Written by Belinda

1 Oct 2004

I left the office later than I had planned, the weather was awful and I was really caught up in the traffic trying to get out of the city. The windscreen wipers struggled against the wind and the rain and I wasn't in the best of moods. Cars were bumper to bumper, as I idly watched an old woman with her umbrella and a very wet dog as they disappeared into a house. What I wouldn't give to be at home right now. As it was I wasn't heading in that direction at all, as I had to deliver some important papers for my boss to somewhere in Surrey and had well over an hours journey in front of me.

Eventually the traffic started to pick up a bit and I was able to get my foot down. Looking at the map beside me I was grateful for a detailed sheet of instructions as this company seemed to be somewhere out in the sticks. I rarely had to help out like this in the evening, but the contract had to be delivered by hand and somehow this time I had got lumbered with it. It didn't help that I had missed lunch and was starving. Feeling in the glove compartment I found a Twix bar, it had probably been there for months but my mouth watered as I tried to remove its wrapper.

I had now left the motorway,it was still pouring with rain and it was quite difficult to see the sign posts. Having gone through a small village I took a left turning and then another down a long winding road that seemed to go on for ever. It was quite a while since I had seen a sign post or any houses for that matter and I just kept going. Eventually though I decided to stop and take another look at the map. I must have gone wrong somewhere and was now completely lost. Putting the light on in the car I saw that it was half past seven, perhaps if I turned round, but then I really could not remember which way I had come in the dark. I was also dying for a pee so I looked round at the surrounding countryside outside the window. Slipping into the woods beside the car I squatted in the bushes and at least felt better for having relieved myself.

Getting back into the car, I put on my seatbelt and turned the key in the ignition and nothing happened. In horror I tried again but the engine was quite dead. The rain was coming down hard and I felt a bit frightened. I no longer belonged to the RAC, and had no idea where I was, but at least I had my mobile. I started to dial my boyfriend's number when I saw some headlights coming along the lane towards me. Putting down the phone I opened the car door and started waving like a complete idiot at the approaching vehicle. It slowed down and stopped a few yards away and a young man got out. I quickly explained what had happened and he invited me to sit in his car out of the wind and rain whilst he had a look at it. Watching him in the car headlights I could see that he was really good looking, in fact quite a dish. He spoke with a plummy Surrey accent and seemed quite amused by my plight. Looking around his car, a very expensive 4 x 4, I rubbed my fingers through his suede sheepskin lined jacket that lay by my seat. It smelt of good aftershave and the smell of it turned me on.

Looking back out again into the dark wet night I saw him shut the bonnet and he was now heading back in my direction. I pushed the driver's door open and he got in soaking wet. Giving me a lovely smile he ran his fingers through his thick dark hair and told me that it was probably the battery , but it could be anything really and that I was not going to get far tonight. He then told me that he knew someone who could have a look at it, and that as he only lived a few miles away suggesting that I went back with him. My mother had always told me never to go with strange men in cars but on this occasion I didn't think I had an option!! Grinning he put his lovely warm jacket around my shoulders and after going back to my car and locking it, we drove back in the direction that I had come.

He told that his name was Simon and that he worked in London and commuted from a small village near Guildford every day. I looked out of the window at the dark countryside and realised that those important papers were still on the back seat of my car undelivered. I would have to phone Robert my boss, who was not going to be too pleased. It wasn't long before we turned into a tree lined drive and I saw an imposing building in front of me."Wow is this home?" I said laughing"! Simon just smiled and stopped the car at the bottom of some steps. "Run inside" he said "and I'll park the car round the back"

The front door was open and I waited for Simon in the hallway and taking off his jacket I hung it on a hook by the door. Hurrying inside he took me to a large sitting room and offfered me a drink. I greedily accepted and looking round realised that he must be loaded and wondered whether was a "Mrs Simon and some little horrors". Finishing my drink I said that I ought to make a couple of phone calls. He led me to a sofa and handed me a phone and said that he would be back in a minute and that he would get in touch with the car mechanic. I got through to Robert who wasn't very pleased and also my mother who I was supposed to have seen later that evening. I didn't tell her that I was in a beautiful house, miles from anywhere with a gorgeous young man!

Having finished my calls I went off in serach of Simon and found him in the kitchen drinking some wine. He got up and handed me a fluffy omelette which he placed in front of me on a scrubbed pine table. I could get used to this I thought as I thanked him and realised just how hungry I was. He sat down beside me and poured me a large glass of red wine and just stared at me smiling. I must have looked an awful sight as I had got soaked through in the rain. Simon was so good looking and just my type I thought as I ate my cheesy omelette and drank the wine. Then I sat back in the chair feeling much better and started to thank him for his help, he just smiled and said it was nothing. He was so relaxed and friendly that I just sat back and accepted another glass of wine. Some music played gently in the background from somewhere and as I listened to it nothing else seemed important.

Simon sat back in his chair too; he shut his eyes and put his hands behind his head. He looked very fit and tanned and I felt a tingle in my clit at the thought of his hands on my body and of him naked in my arms. The music played on as I sipped my drink. I looked back at him and suddenly noticed a huge bulge in his jeans. He then gently, very gently moved his hand onto my thigh and slowly started to move it upwards. I closed my eyes and almost held my breath as his fingers moved higher and I heard myself whimper as they brushed against the gusset of my thong feeling the edge of my now very wet pussy. His finger tips then moved on tracing the outline of my cunt and as he continued to stroke me I could feel my juices flowing as he pushed his fingers onto my clit. My heart was racing and when he asked if I was ok I nodded through deep breaths. He moved up my body and cupped my breasts through the thin fabric of my top, tracing the edge of my bra he slipped his fingers under the straps and pulled them down. My buttons fell open and my large tits were soon exposed. Reaching for an erect nipple Simon rubbed it backwards and forwards and then closed his lips over it sucking it gently. He then reached down and undid his belt and the

zip of his jeans and in a second his hungry prick fell out into my hand. I was a bit amazed by its size as it sat there twitching at me begging to be caressed. I soon finished unbuttoning my top and my skirt slithered to the floor as he ripped off his clothes.

I could hardly believe that I was doing all this miles from anywhere in a beautiful house with this delicious young man who I knew absolutely nothing about. We were both quite naked when as he took me by the hand and led me up the elegant winding staircase. I meekly followed totally lost in this strange and exciting adventure. At the top of the stairs we turned right and Simon led me to a door facing us. It was a bathroom containing a jacuzzi and shower. Still pulling me by the hand he turned on the water in the shower and we both climbed under it. My body was aching for his touch again and I rippled with excitement as I felt his skin touch mine in anticipation of what was to come.

Running liquid soap through his fingers Simon started to wash me and as he rubbed bubbles in my hairs shivers of excitement cascaded down my spine and the warm water felt so good. His hands moved in circles around my shoulders and back and then onto my tits. He washed them and

slowly traced his fingers around my nipples making them as hard as cherry stones. Then he moved down and I spread my legs to let his fingers get inside, they slowly flicked my cunt lips and around to my bum massaging every soapy curve. Simon fell to his knees the warm water falling over his beautiful body. I laughed as he started to kiss my toes, then slowly he worked his way up kissing my inner thighs. I closed my eyes in pure pleasure and felt his fingers explore my cunt again where he started a slow circular movement. My hips started to rotate and one orgasm after another slipped out and I was hardly able to tell when one had stopped and another began. My heart was racing and I was totally lost to him. Simon then turned off the shower and wrapped a pure white towel round his waist drying me with another,taking me in his arms we kissed deeply before going through the door into the bedroom.

The bed was big, luxurious and inviting. I sank down on it and leaned back with my arms holding me up. Having already pulled Simon towards me I closed my eyes and started to kiss his beautiful hard prick. I licked the tip first then pushed it to the back of my throat. Slowly at first then faster I sucked getting a steady rythm going, then faster and faster my tongue rolled all over the head. Simon was moaning loudly and his cock throbbed in my mouth between my hungry lips. He excitedly pushed my head further on it and I played with his balls, and as I sucked I knew he was close to coming. I stopped sucking and putting my fingers around the barrel just touched the tip with my lips as he exploded all over my face and into my waiting mouth. Rubbing the tips of my fingers into the wet slippery cum on my face I sucked it off not wanting to waste a single drop. I lay back on the bed and closing my eyes almost immediately fell asleep in his arms like a baby.

I woke to see the light coming through the curtains and as I looked around the room realised where I was. Turning I saw Simon was still there beside me but already awake and watching me. He smiled and kissed my forehead and then climbed on top of me. I desperately wanted Simon to fuck me and felt a real need for his cock thrusting into my tingling wet pussy. Slowly our bodies joined in a slow rythm and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment of feeling his hardness. Simon then rolled me over until I was on top, and holding my shoulders he pulled me down until his prick was deep inside me as far as it could go.

I started to squirm on him wriggling my hips and feeling every inch of his huge cock. For a brief second I wondered what my boyfriend would think if he could see me now being fucked by a complete stranger! Simon started to pump faster and faster and then screamed out and I soon forgot Jason when I felt his breath on my face as we came together. Holding me in his arms I ran my fingers down his back, pushing my nails into his skin then slowly travelling downwards moving them over his hips. I slowly circled his cock and balls teasingly not quite touching them. He was really hard again now and his prick twitched as he watched me move my fingers over my body and slowly down to my hairy triangle where I put my fingers inside. I was so wet and excited! I took them out and offered them to him waving the scent of my pussy under his nose. He eagerly put them in his mouth and licked his lips!

I noticed some baby lotion on the bedside table and after removing the lid gently massaged some onto Simon's prick. Moving my fingers in his mass of dark curls I moved them up and down the length and then caressed his balls in my slippery hands. Watching his expression I could see that he loved it. Then taking the bottle from me he got me onto my knees and started to rub lotion into me as well. His fingers slipped into my cunt and then turning me he gently massaged it over my hips and bottom. Caressing my bum hole his fingers slipped gently in. I squirmed as I felt his fingers moving further inside, it felt so sensual! I climbed onto my knees dogy style and his fingers continued to explore me there. He moved round behind me and pushed his now enormous cock between my bum cheeks. We were both very oily as he pushed deeper inside, his body now lying on top of mine and his fingers squeezed my nipples as he rode me from behind into a mind blowing climax again. As he shot his spunk inside my bum we both screamed out collapsing together onto the bed quite breathless. I could feel his heart thumping as I lay in his arms where we stayed silently for a while longer.

Somewhere in the house I heard a clock chiming and couldn't believe that it was nine o'clock. Simon went into the shower and I followed him. He suddenly seemed to be in a bit of a hurry and rushed off to put on some coffee. I leisurely got dressed wishing that I'd got someting other than the clothes I had worn yesterday which I retrieved from the kitchen floor! Following my nose I went down the stairs to the smell of fresh coffee and toast. Glanncing out of the big windows at the bottom of the stairs I noticed my car parked in the drive by the steps. There's service for you I thought! Going into the kitchen I found the coffee and toast but no sign of the man himself. I sat down and ate and drank my fill and was just finishing when I heard a noise in the hall. Getting up I saw a tall blond woman and two small children there surrounded by bags and a large dog rushed by me. "Oh hi" she said as we passed, "You must be Susie, Simon's new assistant" as she dropped a small child onto one of the kitchen chairs. "Is there any more coffee in the pot?" she asked as another little one pushed by me crying.

Bewildred I looked for Simon and saw him in the drive at the bottom of the steps talking to someone. Looking back round I took a last long look at the house and went towards him down the steps. He was watching me, although still talking with the man. He mouthed "Sorry" without making a sound. I went and waited over by my car and in a few moments he was there. Simon took my hand, and giving me another of those wicked smiles, said it had been wonderful. Speechless I just smiled back. He then quite light heartedly said "Look I've got to dash. I'll call you later" and with that disappeared back up the steps into the house. I got in the car and it started first go. The papers sat undisturbed on the back seat. Slowly I moved up the drive and turned left at the end hoping that I could soon find a signpost.........

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