Written by CMOT40

13 Jul 2006

So there we were, C,D B & me all naked.

I put my hand into forfeits..............& pulled out suck or lick person opposite.

So down onto my hands & knees to suck D's cock.

B & C watched as I licked & sucked on his hard cock, being carful not to make him cum

BAck to the forfeits.

C's turn

Suck tits of person on roght.

So there I am having my nipples licked & sucked by my soon to be exwife in front of her boyfriend.

D's turn. He got lick or suck person on left. So C & I watched as he licked B's very wet pussy. She was quite hairy but we could see as he licked & sucked on her clit.

Didn't take long before she came.

Back to B..... She got kiss or suck person opposite.....she wasn't kean but after a little discussion she licked C out.

Now down to the fucking... I watched as C&D started to kiss etc then in one movement he slipped into her.

Meanwhile I was playing with B's huge tits... soon I mounted her. We fucked for a while then we swapped. It was nice to get my cock into C's pussy. Didin't take me long to fill her up with my cum whicih was a pity as I was enjoying our fuck.

D didn't tkae long to cum in B.

Then into 69

Me with B & D with C.

I enjoyed licking B's spunky cunt. If you haven't tried it I reccomend licking a woman after sex, either with another man or yourself. B came loads....then as time was getting on B got dressed & went home to her home to get tea ready for her husband.

C D & i rested & spent rest of day & night kissing, sucking & fucking.

Hope you liked this true story.