Written by Kat

29 Aug 2003

I was just finishing up at the office when the door opened, and in they walked. Jags and Blue. I leaned back on the desk and sighed. God, that was all I needed. The witches from floor 6, the beasts from the typing pool, Two women who would send the great three headed hound Cerberus scampering from the gates of hell itself with his tail between his legs, two women who …. Well, you get the picture. Mind you, I remember thinking as they stopped to close the door, they have what it takes, Given half a chance I would show them both what a good shag was. Show them who is boss, have them on their knees begging for more, shag some respect into them, there was a stirring in his groin as I thought of myself shagging them into submission. Bend them to my will with the power of my …..hang on , Jags just locked the door. As they turned and started to walk towards me, I saw the look in their eyes, panic hit me, I still remember the feeling as my balls scampered up into my stomach out of harms way “Crap, they know I blocked their bonuses.”

They stopped a few feet away from me. Small sadistic smiles playing across their faces.

Fortunately, I had my management training to fall back on. All it needed was a bit of Neuro Linguistic Programming and I would be in control. I had my power mantra, and I chanted to myself in my head “You are not afraid, you are the boss, you are in control, they have not power over you, over and over until ………….SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT”

The last bit came just as they threw me bodily over the desk, with alarming speed, a roll of tape appeared and within seconds I was spread eagled on his back across the table, Arms and legs taped to the desk.

Mantra still running in my head, I calmly said “You realise this constitutes a serious disciplinary offemmm” I am sure without the gag I would have been able to convince them that this was not a good career move.

Once secured, they paused.. A large pair of scissors was produced. Biggest I had ever seen, I remember the sun glinting off them cruelly into my eyes, my cock was trying it’s very best to follow my balls out of danger. Suddenly, it all went black, a blindfold ! I sensed someone at the end of the table, between my spread legs, Slowly, I felt the point of the scissors up the inside of my thighs, right to the top, pressing just hard enough to let me know it was there, then back down the other leg. The blades opened , one either side of my trouser leg. And began cutting, the scissors were sharp, faster and faster they moved, the cold metal against my skin, panic mounted, then at the last moment, they stopped, the scissors blades resting gently either side of my balls before finally, blissfully they were removed. Swiftly, the other trouser leg was cut, followed by the rest of my clothing, until I was spread naked across my own desk.

There was a pause, wild thoughts flashed through my head, “You are not afraid, you are the boss, you are in control, they have no power over you, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT”

The last bit came as I felt something warm splash across my stomach,

“Blood! I really thought they have done it, cut my dick off”

I waited for the pain, but it did not arrive, instead, I felt four hands smoothing across my body, spreading the fluid over my stomach and chest. The smell was familiar , baby oil. The smoothing motion of the hands relaxed me. Moving slowly, more and more oil poured, it trickled slowly over my thighs to drip onto the desk. It was strangely erotic, being completely at the mercy of these two women. Why were they doing this? A new feeling, was that a tongue? Up the thighs, round my balls, (which had decided to make a reappearance) . Up the length of my shaft. I stirred, growing hard under the attention. It felt like there were hands and tongues and teeth everywhere, smoothing, probing, licking, biting, squeezing. Small groans escaped from my lips in pleasure. Fully hard now, I pushed against the desk to lift my hips.

“You are not afraid, you are the boss, you are in control, they have no power over you, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT”

A finger slide into my anus as warm wet lips slid over my cock. Ecstasy mounted as he felt both mouths working me, the pressure growing inside me. Perhaps I was too hasty with the bonuses, there was always room for negotiation….. Slowly my orgasm orgasm approaching, but they were good. They held me there for what felt like an eternity, right on the edge, ready to come. It was torture, I would give them anything , if they would just let me come. Suddenly, I felt the release, the surge inside me, felt a mouth slide down to enclose my cock, It was incredible, marvellous, wonderous, the greatest orgasm ever

Then, the blindfold was ripped off, a moment of disorientation as my eyes adjusted I saw a face, a strangers face, a mans face. As he felt the spunk erupted from me in a huge explosion, I looked down, to see the top of a slightly balding head. As my orgasm continued, completely overpowering me, Jags and Blue watched, behind the video camera, with the record light shining, smiling, but not a pleasant smile.

A voice in my head was repeating over and over, my mantra “you are afraid, you are not the boss, you are not in control, they have power over you, oh shit!

They spoke for the first time

“Now, about those bonuses”