Written by Jayne

24 Oct 2006

Where should I begin, maybe the beginning is a good place to start.

My partner and I had spoken about swinging and having tried soft swing mmf situations twice before, I was both willing and excited to break into my forties by being naughty!!

So after much discussion an advert was placed, we also started using the chat rooms on the site, I wanted a mmf full swap to be a night to remember, so a nice hotel was booked, all we needed was a suitable playmate.

After many responses to our advert and hours spent in the rooms I found a suitable playmate. My partner had given me full control over the man I could pick, so I went for a swing virgin slightly younger than myself, I thought being a swing virgin would be good as my previous swing experiences of which both were soft.

We exchanged a few saucy mails and chats on messenger, all expressing what we'd like to happen on the evening. I wanted it to be a social as well as a sexy evening, so we arranged too meet for a few drinks prior to going to the hotel.

My partner and I checked into the hotel on the arranged day, the excitement started to build, talking about how I’d dress for the meeting in the pub later and then what we both thought and would like to happen, all this helped to relax us both.

We decided I would wear black trousers and a low fronted backless top, getting changed was really exciting and thought we both talked of our expectations and would it be as excited once we met him, my partner was reassuring me all the time saying at any point it would be ok to say if I didn’t want it to go on. No sooner had we finished dressing our playmate rung to say he was in the bar opposite our hotel.

We arrived at the bar, we were both feeling quiet nervous at this point as our talked about fantasy was on the point of becoming reality. We found our playmate close to the bar as nervous as us but after a quick hello we soon got talking although the bar was quiet noisy and a quieter bar was our best option. We found one close by which enabled me to sit in between both men, which was nice as each time one of then leaned in to speak to me I could feel there warm breath on my shoulders which certainly heightened the situation for me. Both men had to use the bathroom during that time, which allowed me to reassure them that I was happy for play to take place. Once I finished my drink I suggested I popped over to the hotel to get changed, which they both thought was a good idea.

Once back at the hotel I picked a pink pvc dress with nice stockings and 4 inch heels to wear, that time alone seemed like a life time as I was so excited at what was about to take place. But then there was a knock on the hotel door and there stood the 2 men I wanted to spend a few hours having great sex with.

No sooner were they in when my partner said lets take some pictures of you all dressed up so being so excited I put on a little show flashing stocking tops boobs and getting all involved into the mood, although my partner knows doing pictures turns me on. So with our new play mate on the bed I did my best to turn him on, by also inviting him to be in pictures which he did so willingly after a few nice kisses.

Soon I was sat on his lap feeling his hands all over me finally resting on my inner thighs, a few glances to my partner gave me reassurance that this was ok and the night was going to be great.

I removed myself to the toilet as by now I was getting so wet I didn’t want to scare the new playmate off, on my return into the room both men were naked which started me off once again so I just decided to kiss both and have a good feel of what was on display for me!

It wasn’t long before I was going down and sucking this virgin swingers cock much to the delight of my partner, as he’s we’ll aware I get so horny giving blow jobs, then I changed not to leave my partner out both men had grown harder at the joys of being sucked and teased by my tongue.

My partner told me to lie on the bed which I didn’t need to be asked for a second time and slowly the zipper of my dress was undone to expose my 40f boob’s and suspenders and stockings. Then feeling of 4 hands roaming of my body felt so good along with feeling and being able to wank both cocks.

While I turned to suck my partners cock our playmate was soon working my pussy into a nice state with both fingers and his tongue, I was almost crying out for my pussy to be filled by a cock but both men seemed to sense this and carried on playing with my boobs and pussy changing places often.

At last I managed to change positions so I was on my knees and my partner was in front of me with his hard manhood so close to my mouth I just had too suck it and noticed him giving the nod to our playmate too take me from behind which he did willingly and that’s when I took my first orgasm being fucked by this swing virgin while sucking my partners cock. We played and explored each other in various other positions for a good few hours till we were all horned out.

My partner suggested going for another drink to help us recover so one by one we went into the bathroom to clean up, my partner being first only to return to the room to see me straddle this new playmate which he found so horny he had to slip into me quickly so I knew it was ok to be kissing this stranger. We all quickly realised a drink was what we needed all looking great redressed we returned to the second bar. While our new playmate was getting the drinks I mentioned to my partner that he fancied a one on one with me and how would he feel about it, he seemed happy as long as I told him all about it.

So as we sat there chatting over a drink my partner openly placed the hotel room key on the table in front of us and said you have an hour to play if you want, I almost snatched his hand off taking the key and we quickly left him to his beer.

Once in the lift too our room it was electric hand everywhere me even sinking to my knees to such his cock, it felt good knowing I was going to be a slut but with my partners consent. The lift stopped at our floor and we quickly made our way once again into the hotel room we’d only just left.

We were soon ripping each others clothes off and I could feel his cock growing so hard against my leg, this turned me on knowing now alone he was harder than I’d felt him in the previous hours of play. We were soon fucking in various positions like no tomoz it was frantic and explosive, he was constantly telling me not to cum yet but I just couldn’t help myself as the first strains of orgasm spread within me, the noises leaving my body were like nothing I’d experienced before.

Soon we were changing positions once again where by we both exploring each other with our mouths n tongues, finally we both exploded together as I rode his big hard cock to completion.

The hour was over so quickly and he left allowing me time too sort our the jumbled mess which I did quickly and settled myself into the bed to await my partners return as I could feel the excitement building within me once again as I knew I was going to relive what had taken place to my partner. Soon the door opened and my partner was in the room with me, he just spoke quietly and said are u ok, to which I replied yes I’m fine why don’t you come to bed and let me tell you all about it.

He was naked in a flash with a erection made of steel, as he cuddled and creased me I started to tell him how I’d sucked cock in the lift, as I carried on we both became horny and during the night we spent hours fucking and lick each other.

Thank you for a great 40th birthday those who said life begins at 40 have so far been right here’s too many more naughty years!!!