it. On her 65th birthday she had a fuck with three 20 somethings. I’m experiencing erectile disfunction. My advice to you is for you to take every opportunity to seduce your partner and persuade him or her to have an open relationship. Be jealous if your partner fucks more people than you do. Women can. We might be wrinklier and a bit chubbier, but a cunt never ages. Lynda’s cunt is still as tight as she was when she was younger. Same with Mel.

So, 35 and out. A good way to finish an affair and start a friendship.