Written by Transitman

29 Aug 2004

I guess a common male fantasy is a threesome involving a guy and two girls.Well, it’s certainly mine.

As I’ve got older, ( I’m in my 40s now ), this little item has moved inexorably nearer to the top of my list of things I want to do before the grim reaper comes a calling.

I’m married, to a Chinese lady, who is well aware of this little fantasy of mine.We’ve talked about it, and she agrees in principle, that if the right person comes along, that she’s give it a go.

We’ve had plenty of windups and no shows, and blokes pretending to be girls and all the usual timewasters.

Separate to this, I’ve posted a few stories on this site.I received a reply one day from a girl who seemed to enjoy my demented scribblings, and she inspired me to write further.

Gradually, over the course of weeks and months, I found myself talking more and more with this young lady.Eventually, one thing led to another, and we arranged a meet in a hotel.

To say we hit it off immediately would be an understatement.We had a mindblowing time, got on really well, and the sex was really good.All prior thoughts of kinky sex went out the window, replaced by the simple joy of making love to a sensual woman.

We met up again a few more times, shagged the brains out of each other, and got even closer.

Obviously all this had implications for my marriage, and I eventually reached the point where I knew something had to change, or risk losing my marriage, family, etc.

My wife had been aware that I talk to a lot of people on MSN, and one day I was caught red handed talking to my girlfriend.The only thing to do was to let her join in the conversation.To my delight, Natalia and Cheung got on well, and had fun together.

One thing led to another, and bloody hell ! Cheung suggested a threesome.I asked her if she was sure, but the truth was, she was gagging for it.Privately, I asked Natalia whether she was really comfortable with this, and she said yes, lets do it.

Talk about the gods smiling.I mean, how many blokes get away with not only being unfaithful, but getting the wife to have a threesome with the girlfriend? I mean, hello???

Sure enough, two days later, there was a knock at the door, and there was Natalia.

We had dinner, sank a bottle of wine.I retreated to my office in the garden shed and awaited the girls.I began to get a little pissed off as they-typical girls-seemed to be more interested in gobbing off than getting down and dirty.Still, what do I know, I’m just a bloke.

Eventually, and several cans of Stella later, out they come.

We broke the proverbial ice with a game of cards,which included the inevitable forfeits, such as ‘kiss the person next to you’.Sure enough, there they were, snogging away.

Obviously, all this included removing items of clothing when you couldn’t play a card.Despite my only wearing a pair of shorts and a T shirt, it wasn’t long before they were both naked.

Now, you might expect all of this to have been controlled by me, but the truth is, they were both really into it.The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, with a lot of laughs, and it was all completely natural.Naturally also, my balls were fit to burst!

Having written the forfeits myself, obviously there was one that said, all the girls have to suck my cock.Let me tell you, the sight of Natalia sucking my cock, whilst my wife watched and approved, was the most incredible turn on!

Once we were all naked, the girls decided to get dressed for pleasure.I had an interesting time photographing this with my digicam, whilst rolling the odd spliff.

The next few hours were ones I’ll never forget.Both these girls reckon they’re submissives, but did I get a chance to direct matters? Did I fuck.To my utter astonishment, my wife was kissing, snogging and licking at my girlfriends pussy like she’d been at it all her life.Natalia was having orgasm after orgasm, and I was just blown away watching events unfold.

Something that really sticks in the mind was my wife sitting on a shelf, with her legs spread, natalia knneling underneath her, licking her pussy, whilst I fucked her from the front.My wife guided my cock into her.

We had some strawberries, so I put one in my wifes pussy and then gave it to Natalia to eat.

After a while of sucking and fucking, we went back indoors, as the kid had gone to bed.

I sat on the settee, and Natalia sat next to me.She started to slowly wank me off, whilst she and my wife started gobbing off again.After about 20 minutes of this, I just had to cum again.Cheung got on her knees and finger fucked Natalia, whilst I wanked off on her face.

I missed the next bit, cos I had to go to the toilet, but I know it involved a champagne bottle going into my wifes pussy, whilst she had her legs spread on the floor.

We all slept in the same bed, and in the morning my wife had an early start.I awoke to an amazing blow job, and Natalia fucked me, astride me and my first site was her amazing tits above me.

Well, talk about a dream come true, and they both seem to be up for more.

Was it all I thought it would be? No.Was it as good as I thought it could be? Better.Did I get all I wanted ? No, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Tell you what though, my girls are the sexiest, most beautiful girls on the planet, and I love them both.

So, what’s the moral of this story?A few things come to mind:

1. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

2. Be honest-well as honest as you can!

3. Forget about trying to pull the gorgeous blonde model, have relationships with people who share your thoughts.Body follows mind.

4. Chuck your preconceived notions and scripts ad go with the flow.

This true story is dedicated to my two wonderful girls, I appreciate you both and thank you for making my dream come true.