Written by John

8 Aug 2004


It was one of those lovely hot Saturdays in July. When we'd seen the weather forecast the previous evening we'd decided on a trip to the beach. We were both feeling randy as we got ready, talking about the heat, and the dunes on the nudist beach, all the naked bodies we'd soon be seeing, and what we'd be doing to each other. After we'd sorted our passions out with a quick but dirty screw and a shower we dressed in light (or just plain skimpy) clothes. I wore shorts and T-shirt. Carole put on tight white lightweight cotton short shorts, no knickers, no bra, and a loose low-cut white cotton muscle-vest. You know the sort of thing - if she leant forward at a certain angle you could see her breast from the side through the armhole or down the front. We slung in a couple of towels, drinks, suntan oil, some munchies - and that was it. No costumes as they would not be required.

Just as we were leaving, the phone rang. Carole got in the car whilst I answered it. The caller was a friend, Dave, who was at a loose end and asked if I wanted a game of golf. I said we were going to beach, and did he want to come? He said yes, and that he wouldn't mind seeing Carole in a bikini. I said he'd see her in less than that, and that we'd pick him up. I drove off, but it wasn't until we neared his place that I said anything to Carole about having his company for the day. She commented on her lack of respectable clothes, but I'd deliberately waited until it was too late to go back for more. The sardonic smile on her face told me that she understood the situation perfectly. Dave said nothing but I could see his appreciative assessment of her state of dress as she got out of the car to let him get into the back. Once moving, the vest was held tight by the seat belt over her tits, which were well outlined through the thin material. Sitting behind me, he could also get an eyeful of bare breast-flesh whenever she wanted him to.

We parked up, crossed on the ferry as foot-passengers, and walked to the naturist section of the beach. On the way her lack of clothing was obvious to anyone that cared to look (and there were plenty) but it was too warm to worry. On the boat, as she leant forward to rummage in the bag, all the men stared as her breasts swung free and quite visible through the openings in her top. In any case, as soon as we started walking along the seashore, Dave and I took off our T-shirts. Carole removed her top as well, and her 38DD boobies were jutting out in front and jiggling away to the rhythm of our steps. I knew from experience that the stares from other men would get her going. Once we got to the nudist section we found a good location on the beach and stripped. There was some feigned reluctance from Carole to take off her shorts because of Dave's presence, but only long enough to be tantalising.

It was a bit breezy on the beach, with some of the fine dry sand being blown about, so after a quick swim (the water was still cold at that time of year and our willies had shrunk to almost nothing when we emerged) we moved back into the dunes. We found a sheltered hollow shielded by Marram grass from the wind and most eyes. Dave and I applied sun oils to our bodies. I could tell that Carole was feeling randy because she asked me to rub the oil on to her, rather than do it herself. She said that she felt too relaxed to do it, as she lay there on her back in the sun with her eyes closed. I asked Dave to help, and we smoothed it onto her legs, stomach, arms, and then I did her chest, concentrating on her boobs. While I did these, squeezing and moving them about, I played with her nipples and showed Dave how large they could get when stimulated. I asked him to help out to make sure that the oil was rubbed well in. After a quick look for passers by he knelt the other side of her waist, poured on more oil and took over massaging her breasts. 'They're lovelyā€¯ he said as he tweaked her nipples to full erection. I noticed that by now his penis needed no such assistance; neither did mine.

While he was slowly working over her chest I moved my hand over her stomach down to her groin. I gently rubbed more oil into her pubes and slipped my hand onto her cunt. I rubbed her clitty for a while and slid two fingers of my other hand into her vagina to rub her G-spot. By now she'd lost any inhibitions and just lay there, with her legs wide apart, moaning. I knew that it would not be long before she came, and within three minutes she was writhing and groaning with the pleasure of her first orgasm. By now Dave's fingers had replaced mine inside her cunt, and we held a tit each. I knew that she would want at least five orgasms before she was anything like satisfied, so I kept on rubbing. As she worked up to another one, she put out each hand and held our dicks. She fondled and rubbed them gently, feeling our balls and stiff lengths. She played with Dave's foreskin. I'm circumcised, so his loose skin was a change for her (even though she'd had a few of them in the past).

As this was going on I saw a naked stroller out of the corner of my eye. There are a lot at this beach. They wander round to see if anything interesting is going on - this one had hit the jackpot. He had stopped to watch and was wanking himself off. He moved on when he saw he'd been spotted, but not too far. I could see his head as he watched through the grass leaves. Then I noticed a second. When they realised we were not bothered they slowly moved in closer for a better look, until they were standing beside us, both wanking impressive erections. Now and then Carole would open her eyes, watch one or other of them wanking, and give a smile of pleasure and encouragement.

By this time Carole had had several orgasms and I recognised that she had reached the stage where she would normally want screwing. I felt her grip on my prick tighten, and she pulled it towards her head - at the same time that she was pulling Dave's eight inches towards her slit. By now a third voyeur had joined, and was also watching & wanking. I asked them to look out for rangers or such like then knelt for Carole to take me in her mouth. I said to Dave that it was OK with me, so he moved between her legs and slid straight in. Neither of us took long to come. I came first, filling her mouth with spunk which she swallowed, and soon after Dave let loose his load deep inside her. The voyeurs also came at this point, their semen shooting onto the sand with some hitting Carole's breast (an impressive shoot of at least four feet). They thanked us and wandered off when they saw that we were finished and they would not be invited to join in (although we both injected more semen inside Carole later in the day - I'm coming to that). It was a shame to be unable to involve them more, but we had no condoms with us and we weren't going to risk a nasty and maybe fatal infection from a stranger

By then the beach was getting a bit busy with children running around so we had to concentrate on sunbathing and relaxing for the rest of the day, with just the odd fondle or suck and application of sun cream to keep us going.


We returned to the ferry through the dunes and undergrowth rather than beside the sea. This route is less well frequented and has plenty of secluded areas. We were naked except for our footwear. Carole was between us, and as we walked she took a prick in each hand. We held a boob each. Very quickly we both had full erections. We walked along like that for a while, but as we came up to a thicket of bushes we stopped. Dave and I both stood in front of Carole and started to fondle her body. She responded by kissing us on the mouths in turn with her tongue almost down our throats; she then dropped to her knees and took the ends of both of our pricks in her mouth together, wanking them both. After a minute or two of this we moved into the bushes, bent her forwards, and took it in turns to have her from behind, standing up. As one shafted her the other stood in front holding her by the breasts to give her support, at the same time having his tool thoroughly sucked. We'd each filled her with another dose of spunk before her knees were wobbling too much to support her any more.

We left our hidey-hole with dusk setting in and very soon had to dress as the path opened up into the general public beach. As we walked back to the ferry Carole's only complaint was that she'd not brought any knickers - and that was only because our combined juices had made a wet patch on her shorts. On the ferry she insisted on holding the bag in front of her crotch. Back in the car we were able to feel for ourselves what she meant, although by now the semen had almost dried and the shorts were stiff and very sticky and stained around her crotch.

She sat in the back with Dave on the way home. It was dark, but I could make out that Dave first removed her shorts and then spent some time playing with her sticky hole - he held his fingers under my nose to smell the mixture of scents. Eventually he buried his head in her lap and licked her clean, then sat her on his rigid prick and gave her another shafting. When we got home after dropping Dave off she didn't bother to dress to get out of the car - Dave had left her naked from the waist down - and as we entered the hall she threw herself down on the carpet asking for more. We were both shagged out that night in every sense of the word.