Written by Part 2 with Sharron

10 Sep 2019

Firstly thank you to all your comments and advice -

after my 1st time girl/girl moment with Sharron , i got a message from her saying she was in the area and did i fancy a meet up on Monday, i said ok but ive got things to do , we arranged to meet in the multi story car park , she said message her when your close , she had a red BMW, i message her and she left a voice message , it said its my turn for pleasure open the car back door and you will know what to do if not turn around ....its up to you .

She had parked on the upper floor which was quiet , remember last time we met she fingered me in a pub, i opened the back door and there was Sharron with her skirt around her waist , no panties on playing with her pussy , she said its my turn to cum , lick my pussy , i didnt know what to think or what to say , i wanted to leave but i couldnt , i touched her leg , higher and higher i got to her pussy i rubbed it , Sharron said lick my pussy i bent down she smelt so sweet , my first task of pussy , i licked deep , kissing her pussy/clit she moaned , she pushed my mouth onto her pussy , she said im close finger me and lick me , i was like a greedy slut , then she came . She said kiss me we shared a longing kiss , she said my turn to lick you , i was ready , she said take your panties off , give them to me , if you want more message me . She drove off leaving me comando , i walked back to the precinct went to the loo , and with eyes closed , i frigged myself off in a public toilet ......my husband as no idea but being fingered and licking pussy has opened up my sexual horizon and i want more.

In the evening i got a video message Sharron wearing my panties with her hands inside rubbing her clit.

I went to my loo and finger pleasured myself , with my mind racing i dont know what is next on my exciting journey .

I will let you know .........what next