Written by Craig

27 Apr 2004

After posting an account on here of a bi 3some with a couple I met at La Chambre in Sheffield, another married couple e-mailed me to ask if we could set up an outdoor meet in the Peak District. I got the impresion she was more up for it than he was, which suited me fine, and we agreed to meet at 10pm one night near Castleton. We met in the town's car park first and then they followed me to a dead end lane nearby, and we parked up next to each other. I got out and nearly ran off when I saw how big her husband was - he must have been about 6 foot 8! She stayed in the car, and he came over and told me she loved to watch him suck guys off. I wasn't going to argue with him, so I unzipped and pulled out my cock, while he knelt down in front of me. I could see she had wound down the window and was smiling at me, but then he started licking my balls and wanking me and I forgot she was there. He was a great cocksucker and I nearly came when he started deepthroating, but we got interrupted by the sound of a car nearby. He told me to get into the back of their car, and he got in the front with his wife. The other car didn't come up the lane, so he wound his seat right back and stuck his hand straight back into my trousers and pulled out my cock again. She was urging him on, which really got me going, saying 'go on, suck the spunk out of him' and 'play with his arse'. She was fingering herself and I could hear how wet she was, and then she turned round and kneeled up on the seat and pulled her tits out over the back of the seat and moved my hand up to them. I had one hand pulling and rubbing her nipples and the other one on the back of her husband's head, pushing him down deeper on my cock. She was getting really turned on now, and reached over to wank him at the same time, telling us to cum together. After a few more minutes, he started to cum, and the sound of him groaning around my cock made me cum too, and i filled his mouth. She told him to swallow as much as he could and pulled my head up to suck on her nipples at the same time. When he'd got a good mouthful, he reached over and sucked on the other tit, covering it in my spunk and rubbing it into her cleavage. Another car's headlights forced us to clean up quick, so we didn't get chance for a second 'go', but we're going to try and meet again next week for a session on the car bonnet!