Written by Angela's husband

22 Oct 2004

I was prompted to write this when my wife, Angela, showed me the story that she herself had just posted on the Swinging Heaven website entitled ‘My submissive husband is now a true Cuckold’.

When we married, quite a long time ago now, Angela was 9 years younger than me and I was the Dominant partner in our relationship. Over the years I bought her a large wardrobe full of sexy clothes and I encouraged her to ‘dress to impress’ both indoors and in public. She had (and still has) a fantastic figure and I loved showing her off to all my friends.

Angela was never short of male admirers and it turned me on to see her being chatted up by other men, younger than me, knowing that it was me that she would be going home with. Whenever we went out to a club Angela was always allowed ‘an hour on her own’ during which time she could flirt with whosoever she wanted to. This flirting usually led to her being invited onto the dance-floor and it fuelled my voyeurism to see her enjoying some quite erotic smooches with complete strangers.

As time went by I became less and less able to sexually satisfy Angela and she became more and more reliant on her younger ‘boyfriends’ to feed her enormous sexual appetite. The arrangement that we had whereby she had to stay inside the nightclub was amended so that she was allowed to let someone that she really fancied take her outside.It was now virtually impossible for me to watch everything that happened so I had to rely on Angela telling me what she had done when she eventually returned to me, after she had had her erotic fun.

More often than not this would involve her telling me how a young lad had chatted her up, praised her shapely body, teased and caressed her and then taken her outside where he had persuaded her to wank his cock whilst he played with her breasts and sometimes even her pussy.Angela would be so turned on by this and if the lad had not satisfied her she would make me lick her to orgasm whist she teasingly described just how young, fit and good looking the lad was and how huge his cock was.

Our relationship had already begun to change and Angela was now taking more and more control of things, especially our sexual roles. She told me that she had started to wonder just what it would be like to feel one of her boyfriends huge cocks deep inside her and she asked me if I’d mind, if she met the right lad, would it be OK for her to fuck him. How could I say ‘No’? I didn’t and about 3 weeks later she met Chris.

Chris was slim, fit and even I had to admit that he was gorgeous looking. He was the same age as Angela and as interested in her as she was in him. After a drink or two together at the bar he led her onto the dance-floor where his eager hands were soon exploring her shapely 34E 25 36 body. I watched from a respectable and safe distance as the randy young lad quite openly caressed my wife’s breasts and bottom as they danced. He then led her over to a secluded corner where they kissed passionately and then they began to get to know each other much more intimately.

I felt a little obvious standing on my own, peeping at them, so I went for a drink and around 1.30am Angela found me at the upstairs bar in the club. She told me that she was having a great time and she really fancied Chris. She then asked me if it would be OK for him to give her a lift home. He was waiting downstairs and she would really love to go with him,but only if it was OK with me. I gave her my blessing and she then left.

I next saw my wife at 4.30am and from then on I was a Cuckold husband.

Angela told me that Chris had driven her directly to a Lovers Lane, where he had undressed her on the back seat of his car, then he had fucked her. His cock had been over 9 inches long and he had made her cum even before he had got all of it inside her tight pussy He was a good lover and in total he had given her 3 passionate orgasms before he eventually removed his durex and shot his hot thick spunk all over her large breasts.

Chris turned out to be a 1 night stand and we never saw him again, but one of the people that Angela met next was much more than that.

We met Graham at a party that was being held by some very good friends of ours who were emigrating to USA. As soon as he was introduced to us I knew that my wife fancied him like mad and I was not surprised at all when she began to openly flirt with him. Graham said that he was going to get himself a drink and he asked if he could get both of us one as well.

Almost as soon as he had given us our drinks Graham mentioned that he quite fancied a dance but, as he was on his own, he wondered if I would mind if he took my lovely wife Angela onto the dance floor. When I hesitated, Angela quickly said ‘You don’t mind, do you Darling’. It was statement, not a question and she didn’t wait for my response before she took Grahams hand and allowed him to lead her to the room at the opposite end of the house that had been set up as a disco.

It was about 30 minutes later when they returned and quite obviously they had both had a great time. Graham thanked me for the ‘loan’ of my wife and he mentioned that he would love another dance with her later on.

As he left us to circulate with the other guests Angela told me that Graham had really turned her on and she hoped that he would return because she quite fancied having some fun with him. She then asked me how I felt about that and I told her that, even though I would find it quite humiliating to see her flirting with another man in front of friends of ours, I would not object because I wanted her to have the best times possible.

Graham did return around midnight and Angela willingly allowed him to lead her through to the far side of the house and onto the dance floor. This time I discreetly followed them and as I peeped from the doorway into the dimly lit room I saw Graham and my wife intimately smooching. He had eased his leg in between her thighs and has hands were openly caressing her bottom and the sides of her more than ample breasts.They started French-kissing and she began to rub herself against him.

I left because I didn’t want to be caught. My heartbeat was racing.

Angela and her new friend found me in the kitchen about 15 minutes later and my wife told me that she had some good news. Explaining that she had told Graham that I was not feeling well and that I’d like to go home Angela said that it was now OK, because Graham would drive her home after the party had ended. She then told me that she and Graham were going for another dance and as she gave me a kiss she said ‘just in case you decide to go before I see you again’. I took the hint.

The telephone rang at around 3.00 am. It was Angela and she was quite obviously very excited. She told me that she was sorry but Graham’s car had broken down and they were going to have to stay at a hotel overnight whilst it was fixed. She then told me that she would call me again when she knew just what time she would be home and then she hung up.

Angela eventually arrived home at lunchtime on Sunday and she brought with her a very exciting story about her new very assertive boyfriend. After she had told Graham that her husband was not feeling too well he persuaded her to send him home, but he had never had any intention to drive her home. He had sexed her up at the party and then he had told her that he was going to take her to a hotel and fuck her all night long. He had insisted on actually fucking her whilst she called her husband and he had then fucked her 3 times that night and again in the morning.

Graham then proceeded to take over our lives. He got Angela a well paid job working for his company and he effectively trained her to be his PA. He persuaded Angela to wear stockings at all times and he insisted that whenever she went out with him she wore no bra and then no panties.He persuaded her to shave her pussy for him and he expertly trained her in the joys of the sub : Dom scene. She was totally submissive with him, but more and more Dominant with me. He managed to get her to tell him all about the relationship that she enjoyed with me and he then began to do things that were obviously designed to tease and to humiliate me.

On one occasion he was fucking Angela doggie style whilst she was tied to a bed. He told her that he thought that it was now time for her to show her husband just how much she was willing to give herself to her lover and when she asked what he meant exactly he said ‘This is what I mean’ and with that he began to fill her pussy with his hot thick spunk. From that moment on he refused to pull out of her even though she was not on the pill.

More to follow...