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We went out for breakfast this morning. 

We were walking through town when four women half blocked our way looking at menus.

I stepped between two of them.

One of them said something, then said "I thought you were my friend."

"We can be friends if you like."

That got mixed results. None that indicated I was getting lucky.

"You are a cheeky bugger." Anna told me as we walked away.

"You don't mind a bit of buggery."

"No I don't." Anna hugged my arm to her.

"I think you would have had them if I was not here."

"I don't."

"You can have me when we get home."

"Your no consultation for four."

"You are a cheeky bugger." Anna reminded me, slapping me on the arm.

"You're far more."

"I love you." Anna turned her head up, I kissed her.

"Let's find breakfast."

"Then home and I will give you what they never."



I got another kiss and a hoot from the four women.

After breakfast we made our way home.

Anna led me to bed with that irritable smile.

"Are you going to seduce me?"

"Do I have to seduce you?"


I pulled my trousers half off and Anna started sucking my cock.

"Are you going to let me take my trousers off?"

She held my hard cock in her hand and looked at me.


She went back to sucking cock and I kicked my shoes off.

Anna moved to sit astride me. She lifted her dress, pulled her knickers to the side and stuffed my cock into her silky wet cunt.

"Is that still good?" Anna asked.

"Better than four giggling tourists."

"I better be, got to keep you interested."

"You do. You do."

Anna rolled her hips. 

"Sally is coming to stay next week." Anna informed me.

"Builders in?" 

"Builders are in so you get in Sally every day." Anna told me as she continued to move.

"So I have a spare."

"Fuck you."

"You are."

"I've a good mind to get off."

"Don't do that yet."

Anna started to bounce on my cock. She timed it perfectly and we came together.

Written by Tony

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